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brandID brandName buisnessSector dateStart dateEnd 
516White Kitten Cotton Prints1948
519Golden Dragon (cigarette)1930
522Darkie Toothpaste1948
523Darkie Towel1948
277Elegant Cream B11924
426Coty (perfume)B11924
427Piver (perfume)B11924
428Roger & Gallet (perfume)B11924
429Fleurs d'Orsay, Les (perfume)B11924
432Two sisters (cosmetics)B119141941
430Parfums d'Orsay B11924
431Mitcham Lavender waterB11924
433Pond's Cold CreamB11934
434Three Flowers Vanishing CreamB11941
287Three Stars Brand Toilet Soap B1, H1, H21924
273Colgate toilet soap B1, H21924
271Beehive (BB)B21938
437Triangle (steel) needleB21941
438Lisheng (steel) needleB21941
439Lifeng (sharp) needleB21941
441190 atomic blue clothB21949
443Three camels (British-made woolen overcoat)B21949
440Datong bed sheetB2, B51949
444Keda (rubber shoes)B2, E21949
445Barry's cultured pearlB31949
446Rolex Oyster watchB3, C51934
448Moon Palace (wax polish)B51934
449Simmons' BeautyrestB51934
488Key mark (lineoleum) B5, E51914
447Oakey's Wellington polishB5, H21914
450Far Eastern ReviewC11934
451China Journal [The]C11934
452Shanghai Mainichi ShimbunC11934
453Land Policy MagazineC11934
454Current affairsC11934
456Children magazineC11941
455Kangyuan (canned goods) [Registered trademark]C1, N1, P31941
490Stoewer typewriter C51914
457Horse brand (Tangshan Portland cement)E11924
458Pagoda brand (Hupeh Portland cement)E11924
459Rib bar (building materials)E11914
460Hy-Rib (building materials)E11914
461Rib bath (building materials)E11914
462Callender's (electric wire)E11924
463Chromador (steel)E11934
464Malthoid (Pabco-Malthoid) roofingE119141924
465Elephant brand (cement)E11924
466Dragon brand (Portland cement)E11914
467Recess screwE119241934
468Kingston (Grab Dredger and Excavator )E11924
514York Ice MachineryE11921
469Cyclone (engine)E1, U41914
470Lungchmow (press)E1, U41914
494Watson's floor waxE2, H2, L31914
471Amilcar (C.S.G.)E41934
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