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30Advertising in ShanghaiAdvertising in Shanghai1932
33Advertising media and methods (III)Advertising media and methods. Supplementing report dated June 15, 19271927
34Advertising media and methods (II)Advertising media and methods. Supplementing report dated June 15, 19271927
37Automotive census for ChinaAutomotive census for China (including Hongkong and Dairen) as of January 1, 1929, preliminary report compiled from figures submitted by American Consular offices throughout China1929
60Automobile in the OrientAutomobile in the Orient1923
63Automotive PublicityAutomotive Publicity1923
64Automotive sections of the press in ChinaAutomotive sections of the press in China1923
69Automotive situation in TianjinAutomotive situation in Tientsin1924
89Advertising media and methodsAdvertising media and methods1927
92Automotive census of ChinaAutomotive Census of China (Questionnaire No. 27-4)1935
96Automotive market survey in Shanghai French Concession (March 31, 1936)Automotive Market Survey. Quarter ended March 31, 1936. Supplementing Special Report #71, dated April 14. 1936
98Automotive survey in TianjinAutomotive Survey, Quarter ended March 31, 19361936
99Automotive situation in HankowAutomotive conditions in the Hankow consular district during the second quarter of 1936 (Confidential)1936
103Automotive market survey and outlook in China (1937)Automotive market survey and outlook in China (1937)1937
105Automotive census of ChinaAnnual automotive Census - Questionnaire 27-H1937
131China Annual Economic Report for 1939Annual Economic Report - Instructions as to Length1939
142Instructions as to Annual Trade Reports in ChinaAnnual Report1935
144Instructions as to annual trade reports in ChinaAnnual Trade and Economic Report for China1935
154American Automotive Advertising in Hong KongAmerican Automotive Advertising in Hong Kong1932
155Military uses of American automobilesAutomotive Equipment1932
167Automotive market in april 1934Automotive market during April1934
168Chinese imports of motor vehiclesAutomotive market during April1934
169Automotive market in ChinaAutomotive Market - China1930
173Preparing the Annual World Motor Census for 1930Annual Automotive Census - World Figures1930
177Anti-American propaganda in Mukden (Shenyang), South ManchuriaAnti-American Propaganda1930
184Annual Report of China Automotive Division Annual Report of China Automotive Division s1931
190Bureau's assistance to motor dealers in ChinaApplications for Assistance in Securing Dealers Distributors or Indent Agents1928
196Automotive Importers and Distributors in ChinaAutomotive Importers and Distributors in China1928
197Annual Automotive Census of China for the year 1929Annual Automotive Census for China1929
202Automotive Census of China for 1929Automotive Census of China1929
228America's Opportunity in ChinaAmerica's Opportunity in China1919
244American sample room in BeijingAmerican Sample Room in Peking1920
265Advertising in ChinaAmerican Publications and Advertising Agencies in China (Submitted by Vice Consul Walter A. Adams, Shanghai)1919
266Chun Mei News' advertising work in Chinese Advertising in Chinese 1919
267China advertising expert needed for the Seventh National Foreign Trade Convention, San FranciscoAdvertising - Seventh National Foreign Trade Convention1920
271Difficulties of American Advertising in ChinaAmerican advertising in China1921
272Advertising mediums for American products in ChinaAdvertising mediums for American Products in China1921
274Arkell & Douglas CatalogueArkell & Douglas Catalogue1923
276Information on newspapers in Mukden (Shenyang)Advertising Media in Mukden, China1926
282Advertising in Shanghai (correspondence related to)Advertising in Shanghai, Advertising in China, Advertising abroad1932
283List of advertising media in Beijing and TianjinAdvertising Media List for China1935
295Proposed American Business Men's ClubAmerican Business Men's Club1915
296Proposed American Business Men's ClubAmerican Business Men's Club1915
299American Trade in ChinaAmerican Trade in China1915
301American Office Furniture Packing for Foreign ShipmentAmerican Furniture Packing for Foreign Shipment1915
302Shipping facilities for exports to AmericaAdequacy of Shipping Facilities1915
308American Trade Methods in South AmericaAmerican Trade Methods in South America1915
312Business training for American consular officers in China and JapanArticle for Publication - "Mercantile Training for Consular Officers in China and Japan"1916
340Anti-American Feeling at Kalgan (Zhangjiakou, Hebei)Anti-American Feeling at Kalgan1918
347Accrediting China Organization for Material Accrediting China Organization for Material 1924
352Illustrated reports Articles for Publications1924
398Flour imports into Dairen (Dalian), Qindgao and ShanghaiAugust 1931 Flour Imports to Dairen, Tsingtao and Shanghai (Confirming Shanghai office radio of September 14, 1931)1931
433Automotive Census of China (Jan 1, 1932)Automotive Census of China, as of January 1st, 19321932
434Acid plants in ShanghaiAcid plants in Shanghai1932
446Special report on Asia Electric CompanyAsia Electric Company, Federal Inc., U.S.A., Shanghai1932
461Asia Life Insurance CompanyAsia Life Insurance Company1932
486Adoption of metric system of weights and measuresAdoption of metric system of weights and measures1933
506Annual automotive census of China Automotive census of China, as of January 19331933
512Automotive survey Automotive survey. Quarter ending March 31, 1933. 1933
520American trademarks for ChinaAmerican trade marks for China1933
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