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TitleBranded/unbranded goods in the British newspaper North China Daily News (1914-1949)
Year Start1914
Year End1949
DateFriday 10 February 2017

This set of bar charts aims to trace the emergence of branding and measure the proportion of branded (grey)/unbranded goods (white) advertised in the Shanghai-based British newspaper North China Daily News between 1914 and 1949. For consistency reasons, the measurements were made after the same five samples as those used for the Chinese newspaper Shenbao (Jan 7, 1914; Jan 3, 1924; Jan 5, 1934; Feb 1, 1941; Jan 1, 1949).

Keywordsbrand, press, North China Daily News, newspaper, press
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The emergence of branding in the Shenbao (1914-1949)

Branded/unbranded goods in the Chinese newspaper Shenbao (1914-1949)
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