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35Advertising media and methods (I)Preliminary report on Advertising media and methods1927
41Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommercePreliminary Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (Record Group 151)1963
80Packard Motors Export CorporationPackard Motors Export Corporation1927
81Periodic reporting of automotive trade complaintsPeriodic reporting of automotive trade complaints1927
82Photos of banks in ShanghaiPhotos of the Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank and the Central Bank of China1932
137Periodic Economic and Trade Reports Periodic Economic and Trade Reports 1939
156Periodic Required Reports from China OrganizationPeriodic Required Reports from China Organization1932
158Preferential Automobile Registration Tax in Hong KongPreferential Automobile Registration Tax in Hong Kong1932
172Publication concerning used motor carsPublication concerning Used Motor Cars1930
180Status of the automotive vehicle trade in North Manchuria in 1930Present status of the automotive vehicle trade in North Manchuria1930
185Periodic Reports on automotives and allied subjects Periodic Reports on Automotives and Allied Subjects 1931
199Special Reports by the Shanghai Consulate General during 1928Proposed Program of Special Reports to be prepared by the Shanghai Consulate General during 19281928
240Proposed World Exhibition in ShanghaiProposed World Exhibition, Shanghai1924
241Proposed International Exposition in Beijing Proposed International Exposition, Peiping, 19331932
249Proposed Permanent International Trade Exhibition in TianjinPlans for Permanent Trade Exhibition in Tientsin1925
435Private bus companies operating in Zhejiang provincePrivate bus companies operating in Chekiang Province1932
449Improvement of Beijing-Hankou railway service Peking-Hankow Railway Service is being Improved1932
478Paper box making in ShanghaiPaper box making in Shanghai1933
489Petition to change the partnership lawPartnership law in China - Customary and Modern Law at variance1933
500Perfumery and CosmeticsPerfumery and Cosmetics1933
518Private investment in Jiangsu highwaysPrivate investment in Kiangsu highways1933
551China Market for American carbon papers and typewriter ribbonsPresent Market Conditions in China for American Carbon Papers and Typewriter Ribbons1937
618Postal Savings Data in ChinaPostal Savings Data -- China1939
633Port handling facilitiesPort Handling Facilities1939
637Peanuts market in ChinaPeanuts (Groundnuts) Production and Trade in China1939
648European competition on the radio market in ChinaPrincipal European Radio Set and Tube Competition1939
721Publicity work in ChinaPropaganda in China1919
740Polish Trade and Commerce Association of Manchuria in HarbinPolish Trade and Commerce Association of Manchuria1930
754Milk condensing plant in CantonPossibility of successful operation of a milk condensing plant in Canton, China. Milk Condensing Plant in Canton, China1931
827Weekly ReportsPersonnel. Activities of Staff During Week1927
835Proprietary medicines and ointmentsProprietary medicines and ointments. Special consular report no.76.1918
83922nd National Foreign Trade Convention. Houston, Texas. Rice Hotel. November 18-19-20, 1935Program of the 22nd National Foreign Trade Convention1935
841Economic and Trade NotesPostwar Situation in Shanghai1948
850Memorandum: Visit to Hong Kong and Canton - October 25 to November 1, inclusive, 1948Political reactions in postwar Hong Kong and South China1948
885Prohibition of Street Advertising by "Sandwichmen"Prohibition of sandwichmen in the International Settlement 1930
895Advertisements on Municipal Roads, Footpaths, etc - Public Telephone Kiosks, J. Store - 150 Bubbling Well RoadPublic Telephone Kiosks: application from J. Store 1934
938Illuminated Sign Posts in Shanghai French Concession (Acheson Lucey)Poteaux indicateurs lumineux. Acheson E. Lucey1932
939Illuminated poles in Shanghai French Concession (Metropolitan Advertisement Company)Poteaux-réclames lumineux sur trottoirs. Metropolitan Advertisement Company1931
945Erection of Advertising Pillars at Omnibus Stopping Places (Modern Publicity Company)Piliers publicitaires aux arrêts d'omnibus. Modern Publicity Company1932
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