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33Lings Entertain For Newcomer At Cocktails1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising, manager, cocktail, entertainment, newcomer, artist, Australia, Ling, China Commercial Advertising Agency, guest, welcome, terrace, Park, hotel, party, evening, season, summer, interwar
35Law Reports. H.M. Supreme Court. The China Advertising Co. v. Powell Robinson1909Journal articleAnonymousEnglishlaw, work, plaintiff, defendant, Hickmott, client, China Advertising Company, signboard, painting, wall, order, prewar
82Letter to the Editor of the North-China Daily News1921Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishpress; newspaper; Mercury; Japanese; American; British; Crow; shareholder;
120List of the subsidiary companies and the affiliated enterprises of the South Manchuria Railway Company (March 15th, 1935)1935BookMinami Manshū Tetsudō Kabushiki KaishaEnglishlist; directory; subsidiary; company; affiliate; south; railway; Manchuria; Japan;
222Lim Chin-lock appointed general manager of CCAA1972Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; staff; appointment; manager; Hongkong
225Ling-Tong wedding1928Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; life; wife; wedding; sharebroker; elite; education; guest
228Ling-Tong's engagement1928Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; life; wife; engagement; parents; education; advertising; United States; agency;
230Lucey Elected to Head Local Advertising Club. Plan for New Organization Perfected at Meeting Yesterday; Monthly Dinner Gathering to be held. 1931Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; advertising; club; election; member; meeting; organization; dinner; plan;
241Ling To Entertain At Dinner Soon1936Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; dinner; party; hotel; anniversary;
252Ling-McCann-Erickson. A New-Merger of Pioneers In the Ad. Industry 1963Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCCAA; Ling; merger; agency; advertising;
274List of Chinese Maritime Customs PublicationsBookChina. The Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; catalogue; publication; statistics; trade report;
317List of the Principle Tea Districts in China and Notes on the Names Applied to the Various Kinds of Black and Green Tea1876BookHollingworth, H.C.Englishbooklet; directory; dictionary; translation; tea; color; beverage; food; consumption; place; taxonomy
408Labour in East. An Unpromising Outlook For Industries. 1920Journal articleEnglishpessimism; consumer; labor; wage; cost of living; housing; coolie; rickshaw; cotton; industry; migration; Asia; Japan; Manchuria; Qingdao; Shanghai; Hongkong; Straits Settlements;
503Lumbering in Manchuria1925Journal articleKerby, PhilipEnglishlumber; measure; Japanese; Manchuria; China; Russia
510Low Auto Prices From Factory Efficiency1925Journal articleEnglishprice; automobile; industry; labor; brand; test; Japanese; American; China;
530Land values and land prices. Shanghai 1927-8 (Rotary Club of Shanghai Bulletin)1928BookSander, Hugo, Sales Manager, Asia Realty CompanyEnglishorganization; club; land; real estate; expert; tiffin; elite; Shanghai; China; United States
694Le Rire JaunePeriodicalFrenchjournal; satirical; cartoon; advertisement; French;
768La culture et les usages du soja1935Journal articleGay, H.Frenchsoja; agriculture; French; botanical; journal;
769La culture et les usages du soja (suite et fin)1935Journal articleGay, H.Frenchsoja; agriculture; French; botanical; journal;
781Lights and shadows of Chinese life1909BookMacgowan, JohnEnglishguide; China; Shanghai;
813Local Company Installs System. Light and Power Lines At Luna Park are Spectacular 1931Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; neon; city; light; Claude; gigantism; spectacle; entertainment; amusement park; summer; Shanghai; United States; cooperation; electric company;
838Labor Conditions in China and the Shanghai Rotary Club1922Journal articleEnglishRotary; club; organization; transnational; network; elite; Shanghai; newspapers; editorial ; opinion ; labor; university; luncheon; charity; children; mill
958Liumei xuesheng guiguo ji 留美學生歸國紀 (An Account of a Chinese returned student from America)1952BookShih Chi-li 石齊礪 (Shi, Qili)Chinesememoir; returned student; United States;
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