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268A Chinese Philosopher's Theory of Knowledge1939Journal articleChang, Tung-SunEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; philosphy; knowledge
269Consumers' Preference and Planning1939Journal articleLindsay, M.F.M.Englishsocial sciences; social survey; consumer;
270Tso Tsung-t'ang: The Farmer of Hsiangshang1939Journal articleCh'en, GideonEnglishsocial sciences; social survey; philosphy; knowledge
271Custom Officers' English-Chinese Vade-Mecum. Compiled with a view to being useful to members of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service by D. Okamato [Hai Kuan Ying Hua Yü Yen 海關英華語言錄]BookOkamoto, D.Englishclassification; custom; import; Japanese; handbook; commodity;
272Customs Export Tariff of the Republic of China (1934)1934BookChina Inspectorate General of CustomsEnglishclassification; custom; import; export; tariff; commodity;
273Classified Catalogue of Chinese Maritime Customs PublicationsBookInspectorate General of CustomsEnglishcustom; French; catalogue; publication; tariff; regulation; commerce; finance; transprotation; exhibition
274List of Chinese Maritime Customs PublicationsBookChina. The Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; catalogue; publication; statistics; trade report;
275Revised import tariff for the trade of China (31st October 1902)BookChinese Imperial Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; import; tariff; classification; bilingual
276Customs interport tariff of the Republic of China (1931): showing rates effective from 1st February 1934, after conversion to metric system1933BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; interport; tariff; classification; bilingual
277Customs export tariff of the Republic of China (1934)1946BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; interport; tariff; classification; bilingual
278Customs import tariff of the Republic of China, August 1948 [Zhonghua minguo hai guan jin kou shui ze]1948BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; import; tariff; classification; bilingual; agreement
279Guide to the import tariff and classification of returns (English version)BookChinese Maritime CustomsEnglishcustom; trade; import; tariff; classification; guide
280Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan1880BookAsiatic Society of JapanEnglishorganization; Japan;
281Manuel du négociant français en Chine: ou, commerce de la Chine considéré au point de vue français1846BookMontigny, M.C. deFrenchhandbook; trade; French; classification; description; goods; commodities
282Etude pratique du Commerce d'Exportation de la Chine1849BookHedde, Isidore; Haussmann, Auguste; Renard, Edouard; Rondot, NatalisFrenchhandbook; trade; French; classification; description; goods; commodities; export
283Mail Carriers of China1940Journal articleFernandez, R.I.Englishpostal service; journal; communication;
284Shanghai of the Future 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; city; future; time;
285The Shanghai Mind 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; mentality; culture;
286Rambles Round Shanghai 1905BookKahler, William R., M.J.I., M.S.A.EnglishShanghai;city;journal;editor;advertising;obituary;market;report;notice;navigation;price;subscription;photograph;illustration; ...
287Historic Shanghai 1909BookJesus, C. A. Montalto de (Carlos Augusto Montalto), 1863-1927EnglishShanghai; city; history; foreign; treaty port;
288Chinese Family and Commercial Law 1921BookJamieson, G.Englishlaw; commerce; family
289The Shanghai Mind 1927Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishShanghai; journal; history; foreign; explorer
290The Chinese Government: A Manual of Chinese Titles, Categorically Arranged and Explained, with an Appendix 1897BookMayers, William Frederick, 1831-1878Englishgovernment; elite; official; classification; handbook;
291Report on the Survey and Prospects of a Railway between Hankow and Canton under the Concession by the Chinese Government to the American China Development Company 1899BookParsons, William Barclay, 1859-1932Englishgovernment;railway;intercity;Hankou;Canton;company;survey;engineer;development;american;sketch;expert;expertise;cost;population;geography;commerce ...
292Economics of Transportation for China 1929Journal articleWaddell, J.A.L, 1854-1938Englishtransportation; economy; shipping; steamer; junk; carriage; animal; camel; horse; rickshaw; wheelbarrow; highway;
293Transportation in Early China 1929Journal articleFerguson, John C, 1866-1945Englishtransportation; history; photograph; drawing
294Transportation on the Yang-Tze Kiang 1929Journal articleCarey, H. FooteEnglishtransportation; river; navigation; boat; junk; travel; map; photograph;
295Transportation Notes 1929Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De C, 1885-1954Englishtransportation; motor; railway; river;
296Transportation in the Communist Far East, 1962. Economic Intelligence Memorandum1963Archival documentsUnited States. Central Intelligence AgencyEnglishtransportation; communist; intelligence service; United States; cold war;
297Early Chinese Ships and Trade 1925Journal articleDonnelly, Ivon A.Englishtransportation; shipping; trade; history; illustration
298Notes on Sightseeing and Shopping in Peking 1932BookKanaga, D. J. and Marcus R. OgdenEnglishguide; booklet; tourism; shopping; sightseeing; army; navy; leisure; Beijing; Japanese; translation; rhythm
299Chinese Industries and Foreign Relations 1906Journal articleCarus, Paul, 1852-1919Englishindustry; foreign; agriculture; trade; weaving; women
300Chinese Picture Tracts 1906Journal articleAllan, C. Wilfrid (Charles Wilfrid), b. 1870Englishadvertising; picture; poem; missionary; journal
301Chinese Students in Japan 1905Journal articleYen, Hui-chʻing, 1877-1950Englishstudent; circulation; Japan; training; association; elite
302Chinese Drug Stores in America 1887BookCulin, Stewart, 1858-1929Englishbooklet; brochure; guide; pharmacy; store; drug; United States; China; glossary; translation; classification; taxonomy
303A Chinese Biographical Dictionary 古今姓氏族譜 1898BookGiles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935Englishbiography; dictionary; name; elite; British
304Chinese Provident Clubs 1903Journal articleWare, JamesEnglishclub; association; elite; individual; institution
305The Chinese Maiden at Home1904Journal articleCornaby, W. Arthur (William Arthur), 1860-1921Englishwomen; domesticity; home; housework
306Trading with the Far East : How to Sell in the Orient -- Policies -- Methods -- Advertising -- Credits -- Financing Documents -- Deliveries 1920BookIrving National BankEnglishtrade; bank; handbook; United States;
307Chinese Accounts 1927Journal articleSayer, G.R, 1887-1962Englishaccount; Canton;
308Banking and Prices in China 1905BookEdkins, Joseph, 1823-1905Englishbank; business; economics; market; missionary
309Importance of the Paper Industry 1929Journal articleKyi, Z.T.Englishbusiness; economy; industry; paper; material;
310Report on Trade Conditions in China1906BookBurrill, Harry R. and Rayond F. CristEnglishtrade; report; business; United States; region; city; transportation;
311Zhongguo caizheng shi 中國財政史 (China financial history)1920BookHu Jun 胡鈞, 1869-1944Chinesebusiness; economy; money;
312American Business Opportunity in China1913Journal articleRobinson, B Atwood.EnglishUnited States; business;
313The Currency Problem in China1914BookWei Wen PinEnglishcurrency; finance; business
314China Tea 1924Journal articleAnonymousEnglishfood; beverage; tea; photograph; women; children
315Brief Historical Survey of the China Tea Trade 1941Journal articleKing, C.C.Englishfood; beverage; tea; history; industry; commerce; photograph
316The Climate of Shanghai: Its Meteorological Condition 1881Journal articleDechevrens, MarcEnglishclimate; missionary; Shanghai; graph;
317List of the Principle Tea Districts in China and Notes on the Names Applied to the Various Kinds of Black and Green Tea1876BookHollingworth, H.C.Englishbooklet; directory; dictionary; translation; tea; color; beverage; food; consumption; place; taxonomy
318Beverages of the Chinese; Kung-fu or Tauist Medical Gymnastics; the Population of China; A Modern Chinese Anatomist and A Chapter in Chinese Surgery1895BookDudgeon, John, 1871-1955Englishbeverage; tea; population; body; taoism; medicine; science; modernity; illustration
319Oil Industry of Fukien1933Book chapterLacey, Henry V.Englishoil; industry; fujian; missionary;
320Edible Bird's Nest Swift 1931Journal articleSowerby, Arthur De CarleEnglishbird; animal; food; agrilculture
321Chinese Sugar-Cane: Its History, Mode of Culture, Manufacture of the Sugar, etc.1857BookHyde, James F.C, 1825-1898Englishfood; sugar; agriculture; history; illustration; advertisement
322Tobacco and Its Use in Asia1924BookLaufer, Berthold, 1874-1934 (Curator of Anthropology)Englishfood;tobacco;consumption;natural history;anthropology;museum;leaflet;illustration;pipe;Taiwan;Philippine;China;India;Asia ...
323Common Food Fishes of Shanghai1924BookRead, B. E. (Bernard Emms), 1887-1949Englishfood; fish; nutrition; distribution; retail; season; catalog; illustration; Shanghai; biography; commodity; war;
324The Livestock of China1924BookPhillips, Ralph W., Ray G. Johnson, and Raymond T. MoyerEnglishfood;agriculture;livestock;animal;China;war;environment;climate;geography;population;marketing;photograph;map ...
325Everyday Life in China or Scenes Along River and Road in Fuh-kien1885BookDukes, Edwin JoshuaEnglisheveryday; daily; life; illustration; scene; river; road; travel; missionary; organization; British; Fujian;
326Story of Shanghai: From the Opening of the Port to Foreign Trade1889BookMacLellan, J.W.EnglishShanghai; city; history; trade; foreign
327Early Chinese Travellers and Their Successors1933Journal articleWu, Liande (Wu, Lien-teh 伍聯德), 1879-1960Englishtravel; Chinese; history; society
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