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26Making your Products Widely Known in China Will Open Her Market1920Journal articleChun Mei News Agency, Advertising DepartmentEnglishadvertising, agency, advertisement, appeal, appropriation, artist, campaign, copy-writer, expert, investigator, men, press, ...
28Masonic Funeral Is Held For Crawshaw. Local Lodge Directs Rites At Hungjiao Cemetery1933Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAcme, funeral, masonic, Shanghai, Crawshaw, cemetery, Hungjiao
34Mazes Sail On Empress Liner. Japan Continues Trip to Colony, Manila1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishliner, Japan, colony, Manila, Vancouver, sail, Consolidated Advertising Agency, round-trip
58My Friends the Chinese1938BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, friend, Japan, war, Crow
60Meet the South Americans1940BookCarl CrowEnglishSouth, Latin, America, war, Crow
61Master Kung: The Story of Confucius1940BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, philosophy, Confucius, biography, war, Crow
90Men and Events. American Chamber of Commerce. Special Committee for the study of the problem of a Trade Mark and Copyright Law in China. 1919Journal articleAnonymousEnglishchamber; commerce; comittee; trademark; copyright; law; Crow
109Manchuria, land of opportunities; illustrated from photographs with diagrams and maps1922BookMinami Manshū Tetsudō Kabushiki Kaisha; Logan, Thomas F., Inc., New YorkEnglishManchuria; land; opportunity; railway; transportation; Japan; United States
116Map and Short description of Tientsin1900BookDrake, Noah Fields (b. 1864)EnglishTientsin; guide; map; description
146Mr. C.P. Ling. Founder and Proprietor of the China Commercial Advertising Agency, 1926-19361936Journal articleSapajouEnglishanniversary; birthday; agency; founder; manager; biography; success; progress
223McCann-Erikson in Hong Kong1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; joint; venture; McCann-Erikson; Hongkong;
245Men and Events. C.P. Ling's business trip in South China1930Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; business; trip; investigation; personal; Hongkong; Canton; city; south; market
247Men and Events. D.L. Chiang's dismissal from CCAA1935Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; dismissal; staff; agency; personnel;
250Men and Events. Earl T. Russell's visit in Shanghai 1939Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCCAA; Ling; guest; Advertising; New York; business; trip; investigation; war; export
281Manuel du négociant français en Chine: ou, commerce de la Chine considéré au point de vue français1846BookMontigny, M.C. deFrenchhandbook; trade; French; classification; description; goods; commodities
283Mail Carriers of China1940Journal articleFernandez, R.I.Englishpostal service; journal; communication;
341Memoirs of Robert Dollar 1921BookDollar, Robert, 1844-1932Englishautobiography; business; elite; power; Shanghai; steamship;
346Moviedom of Manchoukuo1939Journal articleChang Shao-sungEnglishentertainment; leisure; movie; film; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
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