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2365Advertisement for a Chinese movie19201920-1945

19790A quayside in Watung, Shanghai19331933-1934

25425Aerial view of Bubbling Well Road and Thibet Road1949

27320Advertisement boards along the riverJune 1927

27322Advertisements for "My Dear" and "Pirate" Cigarette on the front of an omnibusFebruary 1945

27595Anticommunist parade by the Metropole Hotel1949

32808Advertising leaflet for the Japanese Takaoka Shop (curio shop) 高崗洋行 東洋美術雜貨商1937-1940

33247Anti-Communist Parade in the front of Metropole HotelMonday 16 May 1949

33260Aerial view of the Bund looking south1930-1949

33267Aerial view of the Bund looking north1945

33298A Shanghai trolley bus1945-1949

34247Advertising procession for Jintan medicine in Dairen, Mandchuria (before 1921)

34250Advertisement for Federal cigarette on a double-deck bus on Nanking Road in the 19201920-1930

34272Acme's billboard advertising "Morris" cars and the Auto Palace Company around 1929

34273Acme's billboards advertising Castillon champagne, Asahi beer and another brand of beer around 19291929

34529American bar owner Frank and his Chinese wife in their bar in 1949Sunday 1 May 19491949

34542American Tourists arriving by rickshaw at Astor House Hotel in 19331933

34713American automotive imports1931

34714American automotive imports1931

34715American automotive imports (Andersen Meyers & Company)1931

34716American automotive imports1931

34718At Ferry Landing, Kowloon1930

34728A young rickshaw puller1930

34729A small wheel barrow handled by one man1930

34733A youthful stevedore in North China

34746A hardware bazaar in one of Beijing's open air markets1927

34749Alex Ross and Co. (China), Ltd., Hong Kong. Prince's building

34751A street barber shop1931

34757A general merchandise shop in Yunnanfu carries considerable stock of varied American goods1931

34779A godown (warehouse) at Shanghai1931

34782American wire being hauled for transportation from the Bund to the warehouse in Tianjin

34792A busy intersection in Shanghai

34793American cement, Foochow

34824A massive Chinese catafalque1919-1939

34843American motorcars and leaf tobacco on Pudong wharves

34887Advertising leaflet of the Tai Foong Canned Goods Company (上海泰豐罐頭食品有限公司)

34888Advertising leaflet for boneless pheasant of the Tai Foong Canned Goods Company (上海泰豐罐頭食品有限公司)

34889Advertising leaflet for olive oil of the Akerman & Tuffley

34900American Club

34904American Caterpillar tractor demonstration

34905American Caterpillar tractor demonstration

34925Avenue Joffre1932

34936American-Oriental Banking Corporation building1922

34960American motor cycle and Chinese rickshaw in TianjinFriday 25 September 1931

34961An interested group of village spectators on Shanghai-Luiho road

34962An American truck locally-built bus body entering Shanghai terminal station from Lui-hui [Hutai Road 滬太路]

34988American motorcar dealer H.S. Honigsberg & Company, Inc. (Chinese section)1931

34989American motorcar dealer Hudford Motors1931

34992American motorcar dealer H.S. Honigsberg & Company1931

34993American motorcar dealer H.S. Honigsberg & Company (?)1931

34994American motorcar dealer H.S. Honigsberg & Company (?)1931

34995American motorcar dealer H.S. Honigsberg & Company (?)1931

34999American garage Hartzenbusch Motor Company1931

35014A McCormick-Deering industrial tractor hauling cargo 1931

35015A Fordson tractor mounted on steel rails as a work car1931

35025A fleet of American trucks equipped with locally built bodies for a Chinese motor bus transportation companyMonday 9 February 1931

35027American-Chinese garage Union Motors1931

35031Austin car displayed for sale1931

35040American motor car used in Yunnanfu1931
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