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198Battle of Motor Giants Predicted as Spring Issue1927Journal articleWhitcomb, WilliamsEnglishautomobile; Ford; competition; rumor
308Banking and Prices in China 1905BookEdkins, Joseph, 1823-1905Englishbank; business; economics; market; missionary
315Brief Historical Survey of the China Tea Trade 1941Journal articleKing, C.C.Englishfood; beverage; tea; history; industry; commerce; photograph
318Beverages of the Chinese; Kung-fu or Tauist Medical Gymnastics; the Population of China; A Modern Chinese Anatomist and A Chapter in Chinese Surgery1895BookDudgeon, John, 1871-1955Englishbeverage; tea; population; body; taoism; medicine; science; modernity; illustration
375Bureau to Probe Trade Relations. Newly Organized Body to Make Study of Commerce1931Journal articleEnglishtrade;bureau;private;organization;Japanese;investigation;inspection;data;locality;price;psychology;consumer;department;elite;businessmen;headquarter;Shanghai; ...
397Better Oceanic Communication for Tientsin1920Journal articleTong, Hollington K.Englishcommunication; transportation; maritime; Tianjin; elite; expert; conservancy board;
447British Chamber of Commerce. Annual General Meeting: Review of the Year. Important Questions of Policy1923Journal articleEnglishChina; Shanghai; chamber of commerce; British; club; meeting; piece goods; shipping; harbor; taxation; customs
453Brush Manufacturing1924Journal articleBolton, W.H.Englishtoothbrush;commodities;biography;manufacture;consumer;education;hygiene;photograph;plant;water tower;China;Shanghai; ...
478Biographies of Prominent Chinese1925BookBurt A.R., J.B. Powell and Carl Crow (ed.)Englishbiography; Chinese; Shanghai; Crow; Powell; Missouri; American; journalism; publishing;
496British Trade With China. Interesting Address by Mr. Archibald Rose. How Wars Interfere with Commerce. The New Machinery of Distribution and Awakening of Businessmen1925Journal articleForm Our Own Correspondent (London)Englishcommercial attache;expert;trade;British;distribution;war;China;Shanghai;International Settlement;model settlement ...
501Business Opportunities1925Journal articleEnglishinquiry;business;consumer;importer;producer;metal;tobacco;construction;oil;refrigerator;paper;electrical;hair;foodstuff;goods;service;broker;market ...
507Business Opportunities1925Journal articleEnglishinquiry;catalog;business;consumer;producer;association;tobacco;commodities;radio;milk;canned goods;;connection;multinational;local;trade ...
521Boycotting Canton1925Journal articleEnglishboycott; supply; oil; company; tax; consumer; Guangdong; China
618Bulletin de l'Université l'Aurore1947Journal articleUniversité L'AuroreFrenchjesuit; university; French; expert; bamboo; Shanghai
708Booming the China Trade1928Journal articleKlein, Julius, Director of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommerceEnglishChina; United States; trade report; information; Shanghai
812Bruno Schwartz's Resignation (Men and Events)1931Journal articleEnglishneon; light; Claude;United States; Shanghai; resignation; manager; journalism; newspaper; Hankou; Europe; circulation; negotiation; ...
834British Commerce and China. Appeal for Greater Enterprise: The Need of Encouraging Chinese Students1921Journal articleEnglishRotary; club; organization; transnational; network; elite; Shanghai; education; British; London; commerce; scholarship: Boxer ...
839Birds and Beasts and Fishes1922Journal articleEnglishRotary; club; organization; transnational; network; elite; Shanghai; speech; natural history; fundraising; museum; library; ...
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