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71Quai de France by night19201920-1939

75Entrance of rue du Consulat: Billboard advertising "My Dear Cigarette" on the roof19301920-1939

79Shanghai by night19201920-1939

143Nanking Road19301930-1939

181Shopsigns and banners on Fuzhou road19301930-1939

217Bus advertising "Rose's Lime Juice" and other brands at a military checkpoint 19371937-1945

218Bus stop advertising "U.B. Beer" on the Bund19301930-1939

220Illuminated clock advertising Ruby Queen cigarette and neon light sign advertising B.B. BehiveSeptember 1938


248Selling magazines1949

250Billboard in course of repainting advertising Lux Toilet Soap1949

320The China Press19101910-1929

326View of the Bund by night1937

328View of the Bund by night1937

329Park Hotel by night1937

334The Communication Palace or the Green pacific Line Palace1937

335Park hotel and Racecourse by night19341934-1939

357Printing works of the Commercial Press19301930-1939

520Newspaper salesboy19121912-1949

982The August 14th bombing in front of the Great WorldSaturday 14 August 1937

1346Metropole Theater19251925-1945

1369North China Daily News and Herald Tribune19001900-1920

1371Shen Bao office building - 申報館19151915-1935

1388View of buildings on the Bund1920before 1929

1433The Commercial Press Company19201920-1939

1461Flourishing market at Fuzhou Road19151915-1930

1468North China Daily News19251925-1939

1483Shen Bao Office19151915-1925

1510Paramount Dancing Hall19251925-1935

1511Grand Dancing Hall in Paramount19251925-1935

1512Glass Ball Room in Paramount19251925-1935

1669Film and tobacco advertisement on the street19301930-1939

1676Early bus advertising "Watson's Orange Squeeze"19201920-1930

1677Early bus19201920-1930

1678Early bus19201920-1930

1679Early double-decker19201920-1930

1852Street scene in the Chinese city19121912-1930

1874Nanking Road by night19301930-1937

1875Nanking Road by night19301930-1937

1877Nanking Road19341934-1937

1996Sin wan pao delivery truck 新聞報 (Xinwanbao)19201920-1929

1997News agencies plates19001900-1949

2013Dance floor of the Paramount Dancing Hall19321932-1949

2014Paramount dancing Hall19321932-1949

2016Cathay Theater on a raining night19301930-1939

2043Hongkew market19151915-1939

2055The Commercial Press Co.1920

2113Hongkew Market (Hongkou) (Aerial view)19201920-1939

2130Passers-by in the street and bus advertising "Casuol motor oil"19301930

2175Chinese woman (peddler) standing at a newspaper kiosk 19201920-1945

2273Billboard advertising Pirate cigarettes next to a blockhaus19371937-1942


2365Advertisement for a Chinese movie19201920-1945

15068The Oriental Press: Main Building1917

15086The Gutzlaff signalling tower on the Bund1928

15092The North China Daily News1928

15112Bubbling Well Road looking West1928

15270Foochow Road (1): huangzi-style shopsigns advertising an optician and a clockmaker19201920-1939

15327Refugees from the northern districts arrive on the Bund1937
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