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NameNeon Light Signs (General)
TitleWartime prohibition of neon lights: Claude Neon Light's complaint
AuthorClaude Neon Light; Commissioner of Public Works
CollectionShanghai Municipal Archives (SMA)
Sub collectionShanghai Municipal Council
Reference NumberSMA (SMC), UA-14-3261 (0205-0207)
Repository typeArchive

Claude Neon Light complaining of the prohibition of Neon Light Signs aimed to reduce electricity consumption. 1941. Neon Light Signs (General). Source: SMA (SMC), UA-14-3261 (0205-0207).

Claude Neon Light to S.M.C. Shanghai, January 24, 1942. Source: SMA (SMC), UA-14-3261 (0205-0207).

May we call to your attention that, due to the prohibition of Neon Light signs and window displays (especially the latter, which the Police have, in some instances, made the proprietors of shops extinguish) many shops and stores are now using tungsten filiment electric light bulb illumination in place of Neon tubing. 

We are sure you fully understand the latter form of lighting consumes anywhere from 60 to 70% more electricity per foot of illumination and thus the prohibition of Neon window displays increases, rather than saves the consumption of electricity. 

It may be pointed out in many small shops a single advertising sign, such as U.B Beer, or Aspirin will illuminated the window as well as serve as an advertising sign. 

We bring to your attention for your consideration as we feel a little investigation will prove that Claude Neon window advertising and window illumination will consume much less electricity with the same amount of illumination as will ordinary light bulbs. If, therefore, Neon window lighting, advertising or decoration is permitted, it will be found that much less electricity would be consumed for an equal amount of illumination than ordinary bulbs. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you will kindly give this request your careful consideration and looking forward to a favorable reply.  

Commissioner of Public Works to Secretary and Commissioner General - "Neon Light Signs - General". Shanghai, January 28, 1942. Source: SMA (SMC), UA-14-3261 (0206). 

I forward herewith a letter received by this Department concerning the above, which I suggest be referred to the Shanghai Power Company, for confirmation of the statements made, before any further action is taken. 

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