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ID Name Buisness Sector Start date End date 
314Youth insuranceF21924
473Yeast (tablet)H119341941
459X-ray health-ray, radiationH119411949
89Wrist watchB3, C519141934
47Woolen goods/clothesB219241949
64Wool overcoatB21949
63Wool fabricB21914
104Wooden goods B519341949
369Wooden case boardC5, F51924
128Women/Girls' schoolC119141934
62Women's bootsB21914
59Winter tweedB21914
595Winter salesL3, L4, L51924
60Winter coatsB21914
334Whooping Cough H119141924
618White sugar (Cake powder)N11941
482White hair pillB1, H1, H21924
683WharfF4, U41934
73Western-style woolen hatB2, B31914
477Western medicineH11949
577Western cuisine, coffee and pastryL3, L41941
563Western comedy dramaC3, L31914
444Weight loss drugB1, H11924
145Weekly magazine (periodical)C119341941
103Wax polish(er)B5, H219341949
199Waterproof PasteE1, B51914
76WaterproofB2, B31924
245Water recorder E1, B5, U11924
649Water heater (automatic) E1, E5, U1, N1, N2, H219141924
250Water distilling apparatus E1, U11914
205Washer for corrugated iron sheetsE1, B51914
57Viennese tailorB21949
530Vermouth (French)L219241934
476Veneral diseases H11924
589Vegetal oilN11949
475Vaseline pomadeH11924
1Vanishing creamB11941
203ValveE1, B51924
321Vacant LandF319241934
261Used carE41934
403Urology, urologistH11934
164University, collegeC119141924
56UnderwearB2, L519141934
362Umbrella MachineE1, B2, F51924
68UmbrellaB2, B31914
308Typhoon and flood insuranceF2, E41924
193Type machine, typewriterC519141924
346Tuberculoses pillsH11924
55Travelling rug (Men clothes)B2, L51924
296Travelers' cheques F1, L51934
591Travel (Business or pleasure)C5, F4, L5, U41941
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