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806The Rotary Club of Shanghai. Lucheon to Mr. Sammons1919Journal articleEnglishRotary;club;organization;transnational;network;elite;Shanghai;Manila;United States; Americanization;membership;luncheon;consul;circulation;farewell ...
805The Rotary Club of Shanghai1919Journal articleEnglishRotary;club;organization;transnational;network;elite;Shanghai;Manila;United States; Americanization;membership; ...
804Roster of Members, Officers, Committees. July 1937. No. 18141937Journal articleRotary Club of Peking, ChinaEnglishRotary ; club ; Beijing ; elite ; service ; network ; transnational ; editor ; roster; directory ; profit; meeting; event; ...
803The Pagoda 1950Journal articleRotary Club of Shanghai, ChinaEnglishRotary ; club ; Shanghai ; elite ; service ; network ; transnational ; editor ; journal ;
802Rural Beauties Marred by Ugly Hoardings - Auto Club's Protest - Should the Council Prohibit Erection Boards Around Rubicon?1924Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; billboard; landscape; Carl Crow; Auto Club; foreign settlement; International Settlement; Shanghai; Western district; ...
801Advertising Hoarding Round Shanghai - Intruders into the Countryside that Spoil the Scenery and Annoy those in Search of Change and Resfreshment1924Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; billboard; landscape; Carl Crow; Auto Club; foreign settlement; International Settlement; Shanghai; Western district; ...
800Across Asia on a Bicycle: The Journey of Two American Students from Constantinople to PekingBookAllen, Thomas Gaskell; Sachtleben, William LewisEnglishAmericanization; student; travel; bicycle; tour; China; Beijing;
799The Walls and Gates of Peking : Researches and Impressions1924BookSirén, OsvaldEnglishBeijing; travel; biography; photograph; drawing; architecture; artist; index;
798Peking Dust1919BookLa Motte, Ellen N.EnglishBeijing; travel; photograph; letter; biography; diary; wartime; WWI; customs; street culture; coolie;
797Peking. A historical and intimate description of its chief places of interest ... With maps, plans and illustrations1920BookBredon, JulietChineseBeijing; map; place; travel; guide; woman; index; chronology;
796The Attache at Peking1900BookRedesdale, Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Baron (1837-1916)Englishattache; Beijing; Great Britain; China; letters; elite;
795Calls, sounds and merchandise of the Peking street peddlers1936DissertationConstant, Samuel VictorChineseBeijing; street culture; peddler; drawing; photograph; index; illustration; color; California; university; master of arts; ...
794Review of The Directory and Chronicle for China, Japan, Corea, Indo-China, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Netherlands India, Borneo, the Philippines etc. for the Year 1916; The China Year Book 1916 by H. T. Montague Bell and H. G. W.Woodhead1917Journal articleDewall, Wolf v.Englishdirectory; review; wartime; WWI;
793Shanghai National Loan Exhibition Hall, 19th Anniversary 上海市国贷陈列馆十九年年刊 (Shanghaishi guodai chenlie guan shijiunian niankan)1930Bookexhibition; nationalism; Republican China; Shanghai; year book; map; guohuo yundong;
792Small Me. A story of Shanghai Life1922BookRodyenko, Rudinger de; Sergius, Stephen PieroEnglishChina; biography; missionary; United States; fiction;
791State Department duty in China, the McCarthy Era, and after, 1933-1977: oral history transcript and related material1977BookService, John S.; Levenson, Rosemary; Fairbank, John K.;EnglishAmericanization; China; United States; biography; communism; interview; oral history; expert;
790The Comacrib directory of China: combined Chinese-foreign commercial and classified directory of China and Hongkong, including a "Who's who" of residents and general information1925BookCommercial & Credit Information BureauEnglishdirectory; China; Japan; advertisement; who's who; biography
789China's Tariff Autonomy, Fact or Myth1936Journal articleSu, Frank Kai-Ming; Barber, AlvinEnglishorganization; transnational; expert; China; United States; periodical; research; table; commodity; protectionism; Japan; ...
788Treaty ports in China: a study in diplomacy1918BookTai, En-SaiEnglishtreaty ports; municipal administration; jurisdiction; foreign settlement; China; United States; Americanization
787Indiscreet Letters From Peking: Being the Notes of an Eye-Witness, Which Set Forth in Some Detail, from Day to Day, the Real Story of the Siege and Sack of a Distressed Capital in 1900 - The Year of Great Tribulation1907BookWeale, B. L. PutnamEnglishnarrative; foreigner; Beijing; event; letter; biography; elite;
786The life and letters of Samuel Wells Williams, missionary, diplomatist, sinologue1889BookWilliams, Frederick W.Englishforeigner; elite; British; biography; China; missionary; letter;
784Twentieth century impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai, and other treaty ports of China: their history, people, commerce, industry and resource1908BookCartwright, H.A.; Wright, ArnoldEnglishcolonialism; British empire; treaty-ports; Shanghai; Hongkong; travel; guide; elite; foreigner; foreign settlement; China; ...
783Men and manners of modern China1912BookMacgowan, JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; Shanghai; men;
782Gleanings from fifty years in China by Archibald Little1910BookLittle, Archibald JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; British; elite; biography; merchant;
781Lights and shadows of Chinese life1909BookMacgowan, JohnEnglishguide; China; Shanghai;
780Newspaper Advertising in China 1914Journal articleEnglishadvertising; newspaper; press; England; war; China; WWI
779Advertising methods in China1919Journal articleEnglishadvertising; newspaper; press; England; war; China; WWI
777The Institute of social and religious research, 1921-19341934BookMott, John R.; Fisher, Galen MerriamEnglishresearch institute; foundation; Rockefeller; United States; transnational; history; social survey
776Tourist Guide to Shanghai - North China1930BookCalifornia Directory AssociationEnglishguide; city; urban; guidebook; tourist; tourism; Shanghai; Hong Kong; Beijing; Peking; hotel
775Principle Of Political Economy 1924BookGide, Charles; Row, Ernest F. (translator)Englishconsumer; cooperative movement; French; political economy; history of thought; economist; expert;
774Economic Literature in France at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century1907Journal articleGide, Charles;Frenchconsumer; cooperative movement; French; economy; history of thought;
773Consumers Co-operative Societies1921BookGide, Charles; Co-operative Reference Library, Dublin (translator)Englishconsumer; cooperative movement; French; history of thought;
772Communist And Co Operative Colonies1930BookGide, Charles; Row, Ernest F. (translator)Englishconsumer; cooperative movement; French; communism; history of thought; colonialism
771Quatre écoles d'économie sociale, conférences données à l'aula de l'Université de Genève1890BookGide, Charles; Stiegler, Gaston; Passy, Frédéric; Jannet, Claudio; Société chrétienne suisse d'économie socialeFrenchschool; university; lecture; transnational; social economy; history of though; French; christianism; society;
770Streets of Shanghai : a history in itself1941BookGordon, A.H.EnglishShanghai; city guide; China; street; urban history;
769La culture et les usages du soja (suite et fin)1935Journal articleGay, H.Frenchsoja; agriculture; French; botanical; journal;
768La culture et les usages du soja1935Journal articleGay, H.Frenchsoja; agriculture; French; botanical; journal;
767American diplomacy in the Orient1903BookFoster, John WatsonEnglishamericanization;
766Personal reminiscences of thirty years' residence in the model settlement Shangai, 1870-19001906BookDyce, Charles M.EnglishShanghai; food; sports; foreign; International Settlement; language; women;
765America and the Philippines1914BookCrow, CarlEnglishAmericanization; United States; Philippines; advertising; pamphlet; nation; industry; trade; photograph; war
764How we advertised America1920BookCreel, GeorgeEnglishamericanization; United States; publicity; advertising ; propaganda;
763Advertising in China1930Journal articleCosgrave, L.M. (Canadian Trade Commissioner)Englisheconomic information; journal; periodical; report; trade commissioner; Australia; advertising;purchasing power; foreign; ...
762Everyday customs in China1935BookCormack, J.G.Englisheveryday; survey; woman; ethnographic; photograph; China; Republican China;
761Chinese birthday, weddings, funeral, and other customs1922BookCormack, J.G.Englisheveryday; survey; woman; ethnographic; photograph; China; Republican China;
743The new atlas and commercial gazetteer of China : a work devoted to its geography & resources and economic & commercial development 最新中國商業政治地理大全 [Zuixin zhongguo shangye zhengzhi dili daquan]1918BookDingle, Edwin John (ed.); Far Eastern Geographical EstablishmentEnglishmap;directory;statistics;chart;advertisement;index;geography;agriculture;mining;forest;trade;customs;commodity;China;province;port;survey;measure;standard;comparison;transportation;communication; ...
742Indusco BulletinPeriodicalEnglishChina; United States; industry; cooperative; bulletin; information; photograph; war; aid;
741Indusco NewsPeriodicalEnglishChina; Hong Kong; industry; cooperative; bulletin; information; photograph; lecture; education; training; war
740Contemporary Chinese Leaders. Brief Sketches by Merle E. Walker1922BookWalker, Merle E.Englishelite; association; pamphlet; China; United States; biography; directory; board of directors;
739The Chinese Industrial Co-Operatives1940BookAlley, RewiEnglishChina; United States; New York; cooperative; industry; expert; New Zealand; fieldwork; war
738What Is C.I.C.? BookIndusco, Inc. (American Committee in Aid of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives)EnglishChina; United States; New York; organization; aid; relief; war; pamphlet; slogan; motto; logo;
737The International Institute of China1929BookReid, John GilbertEnglishChina;United States;organization;pamphlet;missionary;biography;elite;photograph;conference;prospectus;membership; ...
736Thesis and Dissertations by Chinese Students in America (Supplementary List). Bulletin 71929BookChina Institute of AmericaEnglishChina;United States;Beijing;New York; organization;bulletin;student;directory;dissertation;research;graduate;university;statistics; ...
735China Institute of America. Bulletin No.21929BookChina Institute of AmericaEnglishChina;United States;Beijing;New York; organization;bulletin;student;circulation;translational;university;exhibit;lecture;training;expert;bibliography;conference;photograph; ...
734China Institute of America. Bulletin No.11929BookChina Institute of AmericaEnglishChina; United States; Beijing; New York; organization; pamphlet; student; circulation; translational; university;
733China Institute of America, Incorporated1929BookChen, Eugene, Dr.; Pan, Francis K.; Meng, Chih (Associate Director)EnglishChina;United States;organization;pamphlet;student;circulation;translational;library;research;welfare;information;exhibit;lecture; ...
732China Institute of America1929BookChen, Eugene (Secretary of the China Institute of America)EnglishChina;United States;organization;pamphlet;student;circulation;translational;library;research;welfare;information;exhibit;lecture; ...
731An Analysis of Chinese Studies in American Colleges and University 1955-19561955BookClements, Morgan J. (American Trade Commissioner); United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce ...EnglishChina;United States; organization; education; college; university; survey; course; research; dissertation; publication; discipline; ...
730China Program1938BookRockefeller FoundationEnglishChina;United States; foundation;Rockefeller; photograph; expert; cooperation; public health; medicine; rural reconstruction; ...
729China Program1937BookRockefeller FoundationEnglishChina;United States; foundation;Rockefeller; photograph; expert; cooperation; public health; medicine; rural reconstruction; ...
728China Program1936BookRockefeller FoundationEnglishChina;United States; foundation;Rockefeller; photograph; expert; cooperation; public health; medicine; rural reconstruction; ...
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