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NameChina. A Social-Political-Economic Survey
TitleChina. A Social-Political-Economic Survey
AuthorCoordinator of Information, Far Eastern Section; Smith, Viola A., Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce; Orchard, Dorothy, Board of Economic Warfare
CollectionHoover Institution Archives, Stanford, California
Sub collectionStanley Kuhl Hornbeck papers (1900-1966)
Reference NumberStanley Kuhl Hornbeck papers (1900-1966), Box 56
Repository typeArchive

China. A Social-Political-Economic Survey. May 15, 1942

Prepared in the Far Eastern SEction with the cooperation of the Geographic Divisions of COI and MIS, and of Miss A. Viola Smith, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, and Mrs. Dorothy Orchard, Board of Economic Warfare


  • List of Charts and Maps
  • Glossary of Place Names

Section III: Population and Social Conditions

  • General
  • Population
  • Ethnic and social groups
  • Language
  • Characteristics of the people
  • Living conditions
  • Labor conditions
  • Public health, sanitation, and hospitals (To be supplied by the Surgeon General's Office)
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Public order and police
  • Press, propaganda and censorship

Section IV: Political

A. Free China

  • Government
  • Political parties
  • Foreign policy

B. Occupied China

  • Government
  • Political parties
  • Foreign policy

Important alien groups

Section V: Economic 

  • General 
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Railroads
  • Roads 
  • River transport
  • Shipping 
  • Commercial aviation
  • Commerce 
  • Communications
  • Finance


Part I: Supplementary Data on China

  • Supplementary List of Power Plants in Occupied China: 1941
  • Known Radio Stations in CHina: 1940
  • Known Telephone Installations in CHina: 1940 

Part II: Subsidiary Studies

  • Hongkong
  • Kwangchowan



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