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TitleMillington, Ltd, Advertising hoarding corner Medhurst & Avenue Road (1929)
DateWednesday 14 August 1929
Estimated period1919-1929
LocationShanghai IS
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BC 12547 - Area 3394

BC 12548 - Area 6357

BC12516 - Area 6950

BC12518 - Area 4133

BC12517 - Are 3474

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Advertising Boards & Hoardings. Millington, Ltd. 3. Bubbling Well, Mudhurst & Avenue Roads - Cad. Lots 2984, 5 & 6 . 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1772-1790)

Letter from Acting Commissioner of Public Works to Millington. "Advertising Hoardings - Bubbling Well Road - Cad. 2986 Western". Shanghai, August 14, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1772).

With reference to the above hoardings I beg to inform you that the permit was issued on the 28th March for a period of 3 months, which period might be extended provided that building application had been received for the erection of new buildings on the site in question.
As no application has been received and the time limit has been exceeded, I have to request that these advertising hoardings be removed without fail at the end of August.  

Letter to S.M.C. from Millington. Shanghai, August 14, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1773-1774).

In reply to your letter of August 14th, we note that you request the removal of the hoarding sat the end of August.
We would like to point out that when the hoardings were put up, we were definitely informed by the Augustinian Procuration that they would be building within a period of three months. On their guarantee, we invested Tls. 2,000.00 on this site and put up the hoardings that are there at present.
When the Spanish Fathers was the plans made by Mr. Yaron, they found that they had insufficient capital to build and we discovered only this week taht the land had been sold over our heads to the Asia Realty Company and they inform us that they are prepared to spend Tls. 100,000.00 in developing this land in the immediate future. They have already sold the corner site to Messrs. The Asiatic Petroleum Co. (China) Ltd.
It is the intention of the Asiatic Petroleum Compay to build a Gasoline Station on this site ; but naturally as the land was only bought this week it would be impossible for them to place plans in your hands before then end of the month. (p.2/2) The Asia Realty Company have sent the attached letter to us and this speaks for itself. Further, the undersigned is leaving for Chinwangtao on Monday or Tuesday next week and he will be back early in September. / Under these circumstances, we request that permission be grande to leave the boards as they stand until the Writer's return by which time it is hoped that the plans of both the Asia Realty Company and the Asiatic Petroleum Company will have been definitely formulated ; and we shall be in a position to allow the boards to continue. If buildin permits have not been applied for by that time, the Writer will make it his business to hasten foward operations. / Might we point out that if these hoardings are torn down they could only be replaced by an unsightly bamboo fence and this would expose to view a very ugly piece of ground which is at the moment covered with debris and broken trees, whilst the backs of the properties on Avenue Rod would be disclosed.
We respectfully submit, therefore, that the hoarding in question is undoubtedly more attractive that what would be put in place and, at the moment, hides from view a sight that would not improve Bubbling Well Road.

Letter to Millington from Asia Realty Company dated Aug 16, 1929 - attached to the letter from Millington to SMC dated August 16, 1929. Shanghai, August 16, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1776).

Replying to your letter of August 15th, we have ot inform you that it is our intention to commence construction to a total value of Tl. 100,000 approximately on the property outlined on the attached plan. This construction will be commenced just as soon as plans can be completed and approved. You will naturelly understand that our plans at the moment are extremely hazy since we acquired the property only two days ago.

Letter from Acting Commissioner of Public Works to Millington. "Re: Advertising Hoardings - Bubbling Well Road & Medhurst Roads - Cad. 2985/6 Western Dist." Shanghai, August 19, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1779).

With reference to your letter of the 16th inst. In which your request an extension of time for the above hoarding to remain, in view of the development regarding the sale of the property and the possible immediate developpement of the land, I have to inform you that the hoarding may be permitted until the end of September, but it is to be distinctly understood that is the building application has not been approved, by that date, the hoarding must be removed. Further, that if a building application is obtained, the hoarding cannog be allowed to be moved on to the Municipal footpath to allow for building operations to be commenced.   

Letter to Commissioner of Public Works from Millington - "Your Ref. BS 97/329". Shanghai, August 19, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1780).

In reply to your letter of August 19, we thank you very much for giving us the opportunity of obtaining a building permit for the site on Bubbling Well Road. We shall endeavour to obtain this permission before the end of September.

Letter from Asia Realty Company to Commissioner of Public Works dated September 25, 1929 - "Re: Hoardings on Bubbling Well Road". Shanghai, September 25, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1782).

We have recently acquired by purchased the old Liddell Property lying between Bubbling Well Road and Avenue Road just east of Medhurst Road. Portions of this we have sold comprising of . B.C. Lots 12517 and 12518. B.C. Lot 12547 is already fully built up. / Immediately upon purchase of this property we called upon the architect Mr. Percy Tilley to prepare plans for the development of a certain portion of B.C. Lots 12548 and 12516 between Avenue and Bubbling Well Roads, as Chinese shops and hongs. Our plan will embrace all of B.C. Lot 12548 and will probably take in a portion of B.C. Lot 12516. The balance of B.C. Lot 12516 lying just north of Bubbling Well Road will be used for sheds, storage, etc. in connection with the building project.
In view of the above we wish to ask that the hoardings which now stand upon the Bubbling Well Road side of the property under the name of Millington, Ltd. allowed to stand. Mr. Tilley has had this work in hand for some 3 or 4 weeks and final plans are still not yet ready. They will certainly be submitted to you in fainl form in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Letter from Asiatic Petroleum Company to Commissioner of Public Works dated September 25, 1929 - "Bubbling Well - Medhurst Road Property". Shanghai, October 2, 1929. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3255 (1788-1789).

We own a site situated at the corner of Bubbling Well and Medhurst Roads. When we pruchased the site recently there were already erected on it advertising hoardings belonging to Messrs. Millington Limited. Messrs. Millington Limited have asked us whether we object to these hoardings being left on our property pending its development by us. We have informed the that we have no objection. They subsequently informed us that they had to obtain a permit from you in order to retain the hoardings and that you would not issue a permit unless we advised you that we intended to develop the site. We beg to advise you that it is our intention to develop this site subject to our plans being passed by our department and other departments (p.2/2) concerned. In the meantime, we request you to grant permission to Messrs. Millington Limited whereby their advertising hoardings may remain on the property for the time being.  


Keyword(s) [en]hoarding, property, removal, Augustian, procuration, spanish, religious, asia realty company, asiatic petroleum company, competition, partnership, collaboration, permit, land, development, lot
District NameInternational Settlement - Western - Bubbling Well
SectorE 3, F 3
Type of mediumBillboard/Hoarding
StationLot, building site

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