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902Economic Problem. Discussion of Needs of China. Shanghai Conference1936Journal articleEnglisheconomics; academic society; conference; China; Shanghai; elite; university; journal; reconstruction;
903Returned Student and Their Relationship to the Church1919Journal articleEnglishreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; Y.W.C.A.; church;
904Women Returned Students' Christmas Party for Foreign Spinsters1919Journal articleEnglishreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; United States; United Kingdom; biography; elite; tea; dance; dinner; entertainment; disguise; Christmas; procession; gender; patriotism; prize; friendship; music; election; single
905Women Returned Students' Start Lecture Series1920Journal articleEnglishreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; Guangdong; Shanghai; Church; lecture; color; season; fashion; household; psychology; senses; emotions
906Women Returned Students' on Lecture Campaign1920Journal articleEnglishreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; Shanghai; Church; lecture; patriotism; girls' school; popular education movement; literary club;
907Women Returned Students' in Social Work1920Journal articleEnglishreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; Shanghai; Guangdong; criticism; service; generation; professional; art; patriotism;
908Biography of Wang Zhongwu 王仲武 [Wang Chung-wu]1941Book chapterEnglishbiography; elite; Rotary; Nanjing; Chongqing; war; statistics; economics; society; research; university; publication; committee; thesis;
909Industrial Section Report1939Journal articleEnglishreport; engineer; index; industrial accident; statistics; wage; worker; age; cost of living; purchasing power; Chinese Statistical Society; Shanghai Municipal Council; Shanghai; China; war;
910A Girl Student Addresses Her Sisters1922Journal articleA Returned Woman StudentEnglishdefense; editor; letter; reader; returned student; women; generation; tension; rivalry; home economics; health; hygiene; children; food; missionary; Guangdong; Shanghai; China;
911Mrs. Young Prefers to Teach. Principal of Secondary School Would Guide Young People1935Journal articleAh Huna TongEnglishreturned student; women; education; science; teaching; Y.W.C.A.; Shanghai; China; United States;
912Chinese Women Students1919Journal articleEnglishreturned student; women; organization; conference; committee; nation; betterment; Shanghai; China;
913The Popular Education Movement in China1920Journal articleLEE, T.H. (LI Denghui 李登辉)Englishreturned student; popular education; education; organization; nation; Y.W.C.A.; Y.M.C.A.; missionary; Shanghai; China;
914Social Service Institute1921Journal articleEnglishreturned student; education; home; campaign; experiment; women; Y.W.C.A.; Shanghai; China;
9151924 W.C.S.F. Report Published1925Journal articleEnglishreturned student; popular education; lecture; night; preparation; report; university; nation; Shanghai; China; United States; Europe;
916Advertising in China1926Journal articleChinese, Englishadvertising; survey; review; medicine; profession; market; newspapers; language; calendar; women; color; cigarette; billboard; outdoor; illustration; Shanghai; trademark; British; India; United States;
917250 students given farewell advice by Mayor V.K. Ting1926Journal articleEnglishreturned student; advice; elite; generation; farewell; photograph; women; patriotism; Americanization; friendship; Qinghua College; Boxer Indemnity; Shanghai; China; United States; Europe; England;
918Posters in Shanghai1914Journal articleEnglishadvertising; by-laws; poster; hoarding; landscape; ratepayer; Shanghai; International Settlement; Shanghai Municipal Council; China;
919Pagodas As Billboards In China Proclaim Merits Of Cigarettes To Passersby1931Journal articleEnglishadvertising; pagoda; poster; Guomindang; landscape; sacred; poster; tobacco; Nanjing; China;
920The Battle of the Billboards1929Journal articleEnglishadvertising; americanization; French Concession; Japanese; landscape; newspaper; temple; taxation; popular protest; Shanghai; Shanghai Municipal Council; China; United States;
921"Truth in Advertising" As Problem For China's Reading Public Discussed By Mason1933Journal articleEnglishadvertising agency; consumer; landscape; organization; newspaper; regulation; translation; truth-in-advertising; China; United States;
922Nihong guanggao shu 霓虹廣告術 (Neon, a handbook for electrical engineers, neon manufacturers, sign salesmen and advertisers)1936BookLu, MeisengChineseneon advertising; translation; handbook; China; London;
930Bus-Stop Signs of New Design Erected Locally1929Journal articleEnglishpillar; bus stop; illuminated; Art Picture Advertising Company; Bund; tourism; Shanghai; convenience; circulation; traffic; night;
931Queer Publicity1931Journal articleEnglishadvertising; British; Guomindang; pagoda; poster; propaganda; sacred; tobacco;
932Give Buildings a Chance. To the Editor of the "North-China Daily News"1931Journal articleCitizen; Hampstead HeathEnglishadvertising; Great Britain; foreign settlement; landscape; public opinion; road; Shanghai Municipal Council; United States;
933The Battle of Billboards1929Journal articleEnglishadvertising; Americanization; billboard; British; Bubbling Well; competition; foreign settlement; Japanese; landscape; medicalization; newspaper; professionalization; temple; tourism; United States;
934Pagodas As Billboards In China Proclaim Merits of Cigarettes to Passerby1931Journal articleEnglishadvertising; Beijing; British; Guomindang; Nanjing; pagoda; poster; propaganda; sacred; tobacco;
935N.C.D.N. and Shanghai's Billboard "Racket"1929Journal articleEnglishadvertising; Americanization; billboard; British; Bubbling Well; competition; foreign settlement; landscape; medicalization; newspaper; professionalization; temple; tourism; United States;
936The Bill Poster1920Journal articleEnglishadvertising; British; highway; Hongkong; imperialism; Japan; landscape; poster; residential; taxation;
937The Advertiser's Dilemma. Another Chinese puzzle: Insurance Companies' Decision (Contributed)1929Journal articleEnglishcirculation; audit; bureau; insurance; tobacco; competition; newspaper; outdoor; sniping; poster;
938Shanghai nihongdeng zhizhao ye -- Shanghai gongshangye gaikuang zhi sishiyi 上海霓紅燈製造業 -- 上海工商業概況之四十一  (Situation of Industry and Commerce in Shanghai, no.41 - Neon light industry)1936Journal articleZhongguo zhengxinsuo 中國徵信所 (China Credit Bureau)Chineseneon; industry; investigation; credit; bureau; Shanghai; report;
939Nihongdeng zhuanghu gongjian 霓虹燈裝户公鑑 (Registration of neon lights)1940Journal articleChinesewar; neon; fraud; law; association;
940Neonlite Signs. Opening of a Hongkong Factory. Assured of Orders. 1930Journal articleEnglishneon; factory; Hongkong; depression;
941Impressions of Shanghai1931Journal articleEnglishmutograph; civilization; Orient; Paris; night; advertising; Race course; entertainment; Shanghai Volunteer Corps;
942Pure Secretary Guaranteed. Transmutograph Gets Indigestion. Machine Goes Drunk On Words.1931Journal articleEnglishmutograph; night; advertising; Race course; entertainment; humour; American; British; Japanese;
943First Annual Report1927BookSocial Research Department (Institute of Social Research, Peking)Englishsocial survey; China Foundation; labor; rural; family; budget; manual; yearbook; prize; Beijing; Shanghai;
944Bulletin1926BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishfoundation; United States; exhibition
945Bulletin1926BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishUnited States; exposition; foundation; photograph;
946Bulletin1927BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishUnited States; foundation;
947China Institute in America, Incorporated1930BookShen, Eugene (Dr.); Pan, Francis K.EnglishUnited States; foundation; officer; trustee;
948The adjustment problems of Chinese graduate students in American universities1934DissertationYieh, Tsung-kao 葉崇高Englishstudent; religion; war; living; housing; family; survey;
949Shadow shapes: Memoirs of a Chinese student in America1928BookChao, Thomas Ming-hengEnglishnovel; memoir; returned student; United States;
950The Education of Girls in China1919BookLewis, Ida BelleEnglisheducation; women; missionary;
951The foreign student on the American campus1922DissertationNeely, Anne ElizabethEnglishUnited States; foreign student;
952The Foreign Student in America1925BookWheeler, W. ReinaldEnglish
953Opportunities for foreign students at colleges and universities in the United States1915BookCapen, Samuel Paul; United States Bureau of EducationEnglishUnited States; foreign students; statistics
954Makers of new China in college in America1923BookChinese Students' Christian Association in North AmericaEnglishUnited States; mission; student;
955A gateway into English for Chinese students1918BookGowdy, Elizabeth Thompson; Thompson, LauraEnglishUnited States; mission; manual; language; English;
956The foreign student on the American campus1930BookMilam, Ava B.EnglishUnited States; foreign student; women;
957The Chinese student migration to Tokyo1908BookMott, John Raleigh, 1865-1955EnglishJapan; student; missionary
958Liumei xuesheng guiguo ji 留美學生歸國紀 (An Account of a Chinese returned student from America)1952BookShih Chi-li 石齊礪 (Shi, Qili)Chinesememoir; returned student; United States;
960A guide to Chinese learned societies and research institutes1936BookLin, Mou-shengChinese, Englishacademic; liumei; United States;
961A guide to leading Chinese periodicals1936BookLin, Mou-shengChinese, Englishpress; liumei; United States;
962Seventeeth Report1948BookChina Foundation for the Promotion of Education and CultureChinese, Englishacademic; biology; bonds; Boxer Indemnity; education; fellowship; foundation; geology; liumei; memorial; research; securities; United States;
963Bulletin1928BookChina Institute in America, IncorporatedEnglishUnited States;
964Changes in Shanghai's Press 1950Journal articleFalconer, AlunEnglishnewspaper; advertising; censorship; CCP; Shenbao;
965Third Anniversary Of Millington Limited is Celebrated in Dinner. Head of successful Advertising Organization delivers Inspiring Speech of his early Struggle against hardships1930Journal articleEnglishadvertising agency; celebration; Millington; paternalism;
966American University Men in China1936BookAmerican University Club of ShanghaiChinese, Englishalumni; club; higher education; Japan; Shanghai; United States;
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