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TitleCase study of the Shanghai-based dairy company Newmilks, Ltd. (1934-1938)
Year Start1934
Year End1938
DateSaturday 14 January 2017

This tree offers a "rhizomatic" view of  the dairy company Newmilks' chaotic history and various branded products (1934-1938), in connection with the political, social and cultural context in Shanghai at the time (hygienic obsessions, health and taste appeal, etc). This tree was build after threee main files in the S.M.C. Public Health Department records, Shanghai Municipal Archives (SMA)  :

  • SMA (SMC), U1-4-1792
  • SMA (SMC), U1-4-1793
  • SMA (SMC), U1-4-724
Keywordsdairy, milk, newmilk, brand, product, hygiene, health, taste, public health department, liquidation
LanguageChinese, English, French

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