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37China Publishers' Directory: a practical guide to newspapers and periodicals for China advertisers1934BookChina Commercial Advertising Agency 中國華商廣告公司Englishadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, publisher, newspaper, periodical, province, interwar, circulation, size, type, page
64China Takes Her Place1944BookCarl CrowEnglishChina, war, Crow
98Carl Crow, Inc., Offices Damaged In Fire Outbreak1927Journal articleAnonymousEnglishAdvertising; agency; office; fire; damage; Crow; coal; floor; wood;
105China as It really is1912BookResident of PekingEnglishPeking; Resident; observation; description; China;
110China. Social and Economic Conditions 1912BookAmerican Academy of Political and Social ScienceEnglishChina; social; economic; condition; description; United States; association; political; science; mission; religion; reconstruction; government; Manchuria; medicine; commerce; geography; resource; value; girl; everyday; life;
115China Times Guide to Tientsin and neighbourhood1908BookSt. John, BurtonEnglishGuide; Tientsin; neighborhood;
119Christies Peking directoryBookEnglishPeking; directory
132China hand1936BookHutchison, James LafayetteEnglishforeign; resident; autobiography; description; social; business; advertising; tobacco; BAT; Peking; North; Manchuria;
136China's Progress in Advertising 1937Journal articleAnonymousEnglishprogress; advertising; bilingual; brochure; anniversary; trade; medium; newspaper;
139Congratulations 1936Journal articlePark HotelEnglishanniversary, decade, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion; congratulation; hotel: tea; dance; cocktail; sunday; party; public; merchandise; domestic; foreign; patronage; testimonial; support; logo; sailboat; dinne
141Catchy Slogans, Ambition Carry C.P. Ling To Success. China Commercial Advertising Agency Head Today Celebrating 10th Birthday Of Fouding Firm; Growth Outstanding. 1936Journal articleWoo, KyatangEnglishanniversary, decade, progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion; success; growth
142China's Progress in Advertising 1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishanniversary, decade, progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion;
144China Commercial Advertising Agency Celebrates Tenth Anniversary1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishanniversary; party; entertainment; guest; reception; success; progress
145C.P. Ling1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishanniversary; birthday; agency; founder; manager; biography; success; progress
148Claim for Month's Salary. E.O.S. Christensen v. Frost, Bland & Co. 1936Journal articleAnonymousEnglishcase; claim; conflict; contract; salary; billboard; sale; release; notice; judge; youth; inaccuracy; generation; age
186Co-operation in Orient: Science of competition. Japan and America in Far East1916Journal articleAnonymousEnglishOrient; Japan; America; cooperation; competition; science; war;
188Chinese Press: Notes from Peking1917Journal articleAnonymousEnglishtrade; international; China; war; telegram; ministry; agriculture; commerce; London; crop; season; autumn; foodstuff; scarcity; flour; export; cotton; demand; market;
190Commercialized Vice. The Economic Aspect1917Journal articleAnonymousEnglishprostitution; woman; christian; religion; moral; economic; temperance; vice; commission; bank; business; Europe; New York
195Chinese National Products Exhibition Catalog 中華國貨展覽會實錄 : 3編 (Zhonghua guohuo zhanlanhui shilu : 3 bian)1929BookChinese Nationalist Government, Ministry of Industry and Commerce 國民政府工商部編 (Guomin zhengfu gongshangbu)Chinesenational; product; exhibition; catalog; nationalism; movement; photograph;
203CCAA removed their headquarters on Hongkong Road in Shanghai1928Journal articleChina Commercial Advertising AcencyEnglishCCAA; Ling; office; move; headquarter; Shanghai
204C.P. Ling' daughter Dorothea, New York, engaged William Morgan, England1956Journal articleLing, C.P.EnglishCCAA; Ling; daughter; engagement; life; family; England; New York;
205C.P. Ling and his sons returned to Hongkong after visiting associates in San Francisco, Tokyo and Taipei1957Journal articleLing, C.P.EnglishCCAA; Ling; son; family; visit; business; trip; office; New York; Taipei; Tokyo; associate; San Francisco; manager; photograph
209CCAA's Hongkong office to let1938Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; office; classified; advertisement; let;
211CCAA's Donation to the Hongkong Society of the Protection of Children1956Journal articleHongkong Society of the Protection of ChildrenEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; donation; charity; child
212CCAA's Donation to the Hongkong Society of the Protection of Children 1956Journal articleHongkong Anti-T.B. AssociationEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; donation; charity; health; tuberculosis; child
213CAT Celebrates 10th anniversary1956Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; Hongkong; civil; air; anniversary; transport; travel; congratulation
217C.P. Ling's welcomes Burridge, formerly with CAT 1961Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; personality; airline; friend; Hongkong; Tokyo
219CCAA's claim adjourned1963Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; claim; advance; air; ticket
224C.P. Ling's resignation from the Commercial Press and China Publicity Company1926Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; resignation; publishing; manager; publicity; company; advertising; Hankou
227CCAA's removal notice1928Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; office; removal; Shanghai; headquarter
229C.P. Ling's business trip in South China1930Journal articleEnglishLing; CCAA; business; trip; investigation; personal; Hongkong; Canton; city; south; market
233CCAA appointed sole agents for Orlindun Light Company for Greater Shanghai1932Journal articleOrlindun Light Company, China Commercial Advertising Agency;EnglishCCAA; Ling; light; Greater Shanghai; exclusivity; ministry; certificate; patent; registration; industry
234China Commercial Advertising Agency to Compile Program1933Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; athletic; national; meeting; game; competition; war; postponement; Nanjing
235CCAA's declaration of independence1933Journal articleChina Commercial Advertising AgencyEnglishCCAA; Ling; notification; independence; confusion; association; affiliation; agency; proprietor; manager; establishment; year; name; address; status; ownership
242C.P. Lings To Entertain At Cocktails Soon1936Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; dinner; party; hotel; tea; cocktail; artist; Australia
249China Commercial Advertising Agency Celebrates Tenth Anniversary1936Journal articleEnglishCCAA; Ling; dinner; party; hotel; anniversary; photograph; portrait
251Council For the Promotion Of International Trade 1948Journal articleAnonymousEnglishCCAA; Ling; organization; promotion; trade; council; world; export; import;
269Consumers' Preference and Planning1939Journal articleLindsay, M.F.M.Englishsocial sciences; social survey; consumer;
271Custom Officers' English-Chinese Vade-Mecum. Compiled with a view to being useful to members of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service by D. Okamato [Hai Kuan Ying Hua Yü Yen 海關英華語言錄]BookOkamoto, D.Englishclassification; custom; import; Japanese; handbook; commodity;
272Customs Export Tariff of the Republic of China (1934)1934BookChina Inspectorate General of CustomsEnglishclassification; custom; import; export; tariff; commodity;
273Classified Catalogue of Chinese Maritime Customs PublicationsBookInspectorate General of CustomsEnglishcustom; French; catalogue; publication; tariff; regulation; commerce; finance; transprotation; exhibition
276Customs interport tariff of the Republic of China (1931): showing rates effective from 1st February 1934, after conversion to metric system1933BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; interport; tariff; classification; bilingual
277Customs export tariff of the Republic of China (1934)1946BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; interport; tariff; classification; bilingual
278Customs import tariff of the Republic of China, August 1948 [Zhonghua minguo hai guan jin kou shui ze]1948BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; import; tariff; classification; bilingual; agreement
288Chinese Family and Commercial Law 1921BookJamieson, G.Englishlaw; commerce; family
299Chinese Industries and Foreign Relations 1906Journal articleCarus, Paul, 1852-1919Englishindustry; foreign; agriculture; trade; weaving; women
300Chinese Picture Tracts 1906Journal articleAllan, C. Wilfrid (Charles Wilfrid), b. 1870Englishadvertising; picture; poem; missionary; journal
301Chinese Students in Japan 1905Journal articleYen, Hui-chʻing, 1877-1950Englishstudent; circulation; Japan; training; association; elite
302Chinese Drug Stores in America 1887BookCulin, Stewart, 1858-1929Englishbooklet; brochure; guide; pharmacy; store; drug; United States; China; glossary; translation; classification; taxonomy
304Chinese Provident Clubs 1903Journal articleWare, JamesEnglishclub; association; elite; individual; institution
307Chinese Accounts 1927Journal articleSayer, G.R, 1887-1962Englishaccount; Canton;
314China Tea 1924Journal articleAnonymousEnglishfood; beverage; tea; photograph; women; children
321Chinese Sugar-Cane: Its History, Mode of Culture, Manufacture of the Sugar, etc.1857BookHyde, James F.C, 1825-1898Englishfood; sugar; agriculture; history; illustration; advertisement
323Common Food Fishes of Shanghai1924BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishfood; fish; nutrition; distribution; retail; season; catalog; illustration; Shanghai; biography; commodity; war;
331Cities and Towns of China1910BookPlayfair, G.M.H, 1850-1917Englishcity; China; geography; place; name; dictionary; river;
335Chinese Material Medica: Fish Drugs 1939BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishmedicine; science; fish; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
336Chinese Drugs from Abroad1929Journal articleAnonymousEnglishmedicine; Western; science; Chinese; drug; trade; value;
337Chinese Materia Medica: Dragon and Snake Drugs 1934BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishhealth; medicine; science; dragon; snake; animal; ; drug; Chinese; illustration; natural history; French; war
348Cultural Films in Manchoukuo1939Journal articleHidaka, Noboru, 1929-Englishentertainment; leisure; film; Manchuria; propaganda; Japanese; war
363Chinese economic journal and bulletinPeriodicalEnglishjournal; economics; information; government; foreign trade; Beijing; Shanghai;
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