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TitleTypo-chronology of advertising "styles" or "ages" in Shanghai (1914-1949)
Year Start1914
Year End1949
DateTuesday 1 November 2016

Typo-chronology of advertising "styles" or "ages" in Shanghai (1914-1949). The first one may be refered to as  "the age of exageration (hyperbolic )" (1914), the second one "the age of reason" (rational style) (1914-1924), the last one as "the age of suggestion" (emotional/suggestive style) (1934-1949). For each one, the discursive devices they use and the types of products they are usually associated to. This "tree" has been made after the newspaper Shenbao as well as contemporary handbooks (Lu, 1940 ; Wu, 1946). Note that the so-called "styles" or "ages" may overlap and mix together in a given issue of the newspaper, and even in a single advertisement. There are no clear-cut boundaries between them.

Keywordsage, style, discourse, reason, rational, emotional, device, suggestion, exaggeration, hyperbolic, reason-why, tree, overlapping, handbook, newspaper, Shenbao, press, Shanghai
LanguageChinese, English, French

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