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18History of the Chinese Press (中國報學史 Zhonguo baoxue shi) 1919Book戈公振 (Ge Gongzhen), 胡道静 (Hu Daojing)Chinesehistory, journalism, china
137History of Journalism. Canton Birthplace of Country's Newspapers; Development Traced1936Journal articleWONG, HinEnglishjournalism; advertising; agency; university; Shanghai; history; newspaper; Canton
191How the War Has Changed Trade Routes. American Trade Relation with China.1918Journal articlePatchin, Robert H.; Arnold, JuleanEnglishwar; trade; route; financial; journal; institution; permanent; temporary; adjustment; Canton; Chamber; commerce; attache;
210Hongkong Ascendancy As Industrial Center1938Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; Shanghai; competition; industry; chemical; silk; soap; pharmaceutical; electrical; advertising; factory
257Here and There. Anniversary Celebrations. CCAA's 10h Anniversay1936Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; dinner; party; hotel; anniversary;
287Historic Shanghai 1909BookJesus, C. A. Montalto de (Carlos Augusto Montalto), 1863-1927EnglishShanghai; city; history; foreign; treaty port;
339Herb Lore 1936BookFong Wan Herb Co.Englishhealth; medicine; science; food; diet; Chinese; United States; booklet; company; advertisement
360How Chinese families live in Peiping; a study of the income and expenditure of 283 Chinese families receiving from $8 to $550 silver per month1933BookGamble, Sidney D.; Wang, Ho-chen; Liang, Jên-hoEnglishsocial survey; household; income; Beijing; expenditure;
390High cost of living in Weichow (Huizhou 惠州)1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer; Guangzhou; salt; rice; demand; cost of living; price; war; typhoon
400High Prices in Shanghai.The Case of Tobacco1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer; price; tobacco; Shanghai; United States; England; comparison
407High Prices. Dear Harts and Drinks Dearer. Brandy 48s. A Bottle!1920Journal articleEnglishconsumer; price; drink; clothing; hat; brandy; Shanghai;
418H.C.L. in Shanghai. To the Editor of the "North-China Daily News"1921Journal articleAnonymous reader (C.M.L.)Englishconsumer; cooperative; opinion; complaint; wholesale; labor; wage; bank; elite; England; Chongqing
426Harvesting the Ice Crop1921Journal articleTighe, RobertEnglishexpert; documentary; photograph; harvest; ice; transportation; storage; use; preservation; perishable; food; natural; artificial; United States
470History of the Salt Administration1924Journal articleEnglishsalt; administration; institution; district; production; consumption; inspection; table; figure; China;
687Household Industries in Soochow1917BookLove, Elizabeth A.EnglishChina; Suzhou; women; children; domesticity; work; daily life; pamphlet;
764How we advertised America1920BookCreel, GeorgeEnglishamericanization; United States; publicity; advertising ; propaganda;
898How Business Depression Affects China1934Journal articleLEE, B.Y. 李炳郁 (Li Bingyu)Englisheconomics; academic society; depression; expert; China
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