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344Neosalvarsan H11934
347Pixrol ointmentH11934
348Red leaves cosmeticsH1, H2, B11934
349Sanfloid (ointment)H1, H21934
350Tancnol H11934
351Great China Dispensary's stomach remedyH119341941
352Three stars toothpaste H1, H21934
35333 perfumeH1, H2, B11934
354Venus lotionH1, H2, B119341941
355Great China Dispensary Vitaminized cod liver oil with malt extractH1, N1, N21934
356Great China Dispensary Vitaminized Meat Juice H1, N1, N21934
357Great China Dispensary Stomach remedyH1, N1, N21934
358White feather bird pillH11934
359Young girl snowflake lotionH1, H2, B11934
360Vita-SperminH1, N1, N21934
361Universal cod liver oil with malt extract H1, N1, N219341941
362Absorbine JuniorH11941
364Heala (U.V.I.R.) RaysH11941
365Health-Rays Sun LampH11941
366Murine For Your EyesH1, H2, H31941
367Pectoral Cough BalsamH11941
369Vicks Cough DropH11941
370Wakamoto Yeast TabletH1, N1, N21941
371Baby's Own TabletH1, N1, N21941
373She-Ko H11941
374Antikustin Syrup H11941
375Banxia yeastH1, N1, N21941
378Spring gonorrhea remedyH11941
379Spring acute gonorrhea remedyH11941
380Great China Dispensary Cosmetic Powder H1, H2, B11941
381Great China Dispensary Day and night bar soap H1, H2, B11941
382Doan cough pillH11941
383Great China Dispensary Double use toilet soapH1, H2, B11941
385Garlic The Allium Preparation H11941
386Great fuci tonicH1, N1, N21941
389Halitum H11941
390Halivita (Capsules, Liquid)H11941
391Hormspermin H1, N1, N21941
393Taihe chilblains remedyH11941
394Neosavas H11941
395Neuraphen H11941
396Nine stars cod liver oil with malt extractH11941
397Ovolact Vita-Malt H1, N1, N21941
398Phostose H11941
399Placemon H11941
401Sine VitaminH11941
402Sloan's Ointment H11941
403Syntharsol H11941
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