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TitleNational Advertising Agency & Publishers, Lamp advertisements in public gardens and streets (1929)
DateSaturday 23 February 1929
Estimated period1919-1929
LocationShanghai IS
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Lamp Glass


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Advertisements on Footpaths (3) National Advertising Agency & Publishers. 1929. Source: SMA (SMC) U1-14-3257 (2246-2249)

Letter from National Advertising Agency & Publishers to Commissioner for Public Works - applying for permission to erect lamp advertisements in public gardens and streets where the traffic wouldn't be blocked - attaching drawings. Shanghai, February 23, 1929.  Source: SMA (SMC) U1-14-3257 (2247).

In view of the necessity to improve the standard of advertising business in Shanghai, we decided to issue lamp advertisements (drawing attached) which have to be erected in public gardens and on the streets, where the traffic wouldn't be blocked. We woe to get a permit for same following the rules and advises of the Municipal Council.

Letter from Commissioner of Public Works to the National Advertising Agency & Publishers. Shanghai, February 26, 1929.  Source: SMA (SMC) U1-14-3257 (2249).

In reply to your letter of the 23rd, I beg to inform you that I am unable to recommend to the Council that your application for permission to erect advertising pillars in the public streets and gardens be approved.

Keyword(s) [en]lamp, pillar, improvement, standard, business, public, garden, traffic, ground, tin, glass, electricity, traffic, street
District NameInternational Settlement
District typeother
Type of mediumAdvertising station
MaterialsTin, glass, electric lamp
StationPlanted 3' 1/2 under ground, in public streets and gardens
Dimensions10'25" (high) (3 m) 10"-20" (large) (25-50 cm)
Estimated momentnight

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