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80Weekly Review Takes over Subscriptions of Chinese Engineer and Contractor1923Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCrow;Chinese;engineer;contractor;trade;journal;monthly;weekly;review;subscription;press;growth;advertising;agency;business;contract;industrial;supplement;translation;language;bilingual;circulation;department;Shanghai;urban;development ...
99Who's who of American returned students [Youmei tongxue lu: mingou liunian]1917BookQinghua University [Qinghua daxue]Chinesedirectory; Beijing; Qinghua; university; student; United States; translation; information; wartime; WWI;
220William P.K Ling's return from New York1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; son; personality; business; trip; United States; air; travel; managing director
244Who's Who in China. Mr. C.P. Ling (Ling Chen-ping)1929Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; biography; photograph; portrait; education; life;
267When was the First Foreign Loan to China?1938Journal articleCh'en, GideonEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; finance; loan; foreign; imperialism
355Words of Warning to a Prosperous Age 盛世危言 (shengshi weiyan)1894BookZheng Guanying 鄭觀應Chinesecommercial warfare; guohuo; nation; consumption; market; reform;
373Who pays for Ads?1928Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising; consumer; average; public; layman; merchant; buyer; actor; competition; long-term
374Work of Shanghai Inspection and Testing Bureau for Past Year is Declared Successful1930Journal articleEnglishshanghai;trade;experiment;conditioning;animal;department;raw silk;animal;bureau;middleman;consumer;producer;merchant ...
401Water Scarce and Discoloured. Householders' Complaints1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer;public;opinion;household;water supply;shortage;quality;color;company;weather;season;New Year;daily life;women;housework;Chinese;Shanghai;French ...
690What about your representatives in China?1921BookPeking American SchoolEnglishChina; Beijing; school; American; fundraising; pamphlet; propaganda;
691Where China Buys and Sells1935BookU.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommerceEnglishtrade;bulletin;information;population;consumer;statistics;market;commodities;foodstuffs;communication;classification; ...
711Where Decency Will Mean Millions 1927Journal articleAnonymousEnglishChina; United States; nationalism; economic institution; expert; optimism; trade; convention; association;
738What Is C.I.C.? BookIndusco, Inc. (American Committee in Aid of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives)EnglishChina; United States; New York; organization; aid; relief; war; pamphlet; slogan; motto; logo;
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