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111The Japan year book. Complete Encyclopaedia of general information and statistics on Japan and the Japanese territories1905BookTakenobu, Yoshitaro (1863?-1930)Englishyear; book; Japan; territory; Manchuria;
305The Chinese Maiden at Home1904Journal articleCornaby, W. Arthur (William Arthur), 1860-1921Englishwomen; domesticity; home; housework
473Chi Chih Yi. A Manchu Woman Philanthropist1924Journal articleLo Shu HuaEnglishwoman; philanthropy; missionary; Manchu; China;
191How the War Has Changed Trade Routes. American Trade Relation with China.1918Journal articlePatchin, Robert H.; Arnold, JuleanEnglishwar; trade; route; financial; journal; institution; permanent; temporary; adjustment; Canton; Chamber; commerce; attache;
939Nihongdeng zhuanghu gongjian 霓虹燈裝户公鑑 (Registration of neon lights)1940Journal articleChinesewar; neon; fraud; law; association;
44Raid Impression. Few soldiers Killed During Chungking Bombings1939Journal articleAnonymousEnglishwar, raid, Chungking, Crow, solider, interview
651Catalogue of the officers and students of St. John's University1918BookSt. John's University, Shanghaiuniversity,Shanghai; student; faculty; curriculum; course; school; department; foreign; map; photograph; directory; elite; Chinese; regulation; history
312American Business Opportunity in China1913Journal articleRobinson, B Atwood.EnglishUnited States; business;
954Makers of new China in college in America1923BookChinese Students' Christian Association in North AmericaEnglishUnited States; mission; student;
955A gateway into English for Chinese students1918BookGowdy, Elizabeth Thompson; Thompson, LauraEnglishUnited States; mission; manual; language; English;
947China Institute in America, Incorporated1930BookShen, Eugene (Dr.); Pan, Francis K.EnglishUnited States; foundation; officer; trustee;
946Bulletin1927BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishUnited States; foundation;
953Opportunities for foreign students at colleges and universities in the United States1915BookCapen, Samuel Paul; United States Bureau of EducationEnglishUnited States; foreign students; statistics
956The foreign student on the American campus1930BookMilam, Ava B.EnglishUnited States; foreign student; women;
951The foreign student on the American campus1922DissertationNeely, Anne ElizabethEnglishUnited States; foreign student;
945Bulletin1926BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishUnited States; exposition; foundation; photograph;
184American capital for China: The New International Corporation1916Journal articleEnglishUnited States; corporation; international; China; capital; world market; finance; engineer; assistance; association; family; New York; bank; land; investment; institution
185American capital for China: The New International Corporation1916Journal articleEnglishUnited States; corporation; international; China; capital; world market; finance; engineer; assistance; association; family; New York; bank; land; investment; institution
963Bulletin1928BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishUnited States;
788Treaty ports in China: a study in diplomacy1918BookTai, En-SaiEnglishtreaty ports; municipal administration; jurisdiction; foreign settlement; China; United States; Americanization
327Early Chinese Travellers and Their Successors1933Journal articleWu, Liande (Wu, Lien-teh 伍聯德), 1879-1960Englishtravel; Chinese; history; society
358Peking: a historical and intimate description of its chief places of interest : with maps, plans and illustrations1920BookBredon, JulietEnglishtravel; Beijing; foreign; map; illustration; history; landmark
359The new China: a traveller's impressions1912BookBorel, HenriEnglishtravel; Beijing; foreign;
829Sketches in and around Shanghai1894BookClark, J. D.Englishtravel; note; description; customs; Shanghai; signboard; sound; sense;
783Men and manners of modern China1912BookMacgowan, JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; Shanghai; men;
782Gleanings from fifty years in China by Archibald Little1910BookLittle, Archibald JohnEnglishtravel guide; China; British; elite; biography; merchant;
297Early Chinese Ships and Trade 1925Journal articleDonnelly, Ivon A.Englishtransportation; shipping; trade; history; illustration
417China's crying need of roads1921Journal articleEnglishtransportation; road; interior; city; trade; organization; foreign; circulation; China; Zhejiang; Hangzhou; Shanghai;
294Transportation on the Yang-Tze Kiang 1929Journal articleCarey, H. FooteEnglishtransportation; river; navigation; boat; junk; travel; map; photograph;
295Transportation Notes 1929Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De C, 1885-1954Englishtransportation; motor; railway; river;
293Transportation in Early China 1929Journal articleFerguson, John C, 1866-1945Englishtransportation; history; photograph; drawing
292Economics of Transportation for China 1929Journal articleWaddell, J.A.L, 1854-1938Englishtransportation; economy; shipping; steamer; junk; carriage; animal; camel; horse; rickshaw; wheelbarrow; highway;
296Transportation in the Communist Far East, 1962. Economic Intelligence Memorandum1963Archival documentsUnited States. Central Intelligence AgencyEnglishtransportation; communist; intelligence service; United States; cold war;
395Trade Mark Protection in China1920Journal articleBryan, R.T. (Jr.)Englishtrademark; law;
465Trademark thefts and Penalties1924Journal articleEnglishtrademark; fraud; counterfeit; penalty; manufacturer; consumer; quality; American; China
466The Trademark Bureau at Work. Allegations of Inefficiency Already Being Made: Complaints Both by Chinese and Japanese Firms. Instructive Notes from the Chinese Press. 1924Journal articleEnglishtrademark; Bureau; registration; efficiency; complaint; manufacturer; newspaper; Japanese; Chinese; China
396The Trade of China for 19191920Journal articleUnwin, F.R. (Statistical Secretary, Inspectorate General of Customs)Englishtrade; statistics; customs; export; year; raw materials; silk; agriculture; food; cereals; animal; tea; price; conservancy; board; commission; river; railway; transportation;
310Report on Trade Conditions in China1906BookBurrill, Harry R. and Rayond F. CristEnglishtrade; report; business; United States; region; city; transportation;
469Trade between America and China. Past, Present and Future1924Journal articlePan, Shu-LunEnglishtrade; history; future; consumer; expert; elite; university; Harvard; United States; China; Shanghai
375Bureau to Probe Trade Relations. Newly Organized Body to Make Study of Commerce1931Journal articleEnglishtrade; bureau; private; organization; Japanese; investigation; inspection; data; locality; price; psychology; consumer; department; elite; businessmen; headquarter; Shanghai;
691Where China Buys and Sells1935BookU.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommerceEnglishtrade; bulletin; information; population; consumer; statistics; market; commodities; foodstuffs; communication; classification;
306Trading with the Far East : How to Sell in the Orient -- Policies -- Methods -- Advertising -- Credits -- Financing Documents -- Deliveries 1920BookIrving National BankEnglishtrade; bank; handbook; United States;
188Chinese Press: Notes from Peking1917Journal articleAnonymousEnglishtrade; international; China; war; telegram; ministry; agriculture; commerce; London; crop; season; autumn; foodstuff; scarcity; flour; export; cotton; demand; market;
182The commercial independence of China1915Journal articleAnonymousEnglishTrade; export; China; Japan; San Francisco; firm; middleman; independence; market; commodity; price; transportation; likin; tax; duty; marine; oil; silk; tea; peanut; wood; soya; bean; wax; vegetable; cotton; circulation; transaction;
643American National Foreign Trade Week1946Journal articleEnglishtrade week; newspaper; supplement; Shanghai; elite; directory; American; China; expert; color; advertisement; photograph; women;
453Brush Manufacturing1924Journal articleBolton, W.H.Englishtoothbrush; commodities; biography; manufacture; consumer; education; hygiene; photograph; plant; water tower; China; Shanghai;
681Tiffin in honor of Chinese and American Students to enter Institutions of Higher Learning 1937BookAmerican Chamber of CommerceEnglishtiffin; social event; student; education; United States; China; Shanghai; university; program; menu; guest; ; elite; club; chamber of commerce; association;
116Map and Short description of Tientsin1900BookDrake, Noah Fields (b. 1864)EnglishTientsin; guide; map; description
376Miao Explains Inspection of Export Commodities at Weekly Rotary Meet1931Journal articleEnglishtesting; bureau; commodity; raw silk; food; inspection; expert; import; export; egg; animal; standard; Shanghai; Tianjin; Qingdao; Hankou; Guangdong; Rotary; club
489Strange Plight of Chinese Tea. Sky-Rocketing Prices for the Indian Variety but the China Leaf Stagnant. Position of the British Consumer1925Journal articleForm Our Own Correspondent in LondonEnglishtea; quality; variety; price; standard; consumption; consumer; taste; competition; association; China; India; Great Britain;
468Manufacturing Tea by Machinery in China1924Journal articleHo Chieh-ShiangEnglishtea; manufacture; photograph; biography; mecanization; color; smell; sense; Zhejiang; China
488A Tea Standard. Suggested British Tea Standard1925Journal articleEnglishtea; coffee; quality; price; standard; consumption; competition; education; expert; health; China; United States
483Conference Based on Shams1925Journal articleEnglishtariff; commission; conference; unequal treaties; Beijing; China; American; British; Japanese
365Village Life in China: A Study in Sociology1899BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; rural; American; sociology;
366Chinese characteristics1894BookSmith, Arthur HendersonEnglishsurvey; American; sociology; fact; deficiency; national; topos; science;
878The Chinese Students' Christian JournalPeriodicalEnglishstudents; United States; periodical; magazine; monthly; China; organization; network; advertising; Christian;
879The Chinese Christian Student PeriodicalEnglishstudents; United States; periodical; magazine; monthly; China; organization; network; advertising; Christian;
870The Chinese Students' MonthlyPeriodicalEnglishstudents; United States; periodical; magazine; monthly; China; organization; network; advertising; alliance;
869The Chinese Students' BulletinPeriodicalEnglishstudents; United States; periodical; magazine; monthly; China; organization; network;
880Directory of Chinese students in America. 1935-19361935BookChinese Student Christian Association in North AmericaEnglishstudents; United States; China; organization; network; advertising; Christian; directory;
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