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719Belge Neonlite Co. China Pressnewspaper1929

720Belge Neonlite Co.China Pressnewspaper1929

721Philips Lamps & Neon Signs: Oriental Advertising Agency, Sole DistributorsChina Pressnewspaper1929

722Claude Neon LightsChina Pressnewspaper1934

723Claude Neon Lights: Shanghai Power Co. SignsChina Pressnewspaper1930

725Belge Neonlite Compay, S.A. (en formation)China Pressnewspaper1929

726Belge Neonlite Compay, S.A. (en formation)China Weekly Reviewnewspaper1929

727Belge Neonlite SignsChina Pressnewspaper1929

728China Neonlite Co.South China Morning Postnewspaper1930

729China Neonlite Co.South China Morning Postnewspaper1929

730China Neonlite Co.South China Morning Postnewspaper1929

731China Neonlite Co.South China Morning Postnewspaper1930

732Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司Shenbaonewspaper1934

733Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司Shenbaonewspaper1930

734Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司 / Asia Manufacturing Co. 亞光製造公司Shenbaonewspaper1933

735Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司 / Asia Manufacturing Co. 亞光製造公司Shenbaonewspaper1933




739Asia Manufacturing Co. 亞光製造公司Shenbaonewspaper1933

740Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司Shenbaonewspaper1933

741Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司Shenbaonewspaper1933

742Eastern Neon Light Company 東方年紅電光公司Shenbaonewspaper1930

743Let the Eastern Neon Light Company do your Day and Night AdvertisingChina Pressnewspaper1934

744General Neon Light CompanyChina Pressnewspaper1931

745Look ! The Gorgeous Night-View of Claude Neon Light China Pressnewspaper1933

746Ta Lai Neon WorksChina Pressnewspaper1935

749Eastern Neon Light Co. / Asiatic Manufacturing Co.China Pressnewspaper1936

750Vive la FranceChina Pressnewspaper1938

752China Press: Silver Jubilee EditionChina Pressnewspaper1936

755Eastern Neon Light CompanyChina Pressnewspaper1934

756Great Eastern Neon Light CompanyChina Pressnewspaper1936

757Strand Neon Light Shenbaonewspaper1935


759Shuang mei zheng tao ji ningbo minjiangushi zhiyi 雙美爭桃記寗波民間故事之一 (A tale of two beauties arguing for a peach)Shenbaonewspaper1928

760Eagle brand Flashlight (Fengpai diantong)Shenbaonewspaper1931

761Tangram cigarettesShenbaonewspaper1933

762Tangram cigarettesShenbaonewspaper1933

763Tangram cigarettesShenbaonewspaper1933
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