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TitleOriental Advertising Agency, Advertising boards on George Dallas' Stables, 1912-1913
DateFriday 25 October 1912
Estimated periodPre 1919
LocationShanghai IS
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BC LOT 682 - CAD LOT 1300

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Oriental Advertising Agency, Advertising Boards, George Dallas' Stables, 1912-1913. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0231-0242).

Report by Engineer & Surveyor to Secretary - "Street Advertising" - recommending that the Oriental Advertising Company  application should be disapproved on the grounds that the district is residential. Shanghai, October 25, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0231).

Accompanying application from the Oriental Advertising Company, Ltd. For permit to erect advertising boards on the George Dallas Stables, is recommendended for disapproval on the grounds that the district is residential. Vide Council's instructions 11th January, 1906.

Application for permit by Oriental Advertising Agency. Shanghai, October 24, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0232).

Please grant permission to erect boards flush with for the purpose of advertisement, on the walls of No. 1 in the Bubbling Well Road and Thibet Road (known as George Dallas's Stables) for a period of ??? And I/We hereby undertake to comply with the following and such other conditions as may be contained in the permit granted by the council.
1 - That the ... not extend into the ... Road more than ... feet.
2 - That sufficiet protection be made to that the materials do not fall into the road.
3 - That the... when landed be immediately taken away.
4. That the... be carried in properly onstructed baskets and not dorpped on the road.
5 - That the road be not be openeded more that half in width at a time, and free access be left to all houses, buildings and alleaways.
6 - Thtat efficient barriers and lights be placed at night to protect and shew, all openings.
7 - That the road or footpaht be repaired at the completion of the work by the Municipal Council of wihch I/we undertake to pay the cost.
8 - That in the event of there being any accidents trough defecetive and insufficient lighting fencing or barriers, or from the absence of same, or from any cause consequent upon this application being granted I/we hereby undertake to make good at my/our own expense all claims for injuries and accidents that may occur.
Note - Application for building permits must be made on the special form issued by the Public Works Department.  

Extract from Council minutes dated January 10, 1906 - "Public Advertising". Shanghai, January 10, 1906. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0233).

Public Advertising - A report by the Municipal Engineer is submitted drawing attention to certain undesirable features in the public advertising on hoardings as conducted by the Shanghai Bill Posting Company. He recommends the imposition of fees and the introduction of a condition in permits for erecting fences that they be not used for advertising purposes. The Council desdices to adhere to the resolution previously recorded in this matter, namely to allow public advertisement on temporary hoardings, but confines this permission to the business districts of the Settlement, stipulating that the residential districts shall be free from such advertisement. It is also understoof that any advertisement of an objectional nature be removed by the Manager of the Company if required to do so by the Council.

Oriental Advertising Agency to Secretary. Shanghai, October 31, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0234).

With reference to the Council's refusal to grant our application for a permit to erect advertising boards on the building known as George Dallas' Stables, situated on the corner of Bubbling Well and Thibet Roads, we shall be glad if you will lay the following before the Council.

The building in question faces three ways - vix: The Grand Hotel, Loone Fei Bridge and Thibet Road and we submit that, this being so, it cannot be described as being situated amongst private residences.

On the opposite side of the road, between the Grand Hotel and the Horse Bazaar there is, and has been for years, a long line of advertisements facing the Racecourse, to which, at all times, to carefully observe the regulations laid down by the Council and have abstained from erecting any advertisements in road where there are private residences. The building in question, however, for which we have already paid a high rent for one year in advance, we never for a moment regarded as coming under the same category and considered ourselves perfectly safe in taking a lease thereof for advertising purposes. We hope, therefore, that the Council will kindly reconsider this decision and grant us the permit applied for.

Secretary - "Street Advertising" - forwarding application by Oriental Advertising Company. Shanghai, October 30, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0235).

Application by the Oriental Advertising Co Ld. The proposed position, near the Defence Creek Bridge is clearly in a business district. Therefore in accordance with the minute to which the Engineer refers, there is no reasonable objection to the issue of the permit.

Engineer & Surveyor to Secretary - reporting that four large painted signs have been fixed flush with the north wall of the Dallas Stables. Shanghai, November 9, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0236).

Four large painted signs have been fixed flush with the north wall of the Dallas Stables, Bubbling Well Road, west of Defence Creek, near to the entrance of the Race Course. A permit has been refused for the work.
The signs were being fixed from the M.C. Roadway at 12.20 p.m. yesterday.

Captain Superintendent of Police to Secretary - forwarding letter from Oriental Advertising Company. Shanghai, November 15, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0237).

Forwarding herewith copy of a letter from Mr. H.W.G. Hayter regarding the erection of advertisement boards on Mr. George Dallas' Stable Wall. I understand that it is proposed to do this without the use of ladders and withtout encroaching on the public road. Should this be case I do not see how the Police can rightly interfere to prevent the work. I should be glad to have definite instructions in the matter.

Letter from Oriental Advertising Co. Ltd to Colonel Bruce. Shanghai, November 15, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0238).

After our conversation yesterday on the subject of advertisement boards, I called at the Sinza Station and told the Sergeant in charge that I proposed to erect a board on Dallas' Stables wall, but would not employ any ladders. In reply he told me that his Inspector has issued orders to prevent us from erecting boards in any manny whatsoever and had stationed policement there to see that his orders are carried out. As this is going absolutely beyond even thoses Municipal Regulations as shown by you to me I shall be greatly obliged if you would instruct the Inspector to confine himself to those rules, as this matter is a very serious one.

Letter from "La Presse Orientale" to Secretary. Shanghai, November 14, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0240).

We are instructed by the Directors of the Oriental Advertising Co. Ltd. To call your attention to the interference of the Police with our workmen who are erecting certain advertising boards on the wall of Mr. George Dallas' premises, facing the Bubbling Well Road. The Police object to the fixing of the boards on the wall but refused to state on what ground the objection is taken except that it is taken under instructions. We have to point out that we have already let spaces on this wall for advertisement and that our Company is suffering considerable loss by being prevented from erecting the boards. We do not wish to have any unpleasantress with the Council, but the matter is of such importance to us, that unless the Council will give us some good reason for the Police interference, we shall have to put the matter into the hands of our legal advisers.

Secretary to Oriental Advertising Agency. Shanghai, November 14, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0241).

In reply to your letter of November 13 I am directed to remind you that an application to erect advertising boards on Mr. George Dallas' stables was made to the Council and refused. When therefore workmen were found erecting and about to erect such boards the Police as a matter of routine restrained them. I am to add that the Police have standing instructions to prevent the erection of any fencings, boardings, sign-boards or other structures abutting on the streets unless a permit for the work has been issued.

Secretary to Council - Advertising Boards - fowarding letter from OAA (Mr. Bos) with draft reply for approval. Shanghai, November 15, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0242).

Letter from Mr. Bos, with draft reply for approval.

Report by Engineer & Surveyor to Secretary - reporting that three more advertisement boards have been erected on the George Dallas' Stables. Shanghai, November 15, 1912. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0246).

STREET ADVERTISING. Three more advertisements boards have been erected on the George Dallas' Stables to-day.

Engineer & Surveyor Memorandum  - "Street Advertising" - B.C. Lot 682 Cadastral Lot 1300 Western - George Dallas' Stables. Shanghai, January 25, 1913. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0247).

Memorandum. Street Advertising. B.C. Lot 682. Cadastral Lot 1300. Western. George Dallas' Stables. Deed Issued - 12th August 1863 to James Hogg. Area. Mow 2. 2. 5. 3. Boundaries: N. Bubbling Well Road. S. Race Course. E. Creek. W. Race Course. After various transfers the lot was on the 25th August 1899 transferred from A.P. Stokes to George Dallas with the same area.
Accompanying plan shows the frontage of the lot on the Bubbling Well Road as it is at present, there being a stone marked B.C. 682 at the north east corner of the lot. A plan prepared on the 22nd May 1896 for the surrender of land from M.C. 514 - Cadastral Lo 1, Western immediately opposite the above lot shows it frontage to have been exactly as it is now. It might be mentioned that the actual area of the lot is Mow 4. 3. 3. 0.

Engineer & Surveyor to Acting Secretary - "Street Advertising". Shanghai, January 25, 1913. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0249).

STREET ADVERTISING. Accompanying application from Mr. George Dallas to erect ladders and/or scaffolding for the purpose of "repairs to wall" at No.1 Bubbling Well Road.
As the wall showed no signs of requiring repairs, the District Inspector was instructed to see Mr. Dallas and called three times but was unable to see him. The Building Surveyor therefore telephoned to Mr. Dallas and asked what was the nature of the proposed repairs and the reply was "painting". Asked if it was "painting signs" that was proposed, he replied in the affirmative. I shall therefore be glad to receive the Council's instructions in the matter.  

Memorandum by Acting Secretary - "Street Advertising" - forwarding report by the Engineer & Surveyor . Shanghai, January 27, 1913. Source: SMA (SMC): U1-2-898 (0250).

Report by the Engineer on an application by Mr. George Dallas. The former in this case is appended.  


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District NameInternational Settlement - Western - Bubbling Well
District typeresidential
Type of mediumBillboard/Hoarding
StationGeorge Dallas' Stables (on the wall)

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