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1511Grand Dancing Hall in Paramount19251925-1935

1512Glass Ball Room in Paramount19251925-1935

34366Goose-style and package-style advertisements for Goose Cotton Jersey and The Greys cigarette before a row billboards along the Racecourse in 1948January 1948January 1948

34415Great World bombing: corpses by the traffic tower (very graphic)Saturday 14 August 1937August 1937

34416Great World bombing: removal of corpses (graphic)Saturday 14 August 1937August 1937

34417Great World1931-1937

34437Giant poster advertising Cadum in Paris in 1926

34564Giant billboard advertising "Unversal brand" wool thread (地球牌絨線)January 19481948, January

34576Giant billboards advertising "Beauty" bar soap (美麗肥皂) and Smoker's cigarettes (三王牌香煙)January 19481948, January

34587Gallery owner chatting on the doorstepMarch 19481948, March

34840General view of the Hai riverFriday 25 September 1931

34849General offices of the Shanghai Electric Construction CompanyTuesday 19 May 1925

34862Glen Line Building

34901Great World

35002Grand Garage français1931

35056Garage showroom1931

35169Governors' office in the Central Bank of China1928

35188Garage in Shanghai1931

35198Guanghua Theater 光華戲院1929-39

35203Gas station and peddler in TianjinFriday 25 September 1931
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