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TitleCommunicatus Advertising Company, Proposed Master Clocks at important road intersections (1932)
DateFriday 8 July 1932
Estimated period1930-1937
LocationShanghai IS
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Letter from the Communicatus Advertising Co. - to Assistant Commissioner - PWD. Shanghai, July 8, 1932. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3257 (2306).  

In view of the successful experiment made by the Municipality of Greater Shanghai in introducing the use of electrically operated Master Clock with numerous Secondary Clocks placed at important road crossings, and in consideration of the fact that such centrally controlled and operated clocks, giving always the correct standard time, are becoming a daily necessity in large cities, the undersigned company beg in propose to the Council through your medium to instal in the International Settlement a Central Master Clock to give the local standard time, with secondary clocks similar to these now in popular use in the territory under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Greater Shanghai.

These Secondary Clocks, as shown tentatively in the accompaying sketch, are to be connected to and operated by the Master Clock. The former will be mounted on top of an ornamental standard of substantial construction, measuring about 12 ft. in height and to be planted to the ground just like an ordinary lamp post. A limited portion of the standard will be designed and shaped in such a way that it may inoffensively and pertinently carry advertising posters.

Should your Department and the Council consider such a plan feasible, we will submit our detailed proposal for your further consideration. Awaiting your valuable instruction.  

Advertising Signs on Public Roads - Letter from the Eastern China Advertising Company - dated 4/7/1932 - Ref. No.4784/1 - Commissioner of Public Works to Secretary stating that he sees no reason why the Council's decision should be reversed whil the previous application from this Company was refused on November 11, 1931. Shanghai, July 18, 1932. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3-3381 (0374).

The previous application from this Company was refused (vide your letter to them dated 11/11/1931) and I see no reason why the Council's decision should be reversed. The blue print is returned herewith.  

Deputy Secretary to Eastern China Advertising Company informing the company that the Council has consistently refused to sanction the erection of clocks and illuminated bus stops on Municipal roads or footpaths on the grounds that they would add obstruction to the increasing volume of traffic. Shanghai, July 21, 1932. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3-3381 (0381).

I am directed to acknowledge receipt of your letter of July 4, renewing your application for permission to erect standard electric timekeepers on certain roads in the Settlement. In reply thereto, I am directed to inform you that the Council has consistently refuse to sanction the erection of clocks and illuminated bus stops on Municipal roads or footpaths, on the grounds that any advantage which the public might derive from these conveniences would be far outweighed by the added obstruction of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It is regretted therefore, that your application cannot be favourable entertained.

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District NameInternational Settlement
Type of mediumAdvertising station
StationPlanted in ground like ordinary lamp post
Dimensions12 feet high (3,6m)

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