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36No Title (Jewels Robbery)1941Journal articleAnonymousEnglishChina Advertising Agency, robbery, jewel, pistol, war
48Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) & advertising manual: an annual data book and technical record for all newspapers and periodicals in China1937BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, annual, data, directory, handbook, manual, newspaper, periodical, record, China, ...
49Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong)1935BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, newspaper, China, Hongkong, interwar
50Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) with check list of newspapers and periodicals published in Japan, Chosen, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, Singapore and Federated Malay states1931BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, newspaper, periodical, China, Hongkong, Japan, Chosen, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, ...
76Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) 1933BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertiser, newspaper, periodical, China, Hongkong, interwar
86New Books and Publications. Interpreting Japan. 1921Journal articleAnonymousEnglishbook; review; Japan; Crow; bibliography; Y.M.C.A.
92News Brevities. Crow appointed as a member of the Yi Shih Pao (Social Welfare) Board of the Directors1919Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCrow; Social; Welfare; daily; newspaper; Peking; Tientsin; Canton; board; director; appointment;
97Notes from Canton1919Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCrow; news; agency; Canton; association; guest; dinner; consul; college; student; graduate
133New Books of Interest in the Far East. Business Man's View of China1938Journal articleT.H.Englishbook;review;foreign; resident; autobiography; description; social; business; advertising; tobacco; BAT; Peking; North; Manchuria;Shansi;Tientsin ...
194National Products Exhibition Catalog 國貨展覽會報告書 (Guohuo zhanlanhui baogaoshu) 1915BookNational Products Exhibition Committee 國貨展覽會物產品評會編輯部編 (Guohuo zhanlanhui wuchan pinping huibianjibubian) ...Chinesenational; product; exhibition; catalog; photograph; map;
197Notice - Crawshaw Publishing Company1926Journal articleCrawshaw, HenryEnglishagency; cooperation; address; phone; publishing; Harvey; company;
248Newspaper Directory of China Issued by Commercial Advertising Agency. China Publishers Directory. Shanghai; Commercial Advertising Agency. 1935Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; publisher; advertiser; directory; review
253Newspaper Directories1935Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; publisher; advertiser; directory; review; newspaper; Crow; competition;
265Notes on the Necessity of Field Research in Social Science in China1938Journal articleLi, An-CheEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; field;
298Notes on Sightseeing and Shopping in Peking 1932BookKanaga, D. J. and Marcus R. OgdenEnglishguide; booklet; tourism; shopping; sightseeing; army; navy; leisure; Beijing; Japanese; translation; rhythm
333Notes on Chinese Materia Medica1862BookHanbury, Daniel, 1825-1875Englishmedicine; science; Chinese; illustration
379New Business Methods1928Journal articleEnglishbusiness;standard;elite;organization;Shanghai;lifestyle;civilization;United States;advertising;competition;automobile;circulation;global;average;living ...
450New United States Tariff. Serious Blow to China Egg Industry1923Journal articleEnglishChina;United States;competition;egg;export;import;tariff;trade;country;village;Nanjing;university;expert;experiment;science; ...
475Newspaper Advertising in China1914Journal articleEnglishroyal; society; club; advertising; newspaper; British; China;
476Newspaper Advertising in China1919Journal articleEnglishroyal;society;club;advertising;media;calendar;postal;hoarding;outdoor;newspaper;periodical;window-display;British;China; ...
536National Foreign Trade Week, May 21-27, 1939. Entertainment and Program given by the American Chamber of Commerce1939BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishChina; United States; Chamber of Commerce; dinner; speaker; booklet; elite; trade; week; club
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