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328Tales of Three Cities in Manchuria1933BookAdachi KinnosukeEnglishcity; Manchuria; Japan; railway; survey; history;
329Illustrated Guide Book for Travelling in Manchoukuo with Sketch Map 1934BookSouth Manchuria Railway CompanyEnglishcity; Manchuria; Japan; railway; guide; history; travel; booklet; illustration; maps
330Industrial Future of Shansi Province1913Journal articleCorbin, Paul L.Englishindustry; province; future; Shanxi
331Cities and Towns of China1910BookPlayfair, G.M.H, 1850-1917Englishcity; China; geography; place; name; dictionary; river;
332The Westernizing of Chinese Medical Practice1913Journal articleYoung, Charles W.Englishmedicine; Western; science;
333Notes on Chinese Materia Medica1862BookHanbury, Daniel, 1825-1875Englishmedicine; science; Chinese; illustration
334The Science of Oriental Medicine: Its Principles and Methods1902BookFoo & Wing CompanyEnglishmedicine; science; hygiene; food; diet; Chinese; illustration; company
335Chinese Material Medica: Fish Drugs 1939BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishmedicine; science; fish; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
336Chinese Drugs from Abroad1929Journal articleAnonymousEnglishmedicine; Western; science; Chinese; drug; trade; value;
337Chinese Materia Medica: Dragon and Snake Drugs 1934BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishhealth; medicine; science; dragon; snake; animal; ; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
338Practice of Medicine by the Chinese in America 1887BookCullen, Stewart, 1909-Englishhealth; medicine; science; Chinese; United States; booklet
339Herb Lore 1936BookFong Wan Herb Co.Englishhealth; medicine; science; food; diet; Chinese; United States; booklet; company; advertisement
340The Makers of Cathay 1909BookAllan, C. Wilfrid (Charles Wilfrid), b. 1870Englishhistory; myth; Shanghai; China
341Memoirs of Robert Dollar 1921BookDollar, Robert, 1844-1932Englishautobiography; business; elite; power; Shanghai; steamship;
342Private Diary of Robert Dollar 1912BookDollar, Robert, 1844-1932Englishautobiography; business; elite; power; Shanghai; steamship; travel; diary; China; Japan
343Private Diary of Robert Dollar 1912BookDollar, Robert, 1844-1932Englishautobiography; business; elite; power; Shanghai; steamship; travel; diary; China; Japan
344Guide to Peking 1904BookLittle, Mrs. ArchibaldEnglishcity; Beijing; guide; travel; advertisement
345Pocket Guide to China 1942BookUnited States. ArmyEnglishguide; travel; war; language
346Moviedom of Manchoukuo1939Journal articleChang Shao-sungEnglishentertainment; leisure; movie; film; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
347Photoplays in Manchoukuo1939Journal articleJih KaoshengEnglishentertainment; leisure; photograph; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
348Cultural Films in Manchoukuo1939Journal articleHidaka, Noboru, 1929-Englishentertainment; leisure; film; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
349Postage Stamps of Manchoukuo1939Journal articleItoda TaroEnglishpostal; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war; illustration;
350Science and Civilisation in China1974BookNeedham, JosephEnglishscience; technology; China; civilization; history;
355Words of Warning to a Prosperous Age 盛世危言 (shengshi weiyan)1894BookZheng Guanying 鄭觀應Chinesecommercial warfare; guohuo; nation; consumption; market; reform;
356The Middle Kingdom: a survey of the geography, government, education, social life, arts, religion, etc. of the Chinese Empire and its inhabitants1848BookWilliams, Samuel Wells 衛三畏 (Wei Sanwei)Englishfact; social survey; mission; United States;
357A social survey of Sung-ka-hong, China1924BookBucklin, Harold S.Englishsocial survey; Shanghai; Brown University; United States;
358Peking: a historical and intimate description of its chief places of interest : with maps, plans and illustrations1920BookBredon, JulietEnglishtravel; Beijing; foreign; map; illustration; history; landmark
359The new China: a traveller's impressions1912BookBorel, HenriEnglishtravel; Beijing; foreign;
360How Chinese families live in Peiping; a study of the income and expenditure of 283 Chinese families receiving from $8 to $550 silver per month1933BookGamble, Sidney D.; Wang, Ho-chen; Liang, Jên-hoEnglishsocial survey; household; income; Beijing; expenditure;
361The Guilds Of Peking1928BookBurgess, John StewartEnglishBeijing; guild; survey; dissertation;
362The labour problems in China 中國勞工問題 (Zhongguo laogong wenti)1929BookChen Da 陳達Englishsocial survey; Chinese; labor;
363Chinese economic journal and bulletinPeriodicalEnglishjournal; economics; information; government; foreign trade; Beijing; Shanghai;
364The merchandising of textiles: an address delivered before the tenth annual convention of the National Wholesale Dry Goods Association1912BookParlin, Charles C.Englishclassification; product; textile; organization; standard; United; convenience; shopping; consumer;
365Village Life in China: A Study in Sociology1899BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; rural; American; sociology;
366Chinese characteristics1894BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; American; sociology; fact; deficiency; national; topos; science;
367中華國貨展覽會紀念特刊 (Zhonghua guohuo zhanlanhui jinian tekan)1928Book工商部中華國貨展覽會 (Gong shang bu Zhonghua guo huo zhan lan hui)Chineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
368中国近代国货运动 (Zhongguo jindai guohuo yundong)1996Book潘君祥 Pan Junxiang, 全国委员会 Quan guo wei yuan hui, 文史办公室 Wen shi ban gong shiChineseexhibition; national; guohuo; commodities; advertisement; picture; photograph
369Manual of Chinese products1933BookWilliams, C. A. SEnglishmanual; classification; taxonomy; commodities; custom; consumption; materials
370Journal of the Association of Chinese & American Engineers (Zhongmei gongchengshi xiehui yuekan)PeriodicalAssociation of Chinese and American engineersEnglishjournal; engineer; expert; transnational; Beijing; United States; China;
372Membership Campaign of the Shanghai Consumers' Cooperative Society1926Journal articleEnglishconsumer; association; organization; cooperative; Shanghai; picture; elite; group; campaign; meeting; Chinese; store
373Who pays for Ads?1928Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising; consumer; average; public; layman; merchant; buyer; actor; competition; long-term
374Work of Shanghai Inspection and Testing Bureau for Past Year is Declared Successful1930Journal articleEnglishshanghai;trade;experiment;conditioning;animal;department;raw silk;animal;bureau;middleman;consumer;producer;merchant ...
375Bureau to Probe Trade Relations. Newly Organized Body to Make Study of Commerce1931Journal articleEnglishtrade;bureau;private;organization;Japanese;investigation;inspection;data;locality;price;psychology;consumer;department;elite;businessmen;headquarter;Shanghai; ...
376Miao Explains Inspection of Export Commodities at Weekly Rotary Meet1931Journal articleEnglishtesting;bureau;commodity;raw silk;food;inspection;expert;import;export;egg;animal;standard;Shanghai;Tianjin;Qingdao;Hankou;Guangdong;Rotary;club ...
377Consumers And Producers1931Journal articleEnglishconsumer; producer; expert; million; science; expert; layman; medicine;
378Shanghai Vocational Guidance Society1931Journal articleEnglishconsumer; cooperative; job; intermediary; organization; market work; professional; unemployment; accountant; office;
379New Business Methods1928Journal articleEnglishbusiness;standard;elite;organization;Shanghai;lifestyle;civilization;United States;advertising;competition;automobile;circulation;global;average;living ...
380Social Association of Business Men Inaugurated1925Journal articleEnglishbusiness;organization;transnational;German;Chinese;club;consumer;export;foreign;inauguration;picture;men;Shanghai ...
381Old Town Hall Is Turned Into Emporium For Sale of Chinese-Made Goods1930Journal articleEnglishChinese; exhibition; national; commodities; Shanghai; elite; summer; women;
382China Concentrates On Larger Export Trade1931Journal articleKuo, P.W. (Director of the Bureau of Foreign Trade)Englishexpert; export; trade; agency; history; Bureau of Foreign Trade; Shanghai
383Confidence in China's Exports Established by Testing Bureau1931Journal articleTsou, P.W. Dr. (Director of the Shanghai Bureau For the Inspection and Testing of Commercial Commodities)Englishexpert; export; trade; standard; quality; commodities; bureau; testing; inspection; Shanghai; picture; harbor
384Muddled Money Situation Explained by U.S. Department of Commerce Expert1931Journal articleBratter, H.M (U.S. Department of Commerce)Englishexpert; United States; Department of Commerce; silver; trade; purchasing power; consumer
385Chinese Girl's Business Venture (Miss Dora Tom)1923Journal articleEnglishconsumer; women; business; picture; Hawai; food; commodity; intermediary; exemplar; civilization
386Peking Consumers' Society [News from North China]1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer; association; Beijing; price; quality; outport
387The Shanghai Merchant's Point of View1921Journal articleEnglishconsumer; merchant; charity; canvassing; mass; Shanghai; famine; relief; million; figure; cost of living; tax; likin
388Shanghai's buying power1921Journal articleEnglishconsumer;buying power;cost of living;retailing;luxury;habit;consumption;cosmetics;sport;price;saving;depression;prosperity;season;average;woman;recycling;duration;rhythm;Shanghai;enquiry;survey;community;immigration;foreign; ...
389The cost of life in Shanghai1921Journal articleEnglishconsumer;buying power;cost of living;retailing;price;Shanghai;cost of living;fact;opinion;inquiry;department store;Chinese;foreign;competition;figure;packing;shipping;wage;quality;luxury;classification;necessity;commodity;food; ...
390High cost of living in Weichow (Huizhou 惠州)1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer; Guangzhou; salt; rice; demand; cost of living; price; war; typhoon
391Character And Advertising1920Journal articleEnglishadvertising; consumer; credit; product; quality; information; public; institution; reputation
392Chinese Enterprise in Canada1920Journal articleEnglishChinese; overseas; company; Canada; city; store; law; woman; racism;
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