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99Scott's EmulsionH119141949
119Pirate (cigarette)L119121949
145My Dear (cigarette)L119341949
146Pyramid (cigarette)L119341949
158Rat, The (cigarette)L119241949
409Zymasun yeast tabletH1, N1, N219411949
101Kepler Cod Liver Oil With Malt ExtractH119141941
104Doan OintmentH119241941
105Doan Backache & Kidney PillsH119141941
113Five Continents Milky White Cod Liver Oil H119341941
114Three CastlesL119141941
220Waterbury's Metabolized Cod Liver Oil Compound H119141941
224Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People H119141941
263Phyllosan tabletH119241941
270Pinkettes H1, N1, N219241941
274De Witt's Kidney and Bladder PillsH119241941
276Doan Lung Tonic H119241941
278Manzan The Great Pile Remedy H119241941
316Ampullae Pantone H119341941
328Endo-Spermin H119341941
332Fuci kidney pillH119341941
339Kruschen SaltH1, H2, B119341941
343Taihe lung remedyH119341941
351Great China Dispensary's stomach remedyH119341941
354Venus lotionH1, H2, B119341941
361Universal cod liver oil with malt extract H1, N1, N219341941
432Two sisters (cosmetics)B119141941
133Ruby Queen (cigarette)L119241938
129Chesterfield (cigarette)L119241934
192Formamint (Sore throat)H119141934
214Bovril Meat Juice H1, N1, N219141934
215Fieuzal ToricsH1, H3, B319141934
228Hazeline Snow H1, H2, B119141934
245Santal MidyH119141934
246Tabloid Quinine Bisulphate H119141934
254Evans' Antiseptic Throat PastilleH119241934
264Piperazine MidyH119241934
266Scrubb's Cloudy AmmoniaH119241934
269Glaxo powdered milkH1, N1, N219241934
275Doan Anti-Constipation PillsH119241934
283Quaker Oats H1, N1, N219241934
467Recess screwE119241934
107Sanatogen H119141924
108Two sisters' brand face powderH1, H2, B119141924
183Chamberlain's Cough RemedyH119141924
188Collis Browne's Chlorodyne, Dr. J. H119141924
189Cuticura Soap & OintmentH1, H2, B119141924
191Eno's Fruit SaltH1, N219141924
195Himrod's Asthma CureH119141924
205Savaresse's Santal CapsulesH119141924
230Morrhuol Cod Liver Oil/PillsH119141924
464Malthoid (Pabco-Malthoid) roofingE119141924
103Guangming eye serumH1, H319141914
100Betelnut (cigarette)L11934
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