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221Bivo (Beef and Iron Wine) H11914
222Anglo-Chinese Dispensary Children's PastilleH11914
223Doctor Lowes Longlife Pills H11914
224Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People H119141941
225Taogushuntianguan's eye serumH1, H31914
226GhujotoH1, H2, B11914
227Hazeline Rose Frost H1, H2, B11914
228Hazeline Snow H1, H2, B119141934
229International Dispensary's lung pillsH11914
230Morrhuol Cod Liver Oil/PillsH119141924
231Dual use cosmeticsH1, H2, B11924
232Oriental ginsengH11924
233Asia pharmacy's beauty pillsH1, H2, B11924
234Fuzi Pharmacy's cough pillsH11914
235Gaoli's ginsengH11924
236Jiufu's longlife pillsH11924
237Great China Dispensary's lung syrupH11924
238Asia pharmacy's white hair pillsH1, H2, B11914
239Asia pharmacy's growing hair pillsH1, H2, B11924
240Asia pharmacy's weight loss pillsH1, H2, B11924
241Great China Dispensary's ginseng pillsH11914
242Gaode's glassesH1, H31914
243Orimault's Sarsapilla H11914
244Anglo-Chinese Dispensary Blood pillsH11914
245Santal MidyH119141934
246Tabloid Quinine Bisulphate H119141934
248Wincarnis wine H11914
249Yamada stomach medicineH11914
250Deschiens' Syrup of HaemoglobinH1, H2, B11924
251Dr. Leclerc's Kidney and Liver Pills H11924
252Dr. Leclerc's Pills for AnaemiaH11924
253Dr. Leclerc's SoapH1, H21924
254Evans' Antiseptic Throat PastilleH119241934
259GermolH1, H2, B21924
260Hall's Wine (Tonic)H1, N1, N21924
261Lavol H11924
263Phyllosan tabletH119241941
264Piperazine MidyH119241934
266Scrubb's Cloudy AmmoniaH119241934
268Zam-Buk Skin MedicineH11924
269Glaxo powdered milkH1, N1, N219241934
270Pinkettes H1, N1, N219241941
271Beehive (BB)B21938
272Bournville CocoaH1, N1, N21924
273Colgate toilet soap B1, H21924
274De Witt's Kidney and Bladder PillsH119241941
275Doan Anti-Constipation PillsH119241934
276Doan Lung Tonic H119241941
277Elegant Cream B11924
278Manzan The Great Pile Remedy H119241941
279Hemoglobyne BylaH11924
280Neurotrophol BylaH11924
281Orarine BylaH11924
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