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42Japan Straddles A Tricky Tiger. The Sage of Shanghai Tells Dai Nippon What to Expect From The "400 Million Customers"1938Journal articleCarl CrowEnglishJapan, war, philosophy, tiger, customer, Crow, capital, prisoner
55Japan and America: A Contrast1916BookCarl CrowEnglishAmerica, Japan, contrast, war, Crow
62Japan’s Dream of World Empire: The Tanaka Memorial1942BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, Japan, memorial, war, Crow
93Japanese say Americans backing Chinese against them1919Journal articleAnonymousEnglishJapanese; conflict; Chinese; American; Mainichi; newspaper;
123Japan-Manchoukuo Year Book1933BookJapan-Manchoukuo Year Book Co.Englishdirectory; year; book; statistics; business; biography; Japan; China; Manchuria; Mandchoukuo
187Japan and America and China trade. Two rivals uniting for China's good1916Journal articleAnonymousEnglishOrient; Japan; America; cooperation; competition; rival; science; war; interest; good; market; trade; customer; seller; reciprocity;
370Journal of the Association of Chinese & American Engineers (Zhongmei gongchengshi xiehui yuekan)PeriodicalAssociation of Chinese and American engineersEnglishjournal; engineer; expert; transnational; Beijing; United States; China;
428Japanese benefits to Manchuria. A Pleasing Side to their Penetration: Social Work and Trade Development1922Journal articleNCH Correspondent in Fakumen (Faku'men)Englishconsumer; health; organization; railway; philanthropy; electricity; public amenities; trade; commodities; chemical; soap; tooth powder; tooth paste; clock; jewelry; brand; counterfeit; guohuo; national; sense; smell; color; Japan; German; Beijing; Shanghai; Manchuria;
655Japan's Cultural Aggression in China. A General Study of Methods and Results1940BookAmerican Information Committee, TheEnglishJapan; China; United States; propaganda; information; war; organization; imperialism; public opinion;
696Journal of General Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai 上海總商會月報 (Shanghai zongshanghui yue bao)PeriodicalChinese General Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai 上海總商會 (Shanghai zongshanghui)Chinesejournal; chamber of commerce; Shanghai; advertisement; photograph; elite;
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