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79Shanghai by night19201920-1939

181Shopsigns and banners on Fuzhou road19301930-1939

248Selling magazines1949

1371Shen Bao office building - 申報館19151915-1935

1483Shen Bao Office19151915-1925

1852Street scene in the Chinese city19121912-1930

1996Sin wan pao delivery truck 新聞報 (Xinwanbao)19201920-1929

25293Street scene in 19321932

27601Shanghai street struck by typhoon - 颱風以後的上海街頭1949

33293Shanghai cityscape from the Racecourse looking East1945

34137Sihk policeman regulating traffic at a crossroad1920

34253Signboard advertising "Pyramid" Cigarette 19491949

34257Signboard advertising cigarette in a flooded street in Shanghai before 1911

34274Street car advertising a brand of chocolate candy in Shanghai around 19291929

34373Shanghai nightscape in a rainy night on Nanjing Road in 193619361936

34383Signboards advertising several bars (Royal, Crystal Cafe) and truck advertising NBS Beer in Blood Alley1930

34440Shopsign advertising a German Restaurant on Bubbling Well Road in the 1930s 19301930

34447Shanghai by night in 1933 February 19331933

34451Shopsigns in an arch-street in the French Concession in 1932July 19321932, July-December

34468Sincere Department store (新新公司)19201920

34471Shanghai Tramway Company vehicle (line 2)19101910

34473Shopsigns and banners in a narrow street in Shanghai 19201920

34477Shops on Nanking Road before 191119101910

34514Shanghai streetscape on Foochow road in the 1930s19301930

34524Star Film and Theater School's Office19221922

34543Sincere and Wing One Department Stores illuminated by night19301930

34554Street car advertisements passing by Lane Crawford department store on Nanking Road19301930-1939

34557Shopsigns and banners on Fuzhou road19301930-1939

34562Suzhou Creek in 1933: an advertising desert19331933

34565Spectacular billboards along the Racecourse in 1948January 1948January 1948

34570Smiling pilgrim standing in front of billboards January 19481948

34580Stretcher in front of a clock shopJanuary 19481948

34588Street peddler on a commercial street 19481948

34730Shanghai street car1930

34732Sail wheelbarrow in Shandong province

34753Soap and cosmetic dealer in Beijing

34754Street barbers in Hong Kong

34759Shop in Canton1931

34771Storing beans at a trade center on the Yalu river

34773Soy beans and cakes being stored on the waterfront at Andong (安東)

34775Storage, China1931

34776Storage, China1931

34777Storage, China1931

34778Storage, China1931

34794South street, Foochow

34806Street scene in the Pootung District of Shanghai1931-1934

34816Schoolchildren at Hohhot placarding anti-Japanese postersSaturday 10 October 1931

34822Shrine in the Wayside District of the International Settlement

34827Seat of the soul tablet in a funeral procession

34830S.S. President Hayes of Dollar S.S. LineMonday 25 July 1927

34856Scene in a Japanese park

34857Scene in a Japanese park

34865Siemssen & Company

34866Siemssen & Company

34910Sincere Department Store

34915Savoy Apartments

34921Shanghai branch of the Deutsch-Asiatische BankTuesday 21 February 1928

34922Socony filling station1932

34935Shanghai Municipal Council buildingOctober 19211922

34945Shanghai Bund in 1927Monday 25 July 1927
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