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ID Name Buisness Sector Start date End date 
245Water recorder E1, B5, U11924
246Steel shaftingE1, B51924
247Five colors printing photos and cardsC11924
248Hydraulic presses for cotton, jute, hides E1, B2, U11914
249Pumping machinery for towns' water supplyE1, U11914
250Water distilling apparatus E1, U11914
251DuckweedE1, E219141941
254Hire carE419241941
255Motor lampE41924
256Rubber goodsB2, E2, E419341949
257Rubber tyreB2, E2, E41914
258Spark plugE4, E51934
259TaxiE4, U11941
260Rubber tyreB2, E2, E41914
261Used carE41934
262Gas (motor engine oil)E3, E41924
263Storage batteryE4, E51934
264Double-use gas E3, E41949
265Oilpaint pigment (American)E1, E5, B51914
266Bituminous black solution E1, E2, U11934
268Electric lightE51924
269Electric fireE5, U11934
270Electric fan (pocket)E519341949
271Electric motorE51924
272Light bulbE519341949
273General supplyE51949
274LinoleumE1, E5, B51914
275Linseed oilE1, E5, B5, N11924
276Flower and vegetables seedB5, E51924
277Garden RequisiteB5, E51924
278Landscape Gardening B5, E51924
279PaintE1, E5, B519141924
280Split steel plate pulleyE51914
281StoveE1, B5, U119141934
282MatchE5, L11949
283Electrical appliancesE51934
284Bank, bankerF119141949
285Broker, share brokerF119141941
286Bond (War bond)F1, P119241941
287Guarantee slipF1, P11914
288Industrialists' associationE11949
289Money farmF11949
290Investment bankers and brokers (in securities and commodities)F11941
292Securities and Commodities F1
293Share certificateF11924
294Stock F11924
295Stock exchange, stock marketF119241949
296Travelers' cheques F1, L51934
298Accident assurance F219141924
299Fire insurance (policy)F219141934
300Marine insurance F219141941
301Sickness/Illness insurance F219141924
302Motor car insurance F2, E419141934
303Plate (glass, breakage) insurance F2, E419141924
304Fidelity guaranteeF2, E41914
305Baggage (burglary) insuranceF2, E419241949
675 results (5/12 pages)     123456789101112       
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