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NameAdvertising Hoardings - Miscellaneous. McMichael's Agency. Yu Ya Ching & Racecourse Roads
TitleMcMichael's Agency: Advertising Hoardings corner Yu Ya Ching & Racecourse Roads
AuthorMcMichael's Agency; Shanghai Municipal Council; Shanghai Race Club
CollectionShanghai Municipal Archives (SMA)
Sub collectionShanghai Municipal Council (SMC)
Reference NumberU1-14-3775 (0372-0377)
Repository typeArchive

McMichael's Agency to Public Works Department - informing of their intention to put up three more advertisement boards on Race Course Road Corner Yu Ya Ching Road. Shanghai, August 3, 1938. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3775 (0373). 

Will you please note that we intend to put up three more advertisement boards on Race Course Road corner - Yu Ya Ching Road. We had boards here before but the wall has just been moved. Please send Debit Notes for taxation to this office as usual.  

Commissioner of Public Works to McMichael's Agency - "Advertising Hoardings Yu Ya Ching and Race Course Roads" - requesting that a permit for removal and re-erection of the signboards be applied for. Shanghai, August 4, 1938. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3775 (0376).  

With reference to your letter dated the 3rd instant, I shall be obliged if you will apply for a permit for the removal and re-erection of the signboards on the above mentioned site. 

Commissioner of Public Works to McMichael's Agency - "Proposed Public Latrine Yu Ya Ching Road" - requesting that the position of the proposed advertising hoarding be indicated on the attached map. Shanghai, October 5, 1938. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3775 (0377).

I attach hereto site plan of the above, and have indicated in red the position of an advertising hoarding beliebed to be your property. This site has been leased by the Council from the Shanghai Race Club and as building operations are about to commence I shall be obliged if you will kindly arrange for the removal of the hoarding as soon as possible. 

Commissioner of Public Works to Secretary. Shanghai, October 11, 1938.  Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3822 (0681).

An application has been received from Mr. E.H. McMichael for permission ot erect advertisement hoardings on the Race Club wall along Thibet Road. The hoardings will extend 4 feet above the top of the wall and be placed in the most conspicuous places covering a total frontage over 700 feet. 

While it is impossible to challenge the Race Club's right to lease their wall for this purpose, it would result in a serious disfigurement of one of the widest thoroughfares in the Settlement. 

The Race Club is not primarily a commercial undertaking and it is quite possible that their Committee's attention has never been drawn to this aspect of the proposal. 

Do you think you might communicate with the Race Club authorities and ask them to reconsider ther letting of the Club's extensive boundaries for advertising purposes?  

Keywordsaesthetics ; recreation ; race course ; International Settlement ; size ; foreign settlement ; Shanghai Municipal Council ; race club ; war ; public latrine ; color ; plan ;
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