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brandID brandName buisnessSector dateStart dateEnd 
441190 atomic blue clothB21949
35333 perfumeH1, H2, B11934
41899 vitaminH11949
442999 towelH1, H2, B21949
115Abdulla cigaretteL11914
111Absinthe L21934
362Absorbine JuniorH11941
410Ai'maokang baotatangH11949
155Air mail (cigarette)L11941
481Aladin lampE51914
123Alhambra "Excelentes" Manila CigarL11924
297Allenbury's (Throat) PastilleH11934
296Allenbury's Food for InfantH1, N1, N21934
178Allenbury's Milk CocoaH1, N1, N21914
471Amilcar (C.S.G.)E41934
315Ampoule BuissonH11934
316Ampullae Pantone H119341941
179Angier's EmulsionH11914
244Anglo-Chinese Dispensary Blood pillsH11914
222Anglo-Chinese Dispensary Children's PastilleH11914
318AntiFlamin H11934
374Antikustin Syrup H11941
233Asia pharmacy's beauty pillsH1, H2, B11924
239Asia pharmacy's growing hair pillsH1, H2, B11924
240Asia pharmacy's weight loss pillsH1, H2, B11924
238Asia pharmacy's white hair pillsH1, H2, B11914
371Baby's Own TabletH1, N1, N21941
124Balkan Sobranie L11924
375Banxia yeastH1, N1, N21941
445Barry's cultured pearlB31949
181Bear Brand Sterilized Bernese Alps MilkH1, N1, N21914
182Beecham's PillsH11914
271Beehive (BB)B21938
100Betelnut (cigarette)L11934
221Bivo (Beef and Iron Wine) H11914
116Black Cat cigaretteL11914
125Blumfeld's (later: Britain's) Best Briar (B.B.B.) PipesL11924
272Bournville CocoaH1, N1, N21924
214Bovril Meat Juice H1, N1, N219141934
166Brandy, The (cigarette)L11949
320Bronchiallozences H11934
142Burleigh (cigarette)L11934
462Callender's (electric wire)E11924
321Calmitol H11934
412Calsuc H11949
135Capital A (cigarette)L11914
134Capstan (cigarette)L11924
489Carlshuette (Heating Stove)E5, U11914
184Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea RemedyH11924
183Chamberlain's Cough RemedyH119141924
185Chamberlain's Pain-Balm H11924
129Chesterfield (cigarette)L119241934
170Chicago (cigarette)L11949
456Children magazineC11941
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