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brandID brandName buisnessSector dateStart dateEnd 
166Brandy, The (cigarette)L11949
167Red Kores (cigarette)L11949
168Three Cats (cigarette)L11949
169Greys, The (cigarette)L11949
170Chicago (cigarette)L11949
171Commander-in-chief (cigarette)L11949
172Ginko (cigarette)L11949
173Golden Valley (cigarette)L11949
174Golf, The (cigarette)L11949
175Standard (cigarette)L11949
410Ai'maokang baotatangH11949
411Strand cough syrupH11949
412Calsuc H11949
414Diaziron OintmentH11949
415Double knife lotionH11949
416Lishi ginseng pillH11949
417Mult-Vi-Cal H11949
41899 vitaminH11949
419Norwegian Medal Brand Cod Liver Oil H11949
420Fisherman Cod liver oilH11949
421Tangsheyi cough pillH11949
422Vadiron-B H11949
423White phoenix bone extractH11949
425Zheng rheumatism remedyH1, N1, N21949
440Datong bed sheetB2, B51949
441190 atomic blue clothB21949
442999 towelH1, H2, B21949
443Three camels (British-made woolen overcoat)B21949
444Keda (rubber shoes)B2, E21949
445Barry's cultured pearlB31949
480Tulco (light bulb) E51949
485TY20 pocket electric fanE5, U11949
486MT101 electric motorE5, U11949
159Elgin (cigarette)L11948
161Great bank (cigarette)L11948
162Horse Shoe (cigarette)L11948
163Million Dollar (cigarette)L11948
164Smoker's (cigarette)L11948
165Venus (cigarette)L11948
177Darkie (cigarette)L11948
516White Kitten Cotton Prints1948
522Darkie Toothpaste1948
523Darkie Towel1948
106Haipinsheng Cod Liver Oil H11941
155Air mail (cigarette)L11941
156Clipper (cigarette)L11941
157Gold Flake (cigarette)L11941
362Absorbine JuniorH11941
364Heala (U.V.I.R.) RaysH11941
365Health-Rays Sun LampH11941
366Murine For Your EyesH1, H2, H31941
367Pectoral Cough BalsamH11941
369Vicks Cough DropH11941
370Wakamoto Yeast TabletH1, N1, N21941
371Baby's Own TabletH1, N1, N21941
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