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15327Refugees from the northern districts arrive on the Bund1937

32851Rue du Consulat [postcard] 公馆马路1930-1935

33302Rue du Consulat1946

34265Roof billboard advertising "The Brandy" Cigarette (白蘭地 Bailandi) in 1948January 19481948

34266Roof billboard advertising 大號銀行牌 (Dahao yinhangpai) cigarette in 1948January 19481948

34280Roof billboards advertising "Three Cats" and "Pyramid" (?) Cigarette in Shanghai 19481948

34371Roof billboard advertising "Elegant" Vanishing Cream (嫩靣香品雅霜 Nenmian xiangpin yashuang) at a major crossroadJanuary 19481948

34454Rickshaws in a commercial street 19401940

34519Rickshaw puller in a street covered with advertisements19471947

34563Roof billboard advertising LUX Toilet Soap featuring movie star Jane Wyman? January 19481948, January

34572Roof billboard advertising Gibbs Castile Toilet Soap (㓗士香皂 Jieshi xiangzao) in a tailors' streetJanuary 19481948

34573Rickshaw parked in front a row of billboardsThursday 1 January 19481948

34574Roof Billboard advertising Elegant Cream (嫩靣香品雅霜 Nenmian xiangpin yashuang) at a major crossroad and transportation hub19481948

34575Roof billboard advertising a brand of stockings above the Asia Pharmacy19481948

34719Rickshaws compete with American "Pirate Cars" at Canton steamer wharf, Hong Kong1930

34725Rickshaw and carriage stand near the railroad station in Beijing1930

34790Road construction in the Chinese Municipality

34791Repairing a through street in the Chinese districts of Hankou

34799Road crew of Public Works Department in the International SettlementTuesday 29 March 1932

34803Road-building equipment in use in the International SettlementTuesday 29 March 1932

34815Riverside power houseTuesday 19 May 1925

34820Railway load of Texaco oil

34845River boats discharging cotton cargoes

34864Robert Dollar Building

34894Riverside Power Station of the Shanghai Power Company, North and East sidesWednesday 6 March 1935

34897Robert Dollar terminal

34898Robert Dollar terminalFriday 13 November 1931

34934Robert Dollar BuildingDecember 19211922

34940Road construction workMonday 26 October 1931

34942Road construction work

35004Ryton's garage showroom1931

35010Russian garage Peugeot-Adam's Garage1931

35033Ryton's garage1931

35038Rist van (British) used by the Shanghai Municipal Police1931

35129Rivers CourtWednesday 20 January 1932

35155Reeling room in the Pudong mill of the Japan-China Spinning & Weaving CompanyAugust 1924
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