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307Chinese Accounts 1927Journal articleSayer, G.R, 1887-1962Englishaccount; Canton;
504The Complete Story of the Strike1925Journal articleEnglishaccount; narrative; strike; labor; cotton mill; student; municipal authorities; Japanese; Shanghai; China
29Drawings of Three Cars Prizes At Shanghai Auto Show To Be Made in Last Dazzling Days of Exhibit1927Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAcme, Crawshaw, car, drawing, exhibit, show, prize, Shanghai, week-end, interwar
28Masonic Funeral Is Held For Crawshaw. Local Lodge Directs Rites At Hungjiao Cemetery1933Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAcme, funeral, masonic, Shanghai, Crawshaw, cemetery, Hungjiao

An Analytical Study of Advertisements in Chinese Newspapers

1923Journal articleUnknownEnglishadvertisement, newspaper, china, study, products, type, space, qinghua, university, beijing
921"Truth in Advertising" As Problem For China's Reading Public Discussed By Mason1933Journal articleEnglishadvertising agency; consumer; landscape; organization; newspaper; regulation; translation; truth-in-advertising; China; United States;
48Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) & advertising manual: an annual data book and technical record for all newspapers and periodicals in China1937BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, annual, data, directory, handbook, manual, newspaper, periodical, record, China, Hongkong, interwar
45"The Wasted Half Dollar". Advertisement for Carl Crow, Inc. 1937Book chapterCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, newspaper, periodical, self-promotion, value, waste, interwar
37China Publishers' Directory: a practical guide to newspapers and periodicals for China advertisers1934BookChina Commercial Advertising Agency 中國華商廣告公司Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, publisher, newspaper, periodical, province, interwar, circulation, size, type, page
49Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong)1935BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, newspaper, China, Hongkong, interwar
50Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) with check list of newspapers and periodicals published in Japan, Chosen, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, Singapore and Federated Malay states1931BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, newspaper, periodical, China, Hongkong, Japan, Chosen, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, Singapore, Malay, interwar
76Newspaper directory of China (including Hongkong) 1933BookCarl Crow, Inc.Englishadvertising, advertiser, newspaper, periodical, China, Hongkong, interwar
26Making your Products Widely Known in China Will Open Her Market1920Journal articleChun Mei News Agency, Advertising DepartmentEnglishadvertising, agency, advertisement, appeal, appropriation, artist, campaign, copy-writer, expert, investigator, men, press, periodical, Crow, China, United States, report, sale, science, service, stage, trade, waste, interwar
38The advertising agent. His prospects in China1919Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishadvertising, agent, agency, association, club, paper, talk, meeting, professional, Crow, China, America, expert, broker, pill, campaign, marketing, information, interwar
31Agency Men, Newsmen Have Get-Together. Leading Advertising Men And Newspaper Executives Meet At Dinner1933Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising, association, newspaper, men, executive, leader, meeting, dinner, Consolidated Advertising Agency, Vee Loo, Vee Sing, Wai Hua
47Advertising meets war and survives1939Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishAdvertising, business, war, Crow
52American advertising in China1917Journal articleAdams, W.A.Englishadvertising, China, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade
7Four hundred million customers  the experiences -- some happy, some sad, of an American in China, and what they taught him 1937BookCrow, CarlEnglishadvertising, customers, million, experience, China, Crow

Foreign Trade and Advertising

1936Journal articleKuo, P.W.Englishadvertising, foreign, trade, history, press

广告学ABC (Guanggao ABC)

1928Book蒯世勋 (KUAI Shixun)ChineseAdvertising, handbook, china
3The essentials of advertising 1921BookBlanchard, Frank Le RoyEnglishadvertising, handbook, essential, america

Outdoor Advertising -- the Modern Marketing Force: A Manual for business Men and Others Interested in the Fundamentals of Outdoor Advertising

1928BookOutdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, association, modern, business

Outdoor, street-car, and radio advertising

1936BookHoyle, John T.Englishadvertising, handbook, outdoor, street-car, radio

广告 (Guanggao)

1940Book陆梅僧 (LU Meiseng)Chineseadvertising, handbook, practical, professional, China, shanghai, illustration

广告学概论 (Guanggao xue gailun) [Principles of advertising]

1929Book苏上达 (SU Shangda)Chineseadvertising, handbook, principles, china, medium, campaign, economy
33Lings Entertain For Newcomer At Cocktails1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising, manager, cocktail, entertainment, newcomer, artist, Australia, Ling, China Commercial Advertising Agency, guest, welcome, terrace, Park, hotel, party, evening, season, summer, interwar
51Advertising methods in China1919Journal articleFowler, John A.Englishadvertising, method, China, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade
68Foreign trade value of American magazines1919Journal articleLogan, George L.Englishadvertising, method, Straits Settlements, Penang, consul, commerce, Department, United States, Federal, state, report, trade, magazine, value, foreign, reading, room, mail, order, library, table

Newspapers as an Advertising Medium in China

1936Journal articleTong, Hollington K.Englishadvertising, newspaper, modern, medium, China

Advertising: Its principles, practice, and technique

1914BookStarch, DanielEnglishadvertising, principles, handbook, america

The Merchant's Advertising Problem

1936Journal articleDiespecker, L.C.Englishadvertising, problem, press, China, merchant

The psychology of advertising. A simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising,

1913BookScott, Walter DillEnglishadvertising, psychology, handbook, application, practical, successful
2Advertising in China 1929Journal articleBacon, C.A.Englishadvertising, report, China, journalist, Shanghai, agency, press, journal
6Advertising methods in Japan, China, and the Philippines 1921BookSanger, J.Englishadvertising, report, method, China, Japan, Philippines, commerce, department, washington, special, agent,
78The Travelers' Handbook for China1913BookCarl CrowEnglishadvertising; advertisement; business; travel; handbook; guidebook; tourist; China; America; map; plan; illustration; image;
920The Battle of the Billboards1929Journal articleEnglishadvertising; americanization; French Concession; Japanese; landscape; newspaper; temple; taxation; popular protest; Shanghai; Shanghai Municipal Council; China; United States;
918Posters in Shanghai1914Journal articleEnglishadvertising; by-laws; poster; hoarding; landscape; ratepayer; Shanghai; International Settlement; Shanghai Municipal Council; China;
779Advertising methods in China1919Journal articleEnglishadvertising; newspaper; press; England; war; China; WWI
780Newspaper Advertising in China 1914Journal articleEnglishadvertising; newspaper; press; England; war; China; WWI
919Pagodas As Billboards In China Proclaim Merits Of Cigarettes To Passersby1931Journal articleEnglishadvertising; pagoda; poster; Guomindang; landscape; sacred; poster; tobacco; Nanjing; China;
916Advertising in China1926Journal articleChinese, Englishadvertising; survey; review; medicine; profession; market; newspapers; language; calendar; women; color; cigarette; billboard; outdoor; illustration; Shanghai; trademark; British; India; United States;
77The Travelers' Handbook for China (including Hongkong)1921BookCarl CrowEnglishadvertising; travel; handbook; guidebook; tourist; China; Hongkong; America; map; plan; illustration; image;
647Crescent Baking Powder Recipe Book1931BookCrescent Manufacturing Co.Chineseadvertising; advice; baking powder; Chinese; cooking; food; marketing; women; market research; testimonial; visual; color; pamphlet
98Carl Crow, Inc., Offices Damaged In Fire Outbreak1927Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAdvertising; agency; office; fire; damage; Crow; coal; floor; wood;
373Who pays for Ads?1928Journal articleAnonymousEnglishadvertising; consumer; average; public; layman; merchant; buyer; actor; competition; long-term
391Character And Advertising1920Journal articleEnglishadvertising; consumer; credit; product; quality; information; public; institution; reputation
300Chinese Picture Tracts 1906Journal articleAllan, C. Wilfrid (Charles Wilfrid), b. 1870Englishadvertising; picture; poem; missionary; journal
462Retail Outlets For Chinese Goods in the U.S. 1924Journal articleScholz, Emil M.Englishadvertising; retailing; export; consumer; quality; price; newspaper; space; women; Chinese exporter; Chinese retailer; American consumer; United States
440Advertising, an Essential Factor in American Trade in China1923Journal articleScholz, Emil Maurice (President of the World Wide Advertising Corporation)Englishadvertising; trade; market; corporation; global; nation; personification; newspaper; journalism; Japanese; China; United States
471Shredded Wheat Advertising1924Journal articleEnglishadvertising; wheat; consumer; distribution; national; United States
807New Electric Light Factory1929Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; artist; neon; light; color; Claude; Europe; United States; beauty; Shanghai; China; New York; London; equipment; Americanization; expert; patent;
801Advertising Hoarding Round Shanghai - Intruders into the Countryside that Spoil the Scenery and Annoy those in Search of Change and Resfreshment1924Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; billboard; landscape; Carl Crow; Auto Club; foreign settlement; International Settlement; Shanghai; Western district; residential;
802Rural Beauties Marred by Ugly Hoardings - Auto Club's Protest - Should the Council Prohibit Erection Boards Around Rubicon?1924Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; billboard; landscape; Carl Crow; Auto Club; foreign settlement; International Settlement; Shanghai; Western district; residential;
813Local Company Installs System. Light and Power Lines At Luna Park are Spectacular 1931Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; neon; city; light; Claude; gigantism; spectacle; entertainment; amusement park; summer; Shanghai; United States; cooperation; electric company;
814Neon Signs to gleam at Luna. Use Attractive Lights to draw pleasure seeking crowds1931Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; neon; city; light; Claude; spectacle; entertainment; amusement park; summer; Shanghai; Europe; visibility; flexibility; color; economy; materials; trademark; mass consumption;
816The Great Bright Way1932Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; night; cityscape; skyline; neon; light; color; Claude; entertainment; Shanghai; photograph; fairy; competition; nationality; Europe; summer
818Royal Theater at Bangkok to get largest Neon Sign in World1932Journal articleEnglishaesthetics; self-advertising; neon; city; light; color; Claude; gigantism; spectacle; cinema; record; Bangkok; transnational; Asia; monopoly; circulation; cooperation; United States; artist; authorship
197Notice - Crawshaw Publishing Company1926Journal articleCrawshaw, HenryEnglishagency; cooperation; address; phone; publishing; Harvey; company;
106North China Farming and Stock-Raising Corporation. Prospectus1920BookNorth China Farming and Stock-Raising CorporationEnglishAgriculture; farming; stock; raising; corporation; company; prospectus; advertising; Beijing; North; China; expert
193Practical demonstration of a "Sino-American" plow successfully adapted to Chinese conditions1920Archival documentsReisner, John H.Englishagriculture; tool; plow; farming; peasant; farmer
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