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TitleShop sign on a verandah interfering with the neighbor's (Zee Yuen Ling) living conditions (1939)
DateMonday 1 May 1939
Estimated period1938-1943
LocationShanghai IS
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Certain-teed battleship linoleum

Writer's bedroom, Balustrade of verandah

Shop sign


Cad 3038

April 16

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Letter from Zee Yuen Ling to Public Works Department - dated May 1, 1939. Shanghai, May 1, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3259 (2575).

I beg respectfully to inform you that a man who lives with me at different floors in the same house of No. 207 Carter Road is said to obrtain a permit from your Department for mounting a large sign-board along my verandah on the first floor, and as this is interfering with my living conditions in the point view of lighting and ventilating, I am earnestly to ask you to make the permit so restricted that no projection of the sign-board can be had above the flooring of the first floor. Hoping you will do me a favour and thanking you in advance,

Sketch map of the proposed sign-board on the Zee Yuen Ling' verandah - made by the applicant - dated April 16, 1939. Shanghai, April 16, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3259 (2577).

Building Surveyor. The shop sign will be fixed to the verandah on the 1st floor. It will never interfere with the writers' living conditions in the point of view of lighting and ventilating.  

Letter to Zee Yuen Ling from Public Works Department - dated May 10, 1939 - Shop Signs 207 Carter Road - Car Lot 3038 Western District. Shanghai, May 10, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3259 (2577).

With reference to your letter of the 1st inst., I have ot inform you that General Permit No. 3207 was issued by this Department on the 17th ult., to Messrs Yue Shing ro erect shop signs on the above site. The signs as erected do not contravene the Council's Regulations and I would point out that all permits issued bear the following clause : "That this permit confers no title to or right to build upon or otherwise use land not now vested in the applicant ... and is subject to all existing rights of adjoining proprietors."

Keyword(s) [en]interference, lighting, ventilating, verandah, shop, linoleum, certain teed, signboard, neighbor, floor, balustrade, shop sign, bedroom
District NameInternational Settlement - Western
SectorB 5
Type of mediumSign/Signboard
StationBalustrade, verandah, first floor of the building
LanguageChinese, English

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