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广告 (Guanggao)

1940Book陆梅僧 (LU Meiseng)Chineseadvertising, handbook, practical, professional, China, shanghai, illustration

广告学ABC (Guanggao ABC)

1928Book蒯世勋 (KUAI Shixun)ChineseAdvertising, handbook, china

广告学概论 (Guanggao xue gailun) [Principles of advertising]

1929Book苏上达 (SU Shangda)Chineseadvertising, handbook, principles, china, medium, campaign, economy
18History of the Chinese Press (中國報學史 Zhonguo baoxue shi) 1919Book戈公振 (Ge Gongzhen), 胡道静 (Hu Daojing)Chinesehistory, journalism, china

广告学 (Guanggao xue)

1946Book吴铁声 (WU Tiesheng), 朱胜愉 (ZHU Shengyu)Chinesehandbook, advertising, china, psychology
355Words of Warning to a Prosperous Age 盛世危言 (shengshi weiyan)1894BookZheng Guanying 鄭觀應Chinesecommercial warfare; guohuo; nation; consumption; market; reform;
332The Westernizing of Chinese Medical Practice1913Journal articleYoung, Charles W.Englishmedicine; Western; science;
301Chinese Students in Japan 1905Journal articleYen, Hui-chʻing, 1877-1950Englishstudent; circulation; Japan; training; association; elite
327Early Chinese Travellers and Their Successors1933Journal articleWu, Liande (Wu, Lien-teh 伍聯德), 1879-1960Englishtravel; Chinese; history; society
141Catchy Slogans, Ambition Carry C.P. Ling To Success. China Commercial Advertising Agency Head Today Celebrating 10th Birthday Of Fouding Firm; Growth Outstanding. 1936Journal articleWoo, KyatangEnglishanniversary, decade, progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion; success; ...
137History of Journalism. Canton Birthplace of Country's Newspapers; Development Traced1936Journal articleWONG, HinEnglishjournalism; advertising; agency; university; Shanghai; history; newspaper; Canton
356The Middle Kingdom: a survey of the geography, government, education, social life, arts, religion, etc. of the Chinese Empire and its inhabitants1848BookWilliams, Samuel Wells 衛三畏 (Wei Sanwei)Englishfact; social survey; mission; United States;
198Battle of Motor Giants Predicted as Spring Issue1927Journal articleWhitcomb, WilliamsEnglishautomobile; Ford; competition; rumor
313The Currency Problem in China1914BookWei Wen PinEnglishcurrency; finance; business
100The revival in Manchuria1910BookWebster, JamesEnglishManchuria; history; revival; mission
304Chinese Provident Clubs 1903Journal articleWare, JamesEnglishclub; association; elite; individual; institution
292Economics of Transportation for China 1929Journal articleWaddell, J.A.L, 1854-1938Englishtransportation; economy; shipping; steamer; junk; carriage; animal; camel; horse; rickshaw; wheelbarrow; highway;

An Analytical Study of Advertisements in Chinese Newspapers

1923Journal articleUnknownEnglishadvertisement, newspaper, china, study, products, type, space, qinghua, university, beijing
296Transportation in the Communist Far East, 1962. Economic Intelligence Memorandum1963Archival documentsUnited States. Central Intelligence AgencyEnglishtransportation; communist; intelligence service; United States; cold war;
345Pocket Guide to China 1942BookUnited States. ArmyEnglishguide; travel; war; language

Newspapers as an Advertising Medium in China

1936Journal articleTong, Hollington K.Englishadvertising, newspaper, modern, medium, China
22A circulation census. Increase in Chinese readers: Distribution Statistics 1933Journal articleThomson & Co. (Chartered Accountants)EnglishNorth China Herald, newspaper, chinese, reader, distribution, census, circulation, statistics, nationality, bookstore, subsciption ...
127The Peiping (Peking) Shopping Guide1936BookThomsen, F.H.L.EnglishPeking; shopping; guide; shop; list; map; directory; street; index; glossary; list; bilingual
128Guide to "Peking"1935BookThe Peiping ChronicleEnglishPeking; guide; chronicle
129Guide to "Peking"1933BookThe Peiping ChronicleEnglishPeking; guide; chronicle
122The New Japan Year Book1915BookThe New Japan Publishing Co.Englishdirectory; year; book; statistics; Japan; China; Manchuria;
111The Japan year book. Complete Encyclopaedia of general information and statistics on Japan and the Japanese territories1905BookTakenobu, Yoshitaro (1863?-1930)Englishyear; book; Japan; territory; Manchuria;
133New Books of Interest in the Far East. Business Man's View of China1938Journal articleT.H.Englishbook;review;foreign; resident; autobiography; description; social; business; advertising; tobacco; BAT; Peking; North; Manchuria;Shansi;Tientsin ...
72Review of Lamson, Herbert Day, Social pathology in China; a source book for the study of problems of livelihood, health, and the family1934Journal articleStephan, Frederick F.Englishreview, sociology, social, survey, statistical, pathology, China, livelihood, health, family, poverty, pauperism, wage, income, ...

Advertising: Its principles, practice, and technique

1914BookStarch, DanielEnglishadvertising, principles, handbook, america
115China Times Guide to Tientsin and neighbourhood1908BookSt. John, BurtonEnglishGuide; Tientsin; neighborhood;
117Fur and Feather in North China1914BookSowerby, Arthur de Carle (1885-?)EnglishNorth; China; natural; history; fur; feather; resource;
284Shanghai of the Future 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; city; future; time;
285The Shanghai Mind 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; mentality; culture;
289The Shanghai Mind 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; journal; history; foreign; explorer
320Edible Bird's Nest Swift 1931Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishbird; animal; food; agrilculture
295Transportation Notes 1929Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De C, 1885-1954Englishtransportation; motor; railway; river;
329Illustrated Guide Book for Travelling in Manchoukuo with Sketch Map 1934BookSouth Manchuria Railway CompanyEnglishcity; Manchuria; Japan; railway; guide; history; travel; booklet; illustration; maps

The psychology of advertising. A simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising,

1913BookScott, Walter DillEnglishadvertising, psychology, handbook, application, practical, successful
307Chinese Accounts 1927Journal articleSayer, G.R, 1887-1962Englishaccount; Canton;
146Mr. C.P. Ling. Founder and Proprietor of the China Commercial Advertising Agency, 1926-19361936Journal articleSapajouEnglishanniversary; birthday; agency; founder; manager; biography; success; progress
254Editorial Cartoon. Mr. C.P. Ling. Founder and Proprietor of the China Commercial Advertising Agency, 1926-19361936Journal articleSapajouEnglishLing; CCAA; sketch; portrait; cartoon; satirist
6Advertising methods in Japan, China, and the Philippines 1921BookSanger, J.Englishadvertising, report, method, China, Japan, Philippines, commerce, department, washington, special, agent,
312American Business Opportunity in China1913Journal articleRobinson, B Atwood.EnglishUnited States; business;
105China as It really is1912BookResident of PekingEnglishPeking; Resident; observation; description; China;
193Practical demonstration of a "Sino-American" plow successfully adapted to Chinese conditions1920Archival documentsReisner, John H.Englishagriculture; tool; plow; farming; peasant; farmer
323Common Food Fishes of Shanghai1924BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishfood; fish; nutrition; distribution; retail; season; catalog; illustration; Shanghai; biography; commodity; war;
335Chinese Material Medica: Fish Drugs 1939BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishmedicine; science; fish; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
337Chinese Materia Medica: Dragon and Snake Drugs 1934BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishhealth; medicine; science; dragon; snake; animal; ; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
101Peking Who's Who1922BookRamsay, AlexEnglishdirectory; peking; biography; business
74Review of Lamson, Herbert Day, Social pathology in China; a source book for the study of problems of livelihood, health, and the family1938Journal articleR., P.M.Englishreview, geography, sociology, social, survey, pathology, China, livelihood, health, family, poverty, pauperism, wage, income, ...
99Who's who of American returned students [Youmei tongxue lu: mingou liunian]1917BookQinghua University [Qinghua daxue]Chinesedirectory; Beijing; college; student; United States;
331Cities and Towns of China1910BookPlayfair, G.M.H, 1850-1917Englishcity; China; geography; place; name; dictionary; river;
324The Livestock of China1924BookPhillips, Ralph W., Ray G. Johnson, and Raymond T. MoyerEnglishfood;agriculture;livestock;animal;China;war;environment;climate;geography;population;marketing;photograph;map ...
126Peking Utility Book1937BookPeiping International Women's ClubEnglishdirectory; utility; woman; club; international; Peking; book; war
191How the War Has Changed Trade Routes. American Trade Relation with China.1918Journal articlePatchin, Robert H.; Arnold, JuleanEnglishwar; trade; route; financial; journal; institution; permanent; temporary; adjustment; Canton; Chamber; commerce; attache; ...
291Report on the Survey and Prospects of a Railway between Hankow and Canton under the Concession by the Chinese Government to the American China Development Company 1899BookParsons, William Barclay, 1859-1932Englishgovernment;railway;intercity;Hankou;Canton;company;survey;engineer;development;american;sketch;expert;expertise;cost;population;geography;commerce ...
139Congratulations 1936Journal articlePark HotelEnglishanniversary, decade, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion; congratulation; hotel: ...

Outdoor Advertising -- the Modern Marketing Force: A Manual for business Men and Others Interested in the Fundamentals of Outdoor Advertising

1928BookOutdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, association, modern, business
233CCAA appointed sole agents for Orlindun Light Company for Greater Shanghai1932Journal articleOrlindun Light Company, China Commercial Advertising Agency;EnglishCCAA; Ling; light; Greater Shanghai; exclusivity; ministry; certificate; patent; registration; industry
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