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367中華國貨展覽會紀念特刊 (Zhonghua guohuo zhanlanhui jinian tekan)1928Book工商部中華國貨展覽會 (Gong shang bu Zhonghua guo huo zhan lan hui)Chineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
368中国近代国货运动 (Zhongguo jindai guohuo yundong)1996Book潘君祥 Pan Junxiang, 全国委员会 Quan guo wei yuan hui, 文史办公室 Wen shi ban gong shiChineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
311Zhongguo caizheng shi 中國財政史 (China financial history)1920BookHu Jun 胡鈞, 1869-1944Chinesebusiness; economy; money;
260Yenching Journal of Social Studies1938PeriodicalEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; population; statistics; fact;
196Yearbook of national products 中國國貨年鑑 (Zhongguo guohuo nianjian)1935BookNational Products Association 國貨事業 (Guohuo shiye)Chinesenational; product; advertisement; yearbook; association; movement
374Work of Shanghai Inspection and Testing Bureau for Past Year is Declared Successful1930Journal articleEnglishshanghai;trade;experiment;conditioning;animal;department;raw silk;animal;bureau;middleman;consumer;producer;merchant ...
355Words of Warning to a Prosperous Age 盛世危言 (shengshi weiyan)1894BookZheng Guanying 鄭觀應Chinesecommercial warfare; guohuo; nation; consumption; market; reform;
220William P.K Ling's return from New York1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; son; personality; business; trip; United States; air; travel; managing director
99Who's who of American returned students [Youmei tongxue lu: mingou liunian]1917BookQinghua University [Qinghua daxue]Chinesedirectory; Beijing; college; student; United States;
244Who's Who in China. Mr. C.P. Ling (Ling Chen-ping)1929Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; biography; photograph; portrait; education; life;
373Who pays for Ads?1928Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising; consumer; average; public; layman; merchant; buyer; actor; competition; long-term
711Where Decency Will Mean Millions 1927Journal articleAnonymousEnglishChina; United States; nationalism; economic institution; expert; optimism; trade; convention; association;
691Where China Buys and Sells1935BookU.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommerceEnglishtrade;bulletin;information;population;consumer;statistics;market;commodities;foodstuffs;communication;classification; ...
267When was the First Foreign Loan to China?1938Journal articleCh'en, GideonEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; finance; loan; foreign; imperialism
738What Is C.I.C.? BookIndusco, Inc. (American Committee in Aid of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives)EnglishChina; United States; New York; organization; aid; relief; war; pamphlet; slogan; motto; logo;
690What about your representatives in China?1921BookPeking American SchoolEnglishChina; Beijing; school; American; fundraising; pamphlet; propaganda;
80Weekly Review Takes over Subscriptions of Chinese Engineer and Contractor1923Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCrow;Chinese;engineer;contractor;trade;journal;monthly;weekly;review;subscription;press;growth;advertising;agency;business;contract;industrial;supplement;translation;language;bilingual;circulation;department;Shanghai;urban;development ...
401Water Scarce and Discoloured. Householders' Complaints1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer;public;opinion;household;water supply;shortage;quality;color;company;weather;season;New Year;daily life;women;housework;Chinese;Shanghai;French ...
365Village Life in China: A Study in Sociology1899BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; rural; American; sociology;
712U.S. May Outstrip All in Far East Trade1927Journal articleLiang, H.S.EnglishChina; United States; nationalism; economic institution; expert; elite ; optimism; trade; convention; association; population; ...
485Type-Setting in Chinese. Some Misconceptions of the Black Art Corrected and Explained1925Journal articleEnglishexpert; press; newspaper; linotype; typewriting; language; Chinese; Japanese
270Tso Tsung-t'ang: The Farmer of Hsiangshang1939Journal articleCh'en, GideonEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; philosphy; knowledge
429Tsingtao Notes. A Newspaper's Anniversary. The Weather Forecast. Railway Guards. Bad Whisky1922Journal articleNCH Correspondent in Tsingtao (Qingdao)Englishconsumer;newspaper;anniversary;tourism;summer;weather;motorcar;railway;mining;traffic;whisky;adulteration;label;testimonial;certificate;laboratory;hotel;Qingdao;Japanese ...
294Transportation on the Yang-Tze Kiang 1929Journal articleCarey, H. FooteEnglishtransportation; river; navigation; boat; junk; travel; map; photograph;
295Transportation Notes 1929Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De C, 1885-1954Englishtransportation; motor; railway; river;
296Transportation in the Communist Far East, 1962. Economic Intelligence Memorandum1963Archival documentsUnited States. Central Intelligence AgencyEnglishtransportation; communist; intelligence service; United States; cold war;
293Transportation in Early China 1929Journal articleFerguson, John C, 1866-1945Englishtransportation; history; photograph; drawing
280Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan1873BookAsiatic Society of JapanEnglishorganization; Japan;
306Trading with the Far East : How to Sell in the Orient -- Policies -- Methods -- Advertising -- Credits -- Financing Documents -- Deliveries 1920BookIrving National BankEnglishtrade; bank; handbook; United States;
717Trading With China1919BookGuaranty Trust Company of New YorkEnglishChina; United States; commerce; market; business; handbook; bank; photograph;
465Trademark thefts and Penalties1924Journal articleEnglishtrademark; fraud; counterfeit; penalty; manufacturer; consumer; quality; American; China
395Trade Mark Protection in China1920Journal articleBryan, R.T. (Jr.)Englishtrademark; law;
469Trade between America and China. Past, Present and Future1924Journal articlePan, Shu-LunEnglishtrade; history; future; consumer; expert; elite; university; Harvard; United States; China; Shanghai
322Tobacco and Its Use in Asia1924BookLaufer, Berthold, 1874-1934 (Curator of Anthropology)Englishfood;tobacco;consumption;natural history;anthropology;museum;leaflet;illustration;pipe;Taiwan;Philippine;China;India;Asia ...
480To the Editor of the "North-China Daily News" [On the production of pure milk"]1925Journal articleDairyman (Anonymous reader)Englishpublic;opinion;knowledge;expert;consumer;milk;dairy;hygienic;grade;quality;classification;standardization;public health;comparison;Shanghai ...
479To the Editor of the "North-China Daily News" [On "The Grading of dairies"]1925Journal articleRichardson, A.J.Englishpublic;opinion;knowledge;expert;consumer;milk;dairy;hygienic;grade;quality;classification;standardization;public health;Shanghai ...
490To the Editor of the "North-China Daily News"1925Journal articlePearson, C.D.Englishopinion;public;water supply;shortage;commodities;Chinese;employee;director;engineer;expert;conflict;Shanghai;International ...
681Tiffin in honor of Chinese and American Students to enter Institutions of Higher Learning 1937BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishtiffin;social event;student;education;United States;China;Shanghai;university;program;menu;guest;;elite;club;chamber of commerce;association; ...
402Through the Eyes of Labour. The Cost of Living1920Journal articleA Trade UnionistEnglishconsumer;cost of living;England;comparison;household;price;food;necessities;transportation;trade union;margarine;clothing;advertisement; ...
399Three letters to the Editors: Cost of Municipal Buildings, Electricity Rates, Motor-Car and Tram1920Journal articleAnonymous readers (Voter, Consumer, Against Road-Hogging)Englishpublic; opinion; cost; electricity; building; traffic; consumer; voter; motorcar; tramway; Shanghai
214Three Firms Summoned. Alleged Announcement of Lottery1958Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; Hongkong; summon; lottery; soda; bean; advertising; newspaper; announcement;
702Third Report1929BookChina Foundation for the Promotion of Education and CultureEnglishcooperation;elite;foundation;social survey;social research;fieldworkd;Beijing;China;United States;graph;statistics;university;society;association;education;library;museum;prize;fellowship; ...
736Thesis and Dissertations by Chinese Students in America (Supplementary List). Bulletin 71929BookChina Institute of AmericaEnglishChina;United States;Beijing;New York; organization;bulletin;student;directory;dissertation;research;graduate;university;statistics; ...
332The Westernizing of Chinese Medical Practice1913Journal articleYoung, Charles W.Englishmedicine; Western; science;
451The Vegetable Oil Industry of China1923Journal articleChinese Government Bureau of Economic InformationEnglishChina;Government Bureau of Economic Information;vegetable oil;data;figure;province;origine;production;value;taxonomy;classification;industry; ...
88The Traveller's Handbook for China1913Journal articleEnglishReview; book; handbook; travel; guide; tourist; Crow; Shanghai; map; plan; illustration
77The Travelers' Handbook for China (including Hongkong)1921BookCarl CrowEnglishadvertising; travel; handbook; guidebook; tourist; China; Hongkong; America; map; plan; illustration; image; ...
78The Travelers' Handbook for China1913BookCarl CrowEnglishadvertising; advertisement; business; travel; handbook; guidebook; tourist; China; America; map; plan; illustration; image; ...
466The Trademark Bureau at Work. Allegations of Inefficiency Already Being Made: Complaints Both by Chinese and Japanese Firms. Instructive Notes from the Chinese Press. 1924Journal articleEnglishtrademark; Bureau; registration; efficiency; complaint; manufacturer; newspaper; Japanese; Chinese; China
396The Trade of China for 19191920Journal articleUnwin, F.R. (Statistical Secretary, Inspectorate General of Customs)Englishtrade;statistics;customs;export;year;raw materials;silk;agriculture;food;cereals;animal;tea;price;conservancy;board;commission;river;railway;transportation; ...
514The Struggle for Economic Supremacy In Manchuria1925Journal articleKerby, PhilipEnglisheconomic;engineer;technician;power;competition;credit;agriculture;environment;industry;science;railway;company;concession;photography;Shenyang;Japanese;Russian;Manchuria ...
645The Story of Chinese Food1925Journal articleAdolf, William H. (Laboratory of Chemistry, Shantung Christian University, Tsinan)Englishexpert; science; nutrition; food; American; University; journal; family; budget; Shandong; comparison; history;
421The Storage of Gasoline1921Journal articleEnglishgasoline;petroleum;storage;tank;harbor;customs;regulation;investigation;oil company;competition;chamber of commerce;expert;standardization;economy;safety;global;Shanghai;Yangzhou;Nantong;model ...
458The Soochow (Suzhou) Creek1924Journal articleEnglishshipping; grain; delay; supply; price; cost of living; country; city; Shanghai; Manchuria; China
79The ShanghailanderPeriodicalEnglishChina; Shanghai; magazine; periodical; monthly; tourist; visitor; resident; travel; guidebook; description
285The Shanghai Mind 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; mentality; culture;
289The Shanghai Mind 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; journal; history; foreign; explorer
387The Shanghai Merchant's Point of View1921Journal articleEnglishconsumer; merchant; charity; canvassing; mass; Shanghai; famine; relief; million; figure; cost of living; tax; likin
413The Shanghai Markets: Improved Sentiment1921Journal articleEnglishconsumer; market; sentiment; optimism; piece goods; yarn; export; Shanghai
334The Science of Oriental Medicine: Its Principles and Methods1902BookFoo & Wing CompanyEnglishmedicine; science; hygiene; food; diet; Chinese; illustration; company
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