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368中国近代国货运动 (Zhongguo jindai guohuo yundong)1996Book潘君祥 Pan Junxiang, 全国委员会 Quan guo wei yuan hui, 文史办公室 Wen shi ban gong shiChineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
350Science and Civilisation in China1974BookNeedham, JosephEnglishscience; technology; China; civilization; history;
222Lim Chin-lock appointed general manager of CCAA1972Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; staff; appointment; manager; Hongkong
206Death of Mr. C.P. Ling1964Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; death; obituary; son; daughter; family; wife; biography; racing;
207Funeral of C.P. Ling Today1964Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; death; obituary; funeral
208Funeral of Mr. C.P. Ling1964Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; death; obituary; funeral; catholic; family;
218Grebert's dismissal from CCAA1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; personality; airline; friend; Hongkong; Tokyo
219CCAA's claim adjourned1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; claim; advance; air; ticket
220William P.K Ling's return from New York1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; son; personality; business; trip; United States; air; travel; managing director
221Franchise Agreement between CCAA and Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry Co, Ltd1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; photograph; franchise; agreement; exclusivity; pier; ferry; son;
223McCann-Erikson in Hong Kong1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; joint; venture; McCann-Erikson; Hongkong;
252Ling-McCann-Erickson. A New-Merger of Pioneers In the Ad. Industry 1963Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCCAA; Ling; merger; agency; advertising;
296Transportation in the Communist Far East, 1962. Economic Intelligence Memorandum1963Archival documentsUnited States. Central Intelligence AgencyEnglishtransportation; communist; intelligence service; United States; cold war;
216Auld-Ling Wedding1961Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; daughter; wedding; family; photograph; church
217C.P. Ling's welcomes Burridge, formerly with CAT 1961Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; personality; airline; friend; Hongkong; Tokyo
215Registration of China Commercial Advertising Company (HK)1960Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; Hongkong; registration
214Three Firms Summoned. Alleged Announcement of Lottery1958Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; Hongkong; summon; lottery; soda; bean; advertising; newspaper; announcement;
205C.P. Ling and his sons returned to Hongkong after visiting associates in San Francisco, Tokyo and Taipei1957Journal articleLing, C.P.EnglishCCAA;Ling;son;family;visit;business;trip;office;New York;Taipei;Tokyo;associate;San Francisco;manager;photograph ...
204C.P. Ling' daughter Dorothea, New York, engaged William Morgan, England1956Journal articleLing, C.P.EnglishCCAA; Ling; daughter; engagement; life; family; England; New York;
211CCAA's Donation to the Hongkong Society of the Protection of Children1956Journal articleHongkong Society of the Protection of ChildrenEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; donation; charity; child
212CCAA's Donation to the Hongkong Society of the Protection of Children 1956Journal articleHongkong Anti-T.B. AssociationEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; donation; charity; health; tuberculosis; child
213CAT Celebrates 10th anniversary1956Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; civil; air; anniversary; transport; travel; congratulation
648Activities, Directors, Supervisors (with trade statistics)1949BookThe Foreign Trade Association of China 中國國際貿易協會 (Zhongguo guoji maoyi xiehui)Englishbiography; directory; elite; organization; foreign trade; statistics; photograph; war; Shanghai;
251Council For the Promotion Of International Trade 1948Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCCAA; Ling; organization; promotion; trade; council; world; export; import;
278Customs import tariff of the Republic of China, August 1948 [Zhonghua minguo hai guan jin kou shui ze]1948BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; import; tariff; classification; bilingual; agreement
616Diary of a Shanghai Editor: 19481948BookGould, Randall (Editor of the Shanghai Evening Post)Englisheditor; newspaper; Shanghai; American; diary; travel; China; Alaska; United States; postwar; relief;
578American business with East Asia. Tenth conference of the Institue of Pacific relations, New York1947BookStein, GuntherEnglishChina; United States; lecture; survey; interview; businessmen; East Asia; editor; newspaper; missionary; table; figure
618Bulletin de l'Université l'Aurore1947Journal articleUniversité L'AuroreFrenchjesuit; university; French; expert; bamboo; Shanghai

广告学 (Guanggao xue)

1946Book吴铁声 (WU Tiesheng), 朱胜愉 (ZHU Shengyu)Chinesehandbook, advertising, china, psychology
130Guide to "Peking"1946BookAmerican National Red CrossEnglishPeking; Red; Cross; assocation; club; travel; guide; relief; embassy; United States; war; postwar;
277Customs export tariff of the Republic of China (1934)1946BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; interport; tariff; classification; bilingual
643American National Foreign Trade Week1946Journal articleEnglishtrade week;newspaper;supplement;Shanghai;elite;directory;American;China;expert;color;advertisement;photograph;women; ...
65The City of Flint Grows Up1945BookCarl CrowEnglishCity, story, Crow
64China Takes Her Place1944BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, war, Crow
66The Long Road Back to China: The Burma Road Wartime Diaries1944BookCarl CrowEnglishBurma, China, autobiography, diary, war, Crow
63The Great American Customer1943BookCarl CrowEnglishAmerica, customer, war, Crow
62Japan’s Dream of World Empire: The Tanaka Memorial1942BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, Japan, memorial, war, Crow
345Pocket Guide to China 1942BookUnited States. ArmyEnglishguide; travel; war; language
36No Title (Jewels Robbery)1941Journal articleAnonymousEnglishChina Advertising Agency, robbery, jewel, pistol, war
315Brief Historical Survey of the China Tea Trade 1941Journal articleKing, C.C.Englishfood; beverage; tea; history; industry; commerce; photograph
526American Foreign Trade Week1941BookEnglishShanghai; trade; American; newspaper; week; chamber of commerce; map; color; war
646Shopping News1941PeriodicalEnglishshopping:women; Shanghai:advertisement; war;

广告 (Guanggao)

1940Book陆梅僧 (LU Meiseng)Chineseadvertising, handbook, practical, professional, China, shanghai, illustration
59Foreign Devils in the Flowery Kingdom1940BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, foreign, war, Crow
60Meet the South Americans1940BookCarl CrowEnglishSouth, Latin, America, war, Crow
61Master Kung: The Story of Confucius1940BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, philosophy, Confucius, biography, war, Crow
283Mail Carriers of China1940Journal articleFernandez, R.I.Englishpostal service; journal; communication;
524Rotary Club Handbook (The Pagoda)1940BookRotary Club of Shanghai, ChinaEnglishclub;elite;American;Chinese;Europe;photograph;occupation;address;directory;handbook;rules;membership;history;Shanghai;China;Rotary ...
655Japan's Cultural Aggression in China. A General Study of Methods and Results1940BookAmerican Information Committee, TheEnglishJapan; China; United States; propaganda; information; war; organization; imperialism; public opinion;
44Raid Impression. Few soldiers Killed During Chungking Bombings1939Journal articleAnonymousEnglishwar, raid, Chungking, Crow, solider, interview
47Advertising meets war and survives1939Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishAdvertising, business, war, Crow
250Men and Events. Earl T. Russell's visit in Shanghai 1939Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCCAA; Ling; guest; Advertising; New York; business; trip; investigation; war; export
268A Chinese Philosopher's Theory of Knowledge1939Journal articleChang, Tung-SunEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; philosphy; knowledge
269Consumers' Preference and Planning1939Journal articleLindsay, M.F.M.Englishsocial sciences; social survey; consumer;
270Tso Tsung-t'ang: The Farmer of Hsiangshang1939Journal articleCh'en, GideonEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; philosphy; knowledge
335Chinese Material Medica: Fish Drugs 1939BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishmedicine; science; fish; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
346Moviedom of Manchoukuo1939Journal articleChang Shao-sungEnglishentertainment; leisure; movie; film; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
347Photoplays in Manchoukuo1939Journal articleJih KaoshengEnglishentertainment; leisure; photograph; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
348Cultural Films in Manchoukuo1939Journal articleHidaka, Noboru, 1929-Englishentertainment; leisure; film; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
349Postage Stamps of Manchoukuo1939Journal articleItoda TaroEnglishpostal; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war; illustration;
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