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TitleOverlappings between contemporary handbook's and my own typology of advertising "styles" or "ages" in Shanghai (1914-1949)
Year Start1914
Year End1949
DateTuesday 1 November 2016

Each "topic" (rectangle or ellipse) bears a separate typology, the arrows establishing links between them. Each color stands for one of my three "ages" : red for exageration, green for rational, blue for emotional. This "tree" has been made after the newspaper Shenbao as well as contemporary handbooks (Lu, 1940 ; Wu, 1946). E

Keywordsage, style, discourse, reason, rational, emotional, device, suggestion, exaggeration, hyperbolic, reason-why, tree, overlapping, handbook, newspaper, Shenbao, press, Shanghai
LanguageChinese, English, French

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