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131 Japan and Manchoukuo1935BookHase, K.Englishdirectory; biography; who; business; Japan; Manchuria; export; year; book
444"Pay the Balance". Brand New Methods for Squeezing the People: Smugglers' Paths to Avoid New Dues1923Journal articleFrom Our Own Correspondent (Lanchowfu, Kan) (Lanzhou 兰州, Gansu)Englishopinion; correspondent; likin; tax; customs; smuggling; people; masses; China; Gansu
45"The Wasted Half Dollar". Advertisement for Carl Crow, Inc. 1937Book chapterCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, newspaper, periodical, self-promotion, value, waste, interwar
24310h Anniversay Is Celebrated Tonight1936Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; dinner; party; hotel; anniversary;
25510h Anniversay Is Celebrated Tonight1936Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; dinner; party; hotel; anniversary;
14310th Anniversary Is Celebrated Tonight 1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishanniversary; party; entertainment; guest; reception; success; progress

Advertising: Its principles, practice, and technique

1914BookStarch, DanielEnglishadvertising, principles, handbook, america

An Analytical Study of Advertisements in Chinese Newspapers

1923Journal articleUnknownEnglishadvertisement, newspaper, china, study, products, type, space, qinghua, university, beijing

Foreign Trade and Advertising

1936Journal articleKuo, P.W.Englishadvertising, foreign, trade, history, press

How to advertise a guide to designing, laying out, and composing advertisements

1917BookFrench, GeorgeEnglishhandbook, advertising, printed, design, layout, composition, technical

Newspapers as an Advertising Medium in China

1936Journal articleTong, Hollington K.Englishadvertising, newspaper, modern, medium, China

Outdoor Advertising -- the Modern Marketing Force: A Manual for business Men and Others Interested in the Fundamentals of Outdoor Advertising

1928BookOutdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, association, modern, business

Outdoor, street-car, and radio advertising

1936BookHoyle, John T.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, street-car, radio

Recording a Decade of "Service and Progress" (1926-1936)

1936Journal articleLing, C.P.Englishanniversary, decade, progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion

The Merchant's Advertising Problem

1936Journal articleDiespecker, L.C.Englishadvertising, problem, press, China, merchant

The psychology of advertising. A simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising,

1913BookScott, Walter DillEnglishadvertising, psychology, handbook, application, practical, successful

广告 (Guanggao)

1940Book陆梅僧 (LU Meiseng)Chineseadvertising, handbook, practical, professional, China, shanghai, illustration

广告学 (Guanggao xue)

1946Book吴铁声 (WU Tiesheng), 朱胜愉 (ZHU Shengyu)Chinesehandbook, advertising, china, psychology

广告学ABC (Guanggao ABC)

1928Book蒯世勋 (KUAI Shixun)ChineseAdvertising, handbook, china

广告学概论 (Guanggao xue gailun) [Principles of advertising]

1929Book苏上达 (SU Shangda)Chineseadvertising, handbook, principles, china, medium, campaign, economy
303A Chinese Biographical Dictionary 古今姓氏族譜 1898BookGiles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935Englishbiography; dictionary; name; elite; British
268A Chinese Philosopher's Theory of Knowledge1939Journal articleChang, Tung-SunEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; philosphy; knowledge
22A circulation census. Increase in Chinese readers: Distribution Statistics 1933Journal articleThomson & Co. (Chartered Accountants)EnglishNorth China Herald, newspaper, chinese, reader, distribution, census, circulation, statistics, nationality, bookstore, subsciption ...
409A Look Into the Promised Land (Current Press Opinion on Far Eastern Affairs)1921Journal articleWalker, Guy Morrison (Wall Street Journal, New York)Englishconsumer;democracy;labor;market;myth;optimism;trade;middleman;competition;boycott;agriculture;soya;silk;soap;Americanization;United ...
404A Practical suggestion for Improving Housing Conditions in Shanghai. The Quest Society Discusses Socialism1920Journal articleEnglishEngland; Shanghai; housing; organization; elite; property; ratepayer; socialism; comparison
725A Review for 19231923BookVincent, George E. (President of the Rockefeller Foundation); Rockefeller FoundationEnglishChina;United States; foundation;Rockefeller; health; expertise; fieldwork; expert; medical aid; cooperation; budget; service; ...
357A social survey of Sung-ka-hong, China1924BookBucklin, Harold S.Englishsocial survey; Shanghai; Brown University; United States;
488A Tea Standard. Suggested British Tea Standard1925Journal articleEnglishtea; coffee; quality; price; standard; consumption; competition; education; expert; health; China; United States
89A Useful Guidebook1913Journal articleEnglishReview; book; handbook; travel; guide; tourist; Crow; Shanghai; map; plan; illustration
800Across Asia on a Bicycle: The Journey of Two American Students from Constantinople to PekingBookAllen, Thomas Gaskell; Sachtleben, William LewisEnglishAmericanization; student; travel; bicycle; tour; China; Beijing;
648Activities, Directors, Supervisors (with trade statistics)1949BookThe Foreign Trade Association of China 中國國際貿易協會 (Zhongguo guoji maoyi xiehui)Englishbiography; directory; elite; organization; foreign trade; statistics; photograph; war; Shanghai;
4Advertising and Merchandising 1926Book chapterArnold, Julean Herbert; Crow, CarlEnglishhandbook, commercial, advertising, merchandising, crow, arnold
138Advertising Expert 1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishanniversary; decade; progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion; photography; ...
246Advertising Expert Chooses Ford1932Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; automobile; Ford; expert; advertising; agency; photograph; testimonial
801Advertising Hoarding Round Shanghai - Intruders into the Countryside that Spoil the Scenery and Annoy those in Search of Change and Resfreshment1924Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; billboard; landscape; Carl Crow; Auto Club; foreign settlement; International Settlement; Shanghai; Western district; ...
2Advertising in China 1929Journal articleBacon, C.A.Englishadvertising, report, China, journalist, Shanghai, agency, press, journal
763Advertising in China1930Journal articleCosgrave, L.M. (Canadian Trade Commissioner)Englisheconomic information; journal; periodical; report; trade commissioner; Australia; advertising;purchasing power; foreign; ...
47Advertising meets war and survives1939Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishAdvertising, business, war, Crow
51Advertising methods in China1919Journal articleFowler, John A.Englishadvertising, method, China, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade
779Advertising methods in China1919Journal articleEnglishadvertising; newspaper; press; England; war; China; WWI
6Advertising methods in Japan, China, and the Philippines 1921BookSanger, J.Englishadvertising, report, method, China, Japan, Philippines, commerce, department, washington, special, agent,
440Advertising, an Essential Factor in American Trade in China1923Journal articleScholz, Emil Maurice (President of the World Wide Advertising Corporation)Englishadvertising;trade;market;corporation;global;nation;personification;newspaper;journalism;Japanese;China;United States ...
31Agency Men, Newsmen Have Get-Together. Leading Advertising Men And Newspaper Executives Meet At Dinner1933Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising, association, newspaper, men, executive, leader, meeting, dinner, Consolidated Advertising Agency, Vee Loo, Vee ...
433Agriculture and National Life1922Journal articleButterfield, K.L (Dr.)Englishexpert;agriculture;farmer;living standard;banking;business;elite;nation;soil;automobile;democracy;credit;organization;cooperation;history;nation;Germany;United ...
709Aims and Activities of the China Society of America1944BookChina Society of AmericaEnglishelite;association;membership;program;pamphlet;China;United States;entertainment;social event;library;inquiry;magazine;membership ...
435Along the Tientsin-Pukow Railway line (photographic report01923Journal articleEnglishdocumentary;photograph;guidebook;travel;hotel;tourism;danger;bandit;mountain;river;temple;Confucius;history;daily life;agriculture;family;house;interior;wheelbarrow;railway;transportation;bridge;Shandong; ...
522Aluminium Is Rival Of Steel; Big Factor In Autos1925Journal articleEnglishmaterial;metal;steel;aluminium;product;competition;monopoly;history;biography;process;research;foundation;United States; ...
765America and the Philippines1914BookCrow, CarlEnglishAmericanization; United States; Philippines; advertising; pamphlet; nation; industry; trade; photograph; war
52American advertising in China1917Journal articleAdams, W.A.Englishadvertising, China, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade
459American Association of China1924Journal articleEnglishAmerican; association; competition; chamber of Commerce; British; elite; relief; philanthropy; club; China; Shanghai
312American Business Opportunity in China1913Journal articleRobinson, B Atwood.EnglishUnited States; business;
578American business with East Asia. Tenth conference of the Institue of Pacific relations, New York1947BookStein, GuntherEnglishChina; United States; lecture; survey; interview; businessmen; East Asia; editor; newspaper; missionary; table; figure
184American capital for China: The New International Corporation1916Journal articleEnglishUnited States; corporation; international; China; capital; world market; finance; engineer; assistance; association; family; ...
185American capital for China: The New International Corporation1916Journal articleEnglishUnited States; corporation; international; China; capital; world market; finance; engineer; assistance; association; family; ...
528American Chamber of Commerce Bulletin1927BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishcommerce;bulletin;report;fact;data;information;trade;China;United States;chamber of commerce;organization;advertisement; ...
573American Chamber of Commerce Bulletin. Humanitarian Co-Operation1928BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishcommerce;bulletin;report;fact;data;information;trade;China;United States;chamber of commerce;organization;advertisement; ...
574American Chamber of Commerce Bulletin. Treaties Totally Disregarded1927BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishcommerce;bulletin;report;fact;data;information;trade;China;United States;chamber of commerce;organization;advertisement; ...
529American Chamber of Commerce Bye-Laws Adopted Feb 10th, 19261926BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishorganization; chamber of commerce; elite; business; regulation; Shanghai; China; United States
767American diplomacy in the Orient1903BookFoster, John WatsonEnglishamericanization;
526American Foreign Trade Week1941BookEnglishShanghai; trade; American; newspaper; week; chamber of commerce; map; color; war
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