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128Guide to "Peking"1935BookThe Peiping ChronicleEnglishPeking; guide; chronicle
129Guide to "Peking"1933BookThe Peiping ChronicleEnglishPeking; guide; chronicle
130Guide to "Peking"1946BookAmerican National Red CrossEnglishPeking; Red; Cross; assocation; club; travel; guide; relief; embassy; United States; war; postwar;
218Grebert's dismissal from CCAA1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; personality; airline; friend; Hongkong; Tokyo
236German Pair Travel World In Light Ford. Couple Visit Shanghai On Way Around Globe; Will Tour America1933Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; automobile; Ford; visit; Shanghai; tour; world; motorist; german;
237German Round-The-World Motorists Entertained1933Journal articleEnglishCCAA;Ling;automobile;Ford;visit;Shanghai;tour;world;motorist;photograph;dinner;entertainment;German;agent;advertising ...
279Guide to the import tariff and classification of returns (English version)BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; import; tariff; classification; guide
344Guide to Peking 1904BookLittle, Mrs. ArchibaldEnglishcity; Beijing; guide; travel; advertisement
420Get Rich Quick Schemes1921Journal articleEnglishconsumer;cooperation;complaint;price;speculation;gambling;short-term;generation;moralization;public opinion;cotton;daily ...
441Garlic as a Germ Destroyer. The Chinese Resistance to Disease and a Modern Chemist's Invention1923Journal articleFrom a Correspondent (Harbin)Englishhealth; disease; garlic; herb; hygiene; science; circulation; Europe; Harbin; North China;
481Grading of dairies. To the Editor of the "North-China Daily News"1925Journal articleNoble, J.Englishpublic;opinion;knowledge;expert;consumer;milk;dairy;hygienic;pure;grade;quality;price;classification;standardization;public ...
782Gleanings from fifty years in China by Archibald Little1910BookLittle, Archibald JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; British; elite; biography; merchant;
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