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281Manuel du négociant français en Chine: ou, commerce de la Chine considéré au point de vue français1846BookMontigny, M.C. deFrenchhandbook; trade; French; classification; description; goods; commodities
282Etude pratique du Commerce d'Exportation de la Chine1849BookHedde, Isidore; Haussmann, Auguste; Renard, Edouard; Rondot, NatalisFrenchhandbook; trade; French; classification; description; goods; commodities; export
618Bulletin de l'Université l'Aurore1947Journal articleUniversité L'AuroreFrenchjesuit; university; French; expert; bamboo; Shanghai

广告学 (Guanggao xue)

1946Book吴铁声 (WU Tiesheng), 朱胜愉 (ZHU Shengyu)Chinesehandbook, advertising, china, psychology

广告学概论 (Guanggao xue gailun) [Principles of advertising]

1929Book苏上达 (SU Shangda)Chineseadvertising, handbook, principles, china, medium, campaign, economy

广告学ABC (Guanggao ABC)

1928Book蒯世勋 (KUAI Shixun)ChineseAdvertising, handbook, china

广告 (Guanggao)

1940Book陆梅僧 (LU Meiseng)Chineseadvertising, handbook, practical, professional, China, shanghai, illustration
18History of the Chinese Press (中國報學史 Zhonguo baoxue shi) 1919Book戈公振 (Ge Gongzhen), 胡道静 (Hu Daojing)Chinesehistory, journalism, china
99Who's who of American returned students [Youmei tongxue lu: mingou liunian]1917BookQinghua University [Qinghua daxue]Chinesedirectory; Beijing; college; student; United States;
150The Anglo-Chinese Cook Book1916BookCalder-Marshall, R., Mr.; Bryant, P.L., Mrs.Chinesecook; book; harvey; advertising; agency; war; fund; charity; woman; work; association; commercial; press; household; gender ...
151An Anglo-Chinese Cookery Book1916Journal articleAnonymousChinesecook; book; harvey; advertising; agency; war; fund; charity; woman; work; association; commercial; press; household; gender ...
194National Products Exhibition Catalog 國貨展覽會報告書 (Guohuo zhanlanhui baogaoshu) 1915BookNational Products Exhibition Committee 國貨展覽會物產品評會編輯部編 (Guohuo zhanlanhui wuchan pinping huibianjibubian) ...Chinesenational; product; exhibition; catalog; photograph; map;
195Chinese National Products Exhibition Catalog 中華國貨展覽會實錄 : 3編 (Zhonghua guohuo zhanlanhui shilu : 3 bian)1929BookChinese Nationalist Government, Ministry of Industry and Commerce 國民政府工商部編 (Guomin zhengfu gongshangbu)Chinesenational; product; exhibition; catalog; nationalism; movement; photograph;
196Yearbook of national products 中國國貨年鑑 (Zhongguo guohuo nianjian)1935BookNational Products Association 國貨事業 (Guohuo shiye)Chinesenational; product; advertisement; yearbook; association; movement
311Zhongguo caizheng shi 中國財政史 (China financial history)1920BookHu Jun 胡鈞, 1869-1944Chinesebusiness; economy; money;
355Words of Warning to a Prosperous Age 盛世危言 (shengshi weiyan)1894BookZheng Guanying 鄭觀應Chinesecommercial warfare; guohuo; nation; consumption; market; reform;
367中華國貨展覽會紀念特刊 (Zhonghua guohuo zhanlanhui jinian tekan)1928Book工商部中華國貨展覽會 (Gong shang bu Zhonghua guo huo zhan lan hui)Chineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
368中国近代国货运动 (Zhongguo jindai guohuo yundong)1996Book潘君祥 Pan Junxiang, 全国委员会 Quan guo wei yuan hui, 文史办公室 Wen shi ban gong shiChineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
617China Through the American Window1932BookArnold, Julean (Commercial Attache in China for the United States Department of Commerce)Chinesecommercial attache; China; United States; statistics; facts; graph; map; commodities; photograph; club; organization;
2Advertising in China 1929Journal articleBacon, C.A.Englishadvertising, report, China, journalist, Shanghai, agency, press, journal
3The essentials of advertising 1921BookBlanchard, Frank Le RoyEnglishadvertising, handbook, essential, america
4Advertising and Merchandising 1926Book chapterArnold, Julean Herbert; Crow, CarlEnglishhandbook, commercial, advertising, merchandising, crow, arnold
5Engraving and printing methods, advertisement illustration, technical- and trade-paper advertising, street-car advertising, outdoor advertising, house publications 1909BookInternational Textbook CompanyEnglishhandbook, advertising, engraving, printing, street car, trade-paper, outdoor, house, technical, illustration, method
6Advertising methods in Japan, China, and the Philippines 1921BookSanger, J.Englishadvertising, report, method, China, Japan, Philippines, commerce, department, washington, special, agent,
7Four hundred million customers  the experiences -- some happy, some sad, of an American in China, and what they taught him 1937BookCrow, CarlEnglishadvertising, customers, million, experience, China, Crow

The Merchant's Advertising Problem

1936Journal articleDiespecker, L.C.Englishadvertising, problem, press, China, merchant

Foreign Trade and Advertising

1936Journal articleKuo, P.W.Englishadvertising, foreign, trade, history, press

Newspapers as an Advertising Medium in China

1936Journal articleTong, Hollington K.Englishadvertising, newspaper, modern, medium, China

An Analytical Study of Advertisements in Chinese Newspapers

1923Journal articleUnknownEnglishadvertisement, newspaper, china, study, products, type, space, qinghua, university, beijing

Advertising: Its principles, practice, and technique

1914BookStarch, DanielEnglishadvertising, principles, handbook, america

The psychology of advertising. A simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising,

1913BookScott, Walter DillEnglishadvertising, psychology, handbook, application, practical, successful

Outdoor, street-car, and radio advertising

1936BookHoyle, John T.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, street-car, radio

Outdoor Advertising -- the Modern Marketing Force: A Manual for business Men and Others Interested in the Fundamentals of Outdoor Advertising

1928BookOutdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, association, modern, business

How to advertise a guide to designing, laying out, and composing advertisements

1917BookFrench, GeorgeEnglishhandbook, advertising, printed, design, layout, composition, technical
22A circulation census. Increase in Chinese readers: Distribution Statistics 1933Journal articleThomson & Co. (Chartered Accountants)EnglishNorth China Herald, newspaper, chinese, reader, distribution, census, circulation, statistics, nationality, bookstore, subsciption ...

Recording a Decade of "Service and Progress" (1926-1936)

1936Journal articleLing, C.P.Englishanniversary, decade, progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion
26Making your Products Widely Known in China Will Open Her Market1920Journal articleChun Mei News Agency, Advertising DepartmentEnglishadvertising, agency, advertisement, appeal, appropriation, artist, campaign, copy-writer, expert, investigator, men, press, ...
28Masonic Funeral Is Held For Crawshaw. Local Lodge Directs Rites At Hungjiao Cemetery1933Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAcme, funeral, masonic, Shanghai, Crawshaw, cemetery, Hungjiao
29Drawings of Three Cars Prizes At Shanghai Auto Show To Be Made in Last Dazzling Days of Exhibit1927Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAcme, Crawshaw, car, drawing, exhibit, show, prize, Shanghai, week-end, interwar
31Agency Men, Newsmen Have Get-Together. Leading Advertising Men And Newspaper Executives Meet At Dinner1933Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising, association, newspaper, men, executive, leader, meeting, dinner, Consolidated Advertising Agency, Vee Loo, Vee ...
33Lings Entertain For Newcomer At Cocktails1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising, manager, cocktail, entertainment, newcomer, artist, Australia, Ling, China Commercial Advertising Agency, guest, ...
34Mazes Sail On Empress Liner. Japan Continues Trip to Colony, Manila1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishliner, Japan, colony, Manila, Vancouver, sail, Consolidated Advertising Agency, round-trip
35Law Reports. H.M. Supreme Court. The China Advertising Co. v. Powell Robinson1909Journal articleAnonymousEnglishlaw, work, plaintiff, defendant, Hickmott, client, China Advertising Company, signboard, painting, wall, order, prewar
36No Title (Jewels Robbery)1941Journal articleAnonymousEnglishChina Advertising Agency, robbery, jewel, pistol, war
37China Publishers' Directory: a practical guide to newspapers and periodicals for China advertisers1934BookChina Commercial Advertising Agency 中國華商廣告公司Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, publisher, newspaper, periodical, province, interwar, circulation, size, ...
38The advertising agent. His prospects in China1919Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishadvertising, agent, agency, association, club, paper, talk, meeting, professional, Crow, China, America, expert, broker, ...
39An American newspaper for Shanghai!1928Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishnewspaper, American, British, competition, Crow, press
40The Missouri "News Monopoly" in the Far East1927Journal articleMillard, Thomas F.Englishnewspaper, American, Missouri, monopoly, colony, network, journalism, school, college, Millard, Crow, Fleisher, Bennett, ...
42Japan Straddles A Tricky Tiger. The Sage of Shanghai Tells Dai Nippon What to Expect From The "400 Million Customers"1938Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishJapan, war, philosophy, tiger, customer, Crow, capital, prisoner
44Raid Impression. Few soldiers Killed During Chungking Bombings1939Journal articleAnonymousEnglishwar, raid, Chungking, Crow, solider, interview
45"The Wasted Half Dollar". Advertisement for Carl Crow, Inc. 1937Book chapterCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, newspaper, periodical, self-promotion, value, waste, interwar
47Advertising meets war and survives1939Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishAdvertising, business, war, Crow
48Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) & advertising manual: an annual data book and technical record for all newspapers and periodicals in China1937BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, annual, data, directory, handbook, manual, newspaper, periodical, record, China, ...
49Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong)1935BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, newspaper, China, Hongkong, interwar
50Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) with check list of newspapers and periodicals published in Japan, Chosen, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, Singapore and Federated Malay states1931BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, newspaper, periodical, China, Hongkong, Japan, Chosen, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, ...
51Advertising methods in China1919Journal articleFowler, John A.Englishadvertising, method, China, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade
52American advertising in China1917Journal articleAdams, W.A.Englishadvertising, China, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade
54America and the Philippines1914BookCarl CrowEnglishAmerica, Philippines, illustration, photograph, war, Crow
55Japan and America: A Contrast1916BookCarl CrowEnglishAmerica, Japan, contrast, war, Crow
56I Speak for the Chinese1937BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, Japan, war, Crow
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