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111The Japan year book. Complete Encyclopaedia of general information and statistics on Japan and the Japanese territories1905BookTakenobu, Yoshitaro (1863?-1930)Englishyear; book; Japan; territory; Manchuria;
305The Chinese Maiden at Home1904Journal articleCornaby, W. Arthur (William Arthur), 1860-1921Englishwomen; domesticity; home; housework
473Chi Chih Yi. A Manchu Woman Philanthropist1924Journal articleLo Shu HuaEnglishwoman; philanthropy; missionary; Manchu; China;
191How the War Has Changed Trade Routes. American Trade Relation with China.1918Journal articlePatchin, Robert H.; Arnold, JuleanEnglishwar; trade; route; financial; journal; institution; permanent; temporary; adjustment; Canton; Chamber; commerce; attache; ...
44Raid Impression. Few soldiers Killed During Chungking Bombings1939Journal articleAnonymousEnglishwar, raid, Chungking, Crow, solider, interview
651Catalogue of the officers and students of St. John's University1918BookSt. John's University, Shanghaiuniversity,Shanghai;student;faculty;curriculum;course;school;department;foreign;map;photograph;directory;elite;Chinese;regulation;history ...
312American Business Opportunity in China1913Journal articleRobinson, B Atwood.EnglishUnited States; business;
184American capital for China: The New International Corporation1916Journal articleEnglishUnited States; corporation; international; China; capital; world market; finance; engineer; assistance; association; family; ...
185American capital for China: The New International Corporation1916Journal articleEnglishUnited States; corporation; international; China; capital; world market; finance; engineer; assistance; association; family; ...
788Treaty ports in China: a study in diplomacy1918BookTai, En-SaiEnglishtreaty ports; municipal administration; jurisdiction; foreign settlement; China; United States; Americanization
327Early Chinese Travellers and Their Successors1933Journal articleWu, Liande (Wu, Lien-teh 伍聯德), 1879-1960Englishtravel; Chinese; history; society
358Peking: a historical and intimate description of its chief places of interest : with maps, plans and illustrations1920BookBredon, JulietEnglishtravel; Beijing; foreign; map; illustration; history; landmark
359The new China: a traveller's impressions1912BookBorel, HenriEnglishtravel; Beijing; foreign;
783Men and manners of modern China1912BookMacgowan, JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; Shanghai; men;
782Gleanings from fifty years in China by Archibald Little1910BookLittle, Archibald JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; British; elite; biography; merchant;
297Early Chinese Ships and Trade 1925Journal articleDonnelly, Ivon A.Englishtransportation; shipping; trade; history; illustration
417China's crying need of roads1921Journal articleEnglishtransportation; road; interior; city; trade; organization; foreign; circulation; China; Zhejiang; Hangzhou; Shanghai;
294Transportation on the Yang-Tze Kiang 1929Journal articleCarey, H. FooteEnglishtransportation; river; navigation; boat; junk; travel; map; photograph;
295Transportation Notes 1929Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De C, 1885-1954Englishtransportation; motor; railway; river;
293Transportation in Early China 1929Journal articleFerguson, John C, 1866-1945Englishtransportation; history; photograph; drawing
292Economics of Transportation for China 1929Journal articleWaddell, J.A.L, 1854-1938Englishtransportation; economy; shipping; steamer; junk; carriage; animal; camel; horse; rickshaw; wheelbarrow; highway;
296Transportation in the Communist Far East, 1962. Economic Intelligence Memorandum1963Archival documentsUnited States. Central Intelligence AgencyEnglishtransportation; communist; intelligence service; United States; cold war;
395Trade Mark Protection in China1920Journal articleBryan, R.T. (Jr.)Englishtrademark; law;
465Trademark thefts and Penalties1924Journal articleEnglishtrademark; fraud; counterfeit; penalty; manufacturer; consumer; quality; American; China
466The Trademark Bureau at Work. Allegations of Inefficiency Already Being Made: Complaints Both by Chinese and Japanese Firms. Instructive Notes from the Chinese Press. 1924Journal articleEnglishtrademark; Bureau; registration; efficiency; complaint; manufacturer; newspaper; Japanese; Chinese; China
396The Trade of China for 19191920Journal articleUnwin, F.R. (Statistical Secretary, Inspectorate General of Customs)Englishtrade;statistics;customs;export;year;raw materials;silk;agriculture;food;cereals;animal;tea;price;conservancy;board;commission;river;railway;transportation; ...
310Report on Trade Conditions in China1906BookBurrill, Harry R. and Rayond F. CristEnglishtrade; report; business; United States; region; city; transportation;
469Trade between America and China. Past, Present and Future1924Journal articlePan, Shu-LunEnglishtrade; history; future; consumer; expert; elite; university; Harvard; United States; China; Shanghai
375Bureau to Probe Trade Relations. Newly Organized Body to Make Study of Commerce1931Journal articleEnglishtrade;bureau;private;organization;Japanese;investigation;inspection;data;locality;price;psychology;consumer;department;elite;businessmen;headquarter;Shanghai; ...
691Where China Buys and Sells1935BookU.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommerceEnglishtrade;bulletin;information;population;consumer;statistics;market;commodities;foodstuffs;communication;classification; ...
306Trading with the Far East : How to Sell in the Orient -- Policies -- Methods -- Advertising -- Credits -- Financing Documents -- Deliveries 1920BookIrving National BankEnglishtrade; bank; handbook; United States;
188Chinese Press: Notes from Peking1917Journal articleAnonymousEnglishtrade; international; China; war; telegram; ministry; agriculture; commerce; London; crop; season; autumn; foodstuff; scarcity; ...
182The commercial independence of China1915Journal articleAnonymousEnglishTrade; export; China; Japan; San Francisco; firm; middleman; independence; market; commodity; price; transportation; likin; ...
643American National Foreign Trade Week1946Journal articleEnglishtrade week;newspaper;supplement;Shanghai;elite;directory;American;China;expert;color;advertisement;photograph;women; ...
453Brush Manufacturing1924Journal articleBolton, W.H.Englishtoothbrush;commodities;biography;manufacture;consumer;education;hygiene;photograph;plant;water tower;China;Shanghai; ...
681Tiffin in honor of Chinese and American Students to enter Institutions of Higher Learning 1937BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishtiffin;social event;student;education;United States;China;Shanghai;university;program;menu;guest;;elite;club;chamber of commerce;association; ...
116Map and Short description of Tientsin1900BookDrake, Noah Fields (b. 1864)EnglishTientsin; guide; map; description
376Miao Explains Inspection of Export Commodities at Weekly Rotary Meet1931Journal articleEnglishtesting;bureau;commodity;raw silk;food;inspection;expert;import;export;egg;animal;standard;Shanghai;Tianjin;Qingdao;Hankou;Guangdong;Rotary;club ...
489Strange Plight of Chinese Tea. Sky-Rocketing Prices for the Indian Variety but the China Leaf Stagnant. Position of the British Consumer1925Journal articleForm Our Own Correspondent in LondonEnglishtea;quality;variety;price;standard;consumption;consumer;taste;competition;association;China;India;Great Britain; ...
468Manufacturing Tea by Machinery in China1924Journal articleHo Chieh-ShiangEnglishtea; manufacture; photograph; biography; mecanization; color; smell; sense; Zhejiang; China
488A Tea Standard. Suggested British Tea Standard1925Journal articleEnglishtea; coffee; quality; price; standard; consumption; competition; education; expert; health; China; United States
483Conference Based on Shams1925Journal articleEnglishtariff; commission; conference; unequal treaties; Beijing; China; American; British; Japanese
365Village Life in China: A Study in Sociology1899BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; rural; American; sociology;
366Chinese characteristics1894BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; American; sociology; fact; deficiency; national; topos; science;
301Chinese Students in Japan 1905Journal articleYen, Hui-chʻing, 1877-1950Englishstudent; circulation; Japan; training; association; elite
494Ten Million Working Days Lost. What the Strike Has Already Meant to Shanghai and China: A Huge Decrease in Productivity. Some Not At All Pleasant Reflexions1925Journal articleEnglishstrike; conflict; worker; merchant; shipping; credit; waste; loss; fact; Shanghai; China
104Analysis of strikes in China, from 1918 to 1926192BookChen, Da (1892-?)Englishstrike; analysis; government; information; bureau
258An Estimate of the Standard of Living in China1918Journal articleDittmer, C.G.Englishstandard of living; social survey; Beijing; comparison;
60Meet the South Americans1940BookCarl CrowEnglishSouth, Latin, America, war, Crow
768La culture et les usages du soja1935Journal articleGay, H.Frenchsoja; agriculture; French; botanical; journal;
769La culture et les usages du soja (suite et fin)1935Journal articleGay, H.Frenchsoja; agriculture; French; botanical; journal;
75Peking: a social survey conducted under auspices of the Princeton University Center in China and the Peking Young Men's Christian Association1921BookGamble, Sidney, David, Burgess, John StewartEnglishsociology, social, survey, Peking, China, Princeton, YMCA
69Social pathology in China; a source book for the study of problems of livelihood, health, and the family1934BookLamson, Herbert DayEnglishsociology, social, survey, pathology, China, livelihood, health, family, poverty, pauperism, wage, income, rural, urban, ...
357A social survey of Sung-ka-hong, China1924BookBucklin, Harold S.Englishsocial survey; Shanghai; Brown University; United States;
360How Chinese families live in Peiping; a study of the income and expenditure of 283 Chinese families receiving from $8 to $550 silver per month1933BookGamble, Sidney D.; Wang, Ho-chen; Liang, Jên-hoEnglishsocial survey; household; income; Beijing; expenditure;
362The labour problems in China 中國勞工問題 (Zhongguo laogong wenti)1929BookChen Da 陳達Englishsocial survey; Chinese; labor;
262Intensive and Extensive Methods of Observing the Personality-Culture Manifold1938Journal articleLasswell, Harold D.Englishsocial sciences; social survey; population; statistics; fact; observation; personality;
263Professor Hung on the Ch'un Ch'iu1938Journal articleCh'i, Ssu-HoEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; population; statistics; fact; observation; personality;
260Yenching Journal of Social Studies1938PeriodicalEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; population; statistics; fact;
261Recent Population Changes in China1938Journal articleChao, Ch'eng-HsinEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; population; statistics; fact;
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