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35185Socony filling station1932

35186The new "Auto Castle", Shanghai agent for Fiat motor cars Thursday 9 July 1931

35187Honigsberg's service station1931

35188Garage in Shanghai1931

35189Camel carrying Texas Company's kerosene in North China1919

35190Portion of Standard Oil plant along the Yangtze River1919

35191Socony service station at the Rotary Fair and Carnival in TianjinThursday 18 September 1930

35192Shell service station in the French Concession1931

35193Office of Socony Oil Company in KirinMonday 27 July 1931

35194Texaco Company's delivery truck 1919

35195Socony service station in ShanghaiMonday 26 October 1931

35197Night view of the Huangjin Theater 黃金大戲院1929-39

35198Guanghua Theater 光華戲院1929-39

35199Kiu Sing Theater 九星戲院 (Jiuxing)1929-39

35200Farmers attending fair at the Litsun Experiment StationSaturday 8 November 1924

35201Vegetable stand in a Beijing market

35202Coolies pulling a cartload of flour (North China)Friday 25 September 1931

35203Gas station and peddler in TianjinFriday 25 September 1931

35204Fruit stall in BeijingFriday 25 September 1931

35205Meat peddler1929-1931

35206Meat peddler stand1929-1931

35207Meat peddler1929-1931

35208Meat peddler1929-1931

35209Chinese fishermen in an urban settingFriday 25 September 1931

35210Loading flour on junks, Chingpu (Qingpu)1929-1931

35211Sun-dried fruits on trays1929

35212Field of soya bean in ManchuriaSaturday 18 April 1931

35213Terraced rice fields1929-1931

35214Billboard advertising Sun-Maid raisins

35232Winter in Shanghai1933-03-00

35233Winter in Shanghai1933-03-00

35234Winter in Shanghai1933-03-00

35235Winter's day on the Bund1933-03-00

35236Calder and the staff of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Shanghai Office1928

35237Trade Commissioner A. Bland Calder, Shanghai, China1928-05-00

35241Alonzo Bland Calder1928-05-00

35293Assembly line of an American truckWednesday 2 September 1931

35294Taylor Garage1931

35295Chinese delegation at the National Merchandise Fair

35308The Rotary Club of Shanghai: The new board of directorsApril 1932

35423The Big Ben of the Far East

35424Canadian Pacific Neon Sign

35425Texaco Sign

35428Shanghai Horse Bazaar Motor Company (outside view)Post 1921

35429Clock towers of Shanghai

35430Shanghai (China), one of several aerial views of city

35431Metropol Theatre 大上海戯院, by night1930

35432Metropol Theatre 大上海戯院, by day1930

35433Metropol Theatre 大上海戯院1930
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